Montale “Sweet Oriental Dream” Fragrance Review

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Su Shine says:

Aw Happy belated Birthday wishes to you! Hope you got lots of lovely new smellies 😉

Vita L. says:

I’m loving your reviews, they really do give a good idea of what those fragrances smell like! To convey an idea of a scent through the screen is a talent, you know :))
Could you please consider doing a review on Gucci Rush? I am personally in a love/hate relationship with it, it would be interesting to hear your opinion.

ihave7sacks says:

Punch of jammy rose, wrapped in marzipan and dusted with baby powder. Descriptions don’t get better than this. I can smell that sentence!

Gabriel Garcia says:

Happy Birthday!!!✨
I like the way u describe the facets of the potions. all the best young man.

FoxgloveSaysNo says:

Happy birthday! Geminis rock! 🙂

Romeo Numberone says:

Hi good review did this get you any notices from people around you or any unsolicited compliments?

RealFrags for RealMen says:

I have a feeling you would prefer sweet fragrances, HAHAHA! No offense, Brother. 😉
Ever heard of pheromones by Marylin Miglin? 🙂

Kate says:

Happy birthday dear!! Hope you have a lovely day!

KeLL*StaR says:

Great review :))) SOD is definitely my most complimented fragrance. One day I had 6+ compliments all before lunch! I do really love this one, its so cozy and comforting, and a little goes a LONG way. However I go through stages with SOD. Sometimes I love it, and other times it’s a little too much. I haven’t felt like wearing it in a while, and it’s almost Summer here now so it may be a few months until I do. One rule for me though, is as I wear it in cold weather I usually try to wear it at the end of the week because your jacket/scarf/gloves etc will NOT get rid of the scent until they are washed. LOL

Hollywood Silent Film says:

Happy Birthday Thomas! I hope that you have a wonderful day!

ehlesdee says:

Happy Birthday, ouchie!!! (*・ω・)ノ”┌iii┐♡ .*・゚☆Happyヾ(*∇*)ノBirthday☆゚・*.

I’m “25” on the internet, lol *cough*28*cough*

I want Chocolate Greedy from Montale. It’s weird, but I kind of like it when honey takes on that “piss” note because it’s surprising to me lol. Ambre Narguile does it occasionally, ends up being a nice twist amidst such a fresh fragrance.

Brace Raid says:


Don Strang says:

I wish I was 21… Hey, I even wish I was 2 and relive my early life again.

Dylan says:

Birthday boy! only 21? add another 20 0n top. lol so, what ya get? I love presents, so did ya get something cool? I hope your on the FIZZ the time I’m writing this cause I am, so I’ll raise a glass to you Thomas, cheers fella and a very happy birthday. Hang on a minute, have you got the washer on? sounds like you have a heavy load. hahahaha Enjoy your B-DAY.

Sentidos. says:

Happy birthday!! All the best!!
I’ve never tried anything from Montale, not a big fan of oud either (plus where a live is nearly impossible to get hold of them), but your review got me curious about this one! sounds nice! Love your reviews!

razscott says:

Hope you’re having a cracking day mate! Haha rainbows unicorns and fluff!!! Superbly reviewed, I really like this stuff as you know, I actually like to wear a spray of this to bed sometimes, very comforting juice, red aoud too is, a slight aoud smell in there but mainly a gorgeous sweet/spicy fluffy gourmand cloud. With sweet oriental dream my mum did say one day that it smelled of cat pee though hehe. There’s so many others i need to try, ones that are not aoud ones though.

Kwathe Khalil says:

Happy birthday for you

John Bernard says:

OMG…. Happy Birthday mate have a great day & fantastic year ahead….. I wish you all the best & success. Big hug to ya…. Montale has a plethora of fragrances and all their fragrances are beast mode. I haven’t smelled this yet, however I do own 2 Montale fragrances. I know you said your not a fan of Oud based fragrances, however I must say please give Red Aoud by Montale a chance. It is a very very lovely gourmand fragrance.I’m sure you’d love it. I also own Red Vetyver this is a very linear and masculine scent but done very well. Both of these are fantastic in my humble opinion.TC Thomas have a safe & wonderful birthday.

Master Bait Tour says:

Happy late Birthday…it’s all downhill after 21.

Dasha Ray_Of_Light says:

awww, Happy Birthday!!!! :-))) My best wishes to you and I hope all your dreams and plans will come true! xxx

egemini618 says:

yay! we have the same birthday =)
Have a wonderful birthday!!

Brace Raid says:

What was that about being 21 Hahahahah?!

HelloPhilly says:

Woohoo happy “21st” birthday! 😀 great review as always! I’ve only smelled a few from Montale. They have such a crazy amount of fragrances!

ninyli1 says:

Happy birthday, mate:-D Have to try that one. Does it remind the new powder & fluffy version of Narciso Rodrigues? I have Montale Red Oud (rose and oud basically) but I don’t use that often. It’s quite heady and the longevity is great.

Smells Downright Gorgeous Fragrance Reviews says:

A gourmand 80’s throwback? Sounds like I should give it a whirl. I would of scrubbed it for sure with the opening you described..blech, Love your channel. You are so charming and for real. No snobbery coming from you and thats what keeps us coming back!

Brace Raid says:

Ur hilarious n awesome ouch

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Happy Happy Birthday . 21, oh boy, your city better watch out. My birthday was on the 16th. This house has many offerings . Some can be really good, some can be extreme . Honey can have that , you know when you eat way to much sugared cereal pissy smell, like MFK’s Absolue Pour le Soir. I think it might have to do if they use raw white honey. MFK’s , ApiS needs time .I think it might be good for two people who are being intimate together, but spraying it on and going out right after could garner a few raised eyebrows. I do like from Montale’s Santal Wood and Patchouli Leaves. All the aoud names Montale uses can be deceiving . Take for instance Black Aoud. Black Aoud is similar to Ex Idolo’s Thirty Three. It’s the oud and rose combo, but both of them mainly are a rose .A big huge basket full of rose. Both of them need a little time for the opening to calm done. I did sample Fruits of the Musk and that one is just a big no for me. With Montale, sometimes I get that ghosting problem. When I am wearing one of their offerings , I wonder if the fragrance has died down or completely dissipated altogether, then it reappears. i think that might have to do with either the Iso E they use or the aroma chemicals. My sense of smell gets blown out. The problem with this is that you might spray a little more on,for you think that the fragrance has died, but it hasn’t .The people you are around become affected from your over spray. I do like this review.It’s honest and I will sample these two from Montale. Thank you and Happy Birthday.

beckytargett81 says:

Happy Birthday Ouch! X

Kat Lady says:

Onto my test list it goes. 🙂 Happy Belated Birthday!!

Charlotte vdVeen says:

Happy late bday!! 🙂

Ahk you always wanna make me try everything.. 😀 For now, I’ll stick with bpal and exploring what I love from there. But I just love how you explain things, you could almost smell it yourself.

Tal says:

happy birthday, buddy!

ForeverFragrantKid says:

A very Happy and blessed Birthday to you Thomas! 🙂 My niece’s bday is today as well! ♡

I really like this scent too. You described it PERFECTLY!

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