Most complimented fragrances | Top 5 Oriental perfumes | Collab Video

A collaboration fragrance review of 5 most complimented “headturner” middle east perfumes. Enjoy.


MrOz, Youtube Channel:

Exotic Scents India (Hindi):


Syed Aamir says:

Loved the video guys…. Keep up the good work.

Zoheb Syed says:

excellent collab video. truly exotic frags. btw what are your thoughts on Pure oudi by lattafa.

ahmed siddique says:

Sorry it’s Mr Nikhil.

Splash Fragrance India says:

My top ever compliment getter fragrances are:
1.) Creed Aventus
2.) Roja Enigma Parfum EDP
3.) Bond Coney Island
4.) Rasasi Atheer Cambodia
5.) Xerjoff Al KHatt

Salete Cembrani says:

Very interesting video.
I love Aj-Arabia II

Hikmat Sher Afridi says:

Thanks for the Colab video. I love the choices, both Top 5 are interesting. MrOz picks are more expensive than yours, IMO.

Aijaz Mohammed says:

hi my dear brother.. perfect refined review

shabd says:

Hi nikhil, I am a total fraghead. I want an attar that has sandalwood, smoky oud, and white musk.. I don’t mind an undertone of smoky rose. Can you please recommend something that is very strong and long lasting. it should spell very opulent. Where can I get it in delhi or bangalore? thank you for your time.

ahmed siddique says:

Amazing pick. Thanks for MrOz and Mr Nikil for enhancing the beauty of Arabic perfumes

Marwan Daief says:

i like ur videos …huge good knowledge about the perfume not like other really its very usefully ..

jOr2187 says:

yesss thanks for the video i love it

Toronto_NDN says:

Asrar Indonesia…i knw Nikh loves that one. Cant wait to get it myself. pretty pricy but im sure worth every penny. im glad you are doing these middle eastern niche colognes. Thats the best direction for many of us on these hidden gems.

James Lee says:

I was not only one think that TL has been reformulated.. it is so weak now

Melfice Mammadov says:

Respect both of you!!!

adnan Ali says:

Nikhil can ur pls tell me where can I find oud Afgano in India am from uk but got my cousins they can send me

irfan khan says:

respect to the most respected Noses…Mr Nikhil and Mr Ozzz

Kologne says:

Great educational presentation guys. Keep um coming!

Michael Jerro says:

Yes! La Yuquwam gets me an incredible amount of compliments! This lasts 12 hours on me. Just crazy good.

Also, AJ Arabia is an incredible line. Every time I smell their scents, I am blown away. Loved this video. Thank you guys!

Jaydeepsingh Gohil says:

Bhai nikhil muje sultan al oud chaahiye…. ye batao india gujarat me kon si best shops hai al rehab ard zafran rasasi … etc buy karne ke liye… i mean for arabic perfumes????

Bhavesh Sarvaiya says:

As always fantastic review nikhilsir

rex bello says:

Boruzz Asrar Indonesia VS Boruzz Atheer Cambodia… Which is better? Pls choose one.

Aijaz Mohammed says:

Nikhil sir… try Ajmal’s Neutron and review plz

Zahid Abid says:

hi nikhil.
thanks for this review.
always means a lot for me.
plz suggest a oud perfume long lasting and best projection.
except faqat lil rijal,as I purchased after ur review,its good,but projection and longevity is not less than an hour.

pandora p says:

Can you pls compare La Yuqawam and Godolphin assuming their prices per ml are the same. Thanks!

Shekhar Kagdiyal says:

Not only this video gives me a good array of collection but by looping in mr Oz, also elevates the understanding for these gems…one of the worth watching video from exotic scents.

bhaffar says:

Nice collab. ASQ makes some really nice frags.

paris so says:

Hi sir, would it be relatively safe to blind buying Rihan Al Aoud as well? The review is so good and the bottle is beautiful.

Samuel Gustav says:

I would love to learn how to correctly apply attars 🙂 looking forward to that video. The Rasasi one, too me, much better then TL, just beautiful

Cu Tu says:

silver doesnt seem discountinued i see it in their website and i can buy it at but CIEL is discountinued

M. S. BitEth says:

I always look for your videos first thing in the morning. Awaiting Sultan Pasha’s delivery, now going on the fourth week. I also got a 25 year old aoud that I want to send you a sample of that I got on ebay at a mistaken price. Can’t wait to cruise and rock your suggestions! Have a great day and I will listen now.

jOr2187 says:

my friend Nikil please which one (s) of your top 5 are more loved by women i m pretty la yuqawam is more loved by men lol

Rahman Shaukat says:

what’s up brother, first of all thanks for cauveryhandicraft link, I was finally able to order Mysore sandalwood oil from them. now my question is wether I should get safari oil or safari extreme. I understand that oil is calm compare to the perfume version, if you were to choose one out of 2, which would you sacrifice ?. BTW LA yuqawam is amazing, especially after it settles down.

paris so says:

Hi sir, I am so tempted to blind buying the safari oil with the Ramadan sales now, I like Ajmal royal patchouli oil, Yas Nada Yas , Creed royal princess oud… does it have a modern oriental and feminine feeling similar to these? And I don’t have an authentic Arabian nose

pierre lord says:

Very nice reviews from both of you .I am happy to say i own 4 of the 10 including the top 2 thank’s to you my Friend

waltherP99BG says:

My top 5
1.Jubilation XXV – vintage NON-magnetic cap.
2.Tobacco Blaze
3.Kalemat/Kalemat Black
4.24 Elixir Gold

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