KKW fragrance Gardenia Oud – Kim Kardashian West new perfume review. Is it worth it?

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Update: Yes guys my friends said I smelt lovely! It also seems to be lasting quite nicely I can definitely still smell it at the end of the day 🙂

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Annie says:

omgsh you are beautiful

Emily Davis says:

Lol. I purchased the OUD perfume as well. I thought the same as you when you read the Card and it said Citrine. After an email I was informed it was the right perfume bottle. I love my gardenia OUD.

CarmaDee says:

At 6:44 you sounded crazy. Literally said you like it because it’s like nothing you’ve ever had and then immediately said it smells like something you may have had in the past. The fawk?

skye gibbs says:

I’d love a video about your favourite perfumes xx

anastasia smith says:

i like set and NEW STUFF HIGHLITER GLOW AND PERFUME I WANT IT , and price so worht all of think best collection ty honest!sweeet soul!xoxo

Cindy Adame says:

When you rubb your wrist it bruses the smell… It wont last…

Mena says:

Question – i live in the UK, i ordered on the 24th november, its now the 20th of december, no perfumes, tracking says they have a customs delay -import. in france?!? Did u or anyone here experience this at all?? Im still waiting iv emailed them they said please allow time for the items to clear! Then they said they will send out a new one i needed them for christmas so i ordered a month in advance its just not acceptable what should i do as they say no refunds? Im really annoyed

Leo H says:

crystal gardenia oud

Jessica Ramirez says:

The Gardenia Citrus comes with Rose Quartz. You got the correct crystals.

Lia Pastohrias says:

Do you think the oud is synthetic? Oud is very expensive, so I’m skeptical. When I think of an exceptional oud, I think of Roja Amber Aoud?

gg beauty says:

I think I like the bottle, sounds great, never heard of Oud before

V says:

You definitely would like TF Noir de Noir

Adelina Valencia says:

This perfume smells like an old lady’s purse, too much flowery smell…it reminds me of my grandma.

Jovany Zapata says:

Agar trees get “injected” with some sort of bacteria (or it can also happen naturally), the tree fights the infection, basically encapsulating it within the wood, and the byproduct of that process is a darker vein of wood that has that fragrance extracted off of it. It’s very expensive.

George Schirra says:

You’re stunning!

Deborah Blockton says:

Smell is okay, I bought one bottle they sent two. I guess it’s two bottles for the price of one now.

Lila Dion-Horta says:

Citrine is the name of the crystals, fyi… nothing to do with the scent

anastasia smith says:

if wanna buy talk worth idk wallets cant afford. love. live job and pooor so. and take bus cant afford with could love makeup

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