Montale “Mukhallat” Fragrance Review

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Steph says:

I just got a sample of this last week and I love it, too! It’s on my buy list. It’s rare to find something so different. I also tried Montale’s sweet oriental dream which is nice but since I already have Keiko Mechari’s Loukhoum I feel like I don’t need to buy that. You are right though, so much oud in that line!

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

One’s better than none.
I’ll have to sample this one.
Did you get the chance to sample Montale’s Fruit of the Musc?
It doesn’t wash off ,sooooooo, XD. Thanks Tom.

papiti pupiti says:

is it only me that hates montale bottles? that oddly shape grenade >_< or something like an overpriced liquor in a supermaket just because of the metallic bottle...

Moh'd J says:

I love Mukhallat. My favorite Montale so far. The strawberry is really pleasant in it.
I also had Dark Purple which I liked. I remember testing Full Incense as well, smelled like a Mosque to me. Have you tried them?

razscott says:

Good stuff mate! I like this one, if i see it reduced on notino id probably get it, the latest montale i got was aoud leather which is like tuscan leather and la yuqawam, I already have yuqawam so it will probably be a bit redundant, it’s nice juice anyway. Still so many from the house i need to try, there’s just too many.

Lex Ellis says:

Thanks for covering this gem Ouch!

I agree with you 200% with Montale, so much aoooouuud!!! but yeah some serious gems!

ForeverFragrantKid says:

I haven’t tried this one! This sounds really nice. Most of the Montales don’t do it for me. Haven’t found one I’m drawn to. I will check this one out though!

Always love hearing your thoughts Tom. 😉

Scent Snob says:

You had me totally into this until the “smooth plasticy doll head.”…at which point it became an instant “no way.”

Thanks for the vid. 🙂

Beauty Meow says:

This sounds really really nice! I have a love hate relationship with Montale! Either they are the best, or they don’t wow me. Also have you tried Cape Heartache from Imaginary Authors? I love the Strawberry in that!

WinnieThaPoo92 says:

you probably already saw this on fragrantica, but makkah by al haramain REALLY smells like this one – and it’s cheaper 😉

KeLL*StaR says:

Hahahaha! You HIT the nail on the head with the Arabian Barbie. That’s totally Mukhallat. I love it too. It’s a beautiful smooth fragrance that lasts a long time, reminds you it’s there by drifting up to your nose (rather than just disappearing like a lot of them do), makes me feel happy & gets heaps of compliments – so others love it too. What else could you want in a fragrance? Great review 🙂

Holly Bronwyn says:

Oh, I love Sweet Oriental Dream. (AKA, KM Loukhoum’s big sister 😉 There are a few I love but oud is not my note, either, so I agree. I want to try Dark Purple & love it because I want that bottle! Also, Full Incense. Am fairly sure i’d like them both.
Tried Aoud Orange years ago, umm, it didn’t work.

Many people do not, but I love their bottles! Not only the colors but aluminum, which may not appear glamorous, but keeps the juice fresh over many years.

Have tried a few from their Mancera Line, lately and seem to get on with them a bit better. Mancera Lemon Line is gorgeous!

ramiro costa says:

great review brah! liked

Ben Farrar says:

How would it suit two bears from Australia? Last week we had to buy a Juliette has a gun bullet purse spray just to butch it up.

fadstar14 says:

its pronounced “Moo-KHallat” pronounce the kh as if you’re regurgitating spit lmao

Julia Laidler says:

I love this one too, Tom, it’s so much fun to wear! I want it too! I am getting together a list of Montale fragrances, which I’d order in 20ml bottles as a set: I think 20ml of such potent stuff is a good volume.

Rob Amick says:

I couldn’t get on with this one, I just found it a bit sour on me, its a bonkers scent lol.

Merino Teflon says:

I tried a few Montales, the legends, like, Intense Cafe…didn’t like them…but, recently got hold of Sandflowers, which smells like a beach that’s had some good times, some bad times, feeling melancholic, yet wrily amused, maybe writing a bad poem, later, it’ll probably drink wine. Which is gilding the lily a tad, but anyway, I like it, not sure if it’d be everyone’s cuppa though.

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