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An outstanding fragrance combining the best elements from East and West. Atheer Cambodia by Rasasi Boruzz.

Notes are Bai Rose, Raspberry, Saffron, Patchouli, Cambodian Oud, Cashmeran, Cypriol, Ambroxan. Best for Spring/Autumn/Winter. Beast mode performance. No. of sprays 2 to 4.

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kevin flegler says:

Thank you for this outstanding review. I just received my bottle of this gem as well as ASAQ Black Incense, also based on your review. WOW….I have 2 pieces of artwork to wear this summer. Much appreciated.

Bodor Alshamri says:

sir I am from Kuwait >> how I got this perfume sir??

John Michael says:

Love his reviews…. outstanding job

toobalkain says:

interesting how tastes differ in different cultures. Most people in Europe and US would find the design of this bottle tacky. Luxurious by all means but as a rule it has to be more understated, not so ostentatious. For my liking Tom Ford has the best design of fragrance bottles.

Jozef Chudy says:

Damn it, Nikhil ….. your reviews are forcing me to put scents like this on my buy list 😉

Sanjay Shah says:

Nice video. I got sample of this fragrance. It is amazing. From where you got hold of Bond no.9 Andy Warhole discontinued parfum.

nadeem akhtar says:

price sir.??.in indian rupees

preskidd says:

THANK YOU SOON MUCH NIKHIL. You are the man, I want it I want it and I will buy it asap but I live in america. Mr Oz told me you wrote a review on it but I couldn’t find. I need to get my hands on it. awesome video the way is it anything like Indonesia?

k3bab_warr10r says:

can you please do a review of new black Jannet el Firdous of Swiss Arabian … I cannot find notes information on fragrantica … if you could review it .. I would buy it …. thanks

Kologne says:

Sounds super exotic and intriguing. Thanks for sharing bro.

Monis Ahmed Hasan says:

Nikhil, I had predicted that once you smelled Atheer Cambodia, it would come very close to your rank for Asrar Indonesia. and that is exactly what happened. boruzz range is outstanding. i live close to rasasi stores so I smell these on a regular basis.

pierre lord says:

Outstanding review Sir ,vivid description .Thank You .Waiting on a decant

Mihir747 says:

Where to buy from need to sample

Gym Rat 5 says:

Too Expensive for only 50ml. I will wait till they lower the price.

Urvashi Oberoi says:

your review has compelled me to buy this one

Shekhar Kagdiyal says:

A spot on review on Atheer.Thank You. I second the suggestion of trying out its decant before you go for full.

adnan Ali says:

Ur doing great job Nikhil

nadeem akhtar says:

great review sir it strong or mild..gud for office use?

guitarphil11 says:

Just found it on Notino, the name I was searching for yesterday wasn’t coming up. Have you tried others in the line? Alot of the notes of many of them sound very good…

Robin Rock says:

Hey, please consider doing a review of JUNOON SATIN by Rasasi

waltherP99BG says:

I’ll have to sample this one -sound like a winner,but £120 for Rasasi is a lot… The price will drop in time…

Alex W. says:

How does this compare to Safari Extreme?

Faisal Mohammad says:

Awesome Video Bhai ! Your excitement has caught my attention. Bro , IFRA / EU reforms , sad 🙁 , Has the same happened with Profumum Roma as well ?
I will Spend on PR only if I get that Montrous sillage /longevity / projection !

Kaka Brar says:

got to try this bro.

FlexYoFace Chase says:

I’m wearing Armaf Bois Luxura today, and it’s still rather cool here in the midwest North America.. It’s still to cool for this magnificent juice, but you should really check out Armaf Bois Luxura, I can’t wait for summer to come when I can actually let this juice shine. I really don’t like some of the synthetic qualities that come from the Armaf House, but this juice is very natural and crisp to my nose, one of the best crisp citrus fresh/green scents they offer. The dry down is like a shimmering grass with a subtle gas note.. I heard it was a clone of sorts of Fahrenheit Summer by Babbs, which I’ve never smelled, but Bois Luxura is killing me right now as I sit. I need to try Asrar and this juice, and Abeer… What’s more of a summery juice Asrar or Abeer? It looks like Abeer is somewhat heavy, but I was hoping it would be good for summer.

adnan Ali says:

Nikhil this is my favourite aswel u should try there musk it’s good

Calvini2013 says:

This is not on their official website yet…Is this a 4th one or are they replacing Abeer Malaysia with it? By the way, Notino does not carry samples atm and LuckyScent doesn’t carry the line at all!

Zakarias Ricardo says:

Interesting review….nikhil please make video about Al Qasr fragrances oils…i love Ajmal but Al QSAR is great Attar too
greetings from Vienna

Mark Kornak says:

Better than Asrar Indonesia?

Josue Ramirez says:

bro where can I get this in the USA?

Toronto_NDN says:

Dude Nikh if I ever come to India im visiting you and your meuseum lol

Izet 14 says:

In is not the one you review is a different one


Nice vid and very interesting scent.

miggs80 says:

Where can I get decants of this? I can’t find it anywhere.

kaja J says:

hi bro another good reveiw from u abt house of rasasi grt reveiw once again keep it up brother

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