My Favorite Vanilla Fragrances!

Several of you requested to see my favorite vanilla fragrances and so I decided to make a whole video about them! I never knew so many people loved vanilla as much as I do. Give this video a thumbs up if you like it and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

My favorites:
Maison de la Vanille 5 Piece Set
Laura Mercier ‘Ambre Vanillé
Pure Vanilla by Lavanila
Un Bois Vanille Eau de Parfum by Serge Lutens
Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot

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This video was not sponsored and I purchased all products shown myself.


Stephenie Thomas says:

One of my favorites is LAVINILLA, vanilla grapefruit. It’s not too sweet and I always get compliments on it.

hugo caballero says:

Hey baby !!! Awesome job … But do not rubber ur frag on ur skin … U r killing the first notes of ur frags… After that u r awesome

mickyunit says:

Thank you for sharing your vanillas. I enjoy a fragrance called Dolcelisir, it’s more of a cool weather fragrance. Also, bath and bodyworks has shea cashmere hand lotion – smells like vanilla sugar cookies and feels like liquid silk!

Anna Wixom says:

If you love vanilla scents, you must try Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto. Especially for this coming fall. It is a great fall vanilla scent. Its top notes are vanilla and tonka bean i believe and it has some cedar in it as well… smells sooo good.

Kim Molloy says:

I, too, love vanilla and have two of the scents you mention.  However, my favorite and the one that everyone asks me about  when I wear it is an oil called Pavarti.  You can get it online at The Goddess Line.  Lasts all day long and is amazing 🙂 Haven’t used anything else in years.  They also offer samples for purchase.

Cass D says:

She looks like she smells great

Barbara Rodriguez says:

Dominique, thank you for sharing your collection. At the moment i am loving this french perfume, Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensée. Very sophisticated! Give it a try. Sephora sells it , or directly from Atelier, they now have a store in NY.

Audrey Bina says:

hello Dominque.
thank you so much for sharing all ur information with ur fans.
just wondeting if u could recommend ur marketer who is in charge of ur internet ads & making so active.
I would appreciate your
consideration. 🙂

lo lo says:

I love your chanel! It’s helpful and entertaining. You are a beautiful woman! I want to try the Sud Pacifique in a near futur. Btw the Lutens perfume, the name translate to vanilla wood rather than vanilla drink. But honestly,
a perfume called vanilla drink would be so much more interesting!

Anne Nanou says:

Dominique, I have a suggestion for your husband (if YOU love vanilla) : do you ever heard about “Pour un homme” de Caron. If you never have, please try. I think the most attractive men and sexy on this planet use or have used this perfume, never equalized by any other The lavender scent dissipates, but vanilla remains and it’s irresistible. Why ? Because, after a couple of hours, it smells this subtile fragrance of our dolls when we were little girls. This perfume was created in 1934, and I think it is always a great perfume because women always want to smell their childhood. It’s not wierd, it’ very clever, it’s a brillant idea, really. But above all, it’s a very elegant and sensual perfume.
Top notes: Essence Lavender, Lavender Absolute
Heart notes: Lavender, Vanilla
Base notes: Amber, Musk

Carla Penny says:

Vanilla Bean Noel from bath and body works is yummy! Can usually find online or during the holiday season in the stores. Not perfume, but lotion, body wash and body spray. My favorite.

willy vlyminck says:

Can i wear them as a man?

Patricia Cervantes says:

Have you tried Vanille Insensée from Atèlier Cologne? I haven’t tried that fragance in particular but I know the brand and it’s quite special. I was doing some shopping online and I remembered this video. Maybe you can add it to your Christmas’ wishlist!

Jo Cy says:

My favorite vanilla perfume is Drop of Vanilla by DKNY

Elli Love says:

Love you:-)

Saski says:

you sound like a news ancor

AndiT777 says:

Oh, if someone would only invent “smell-o-vision”! LOL 🙂

Barbara Rodriguez says:

Dominique can you do an updated vanilla fragrance video, I’m sure you have some new favorites. 🙂 May I suggest Atelier Vanilla, it’s very sophisticated!

a kazzuo says:

love your style very beautiful

Carol Melancon says:

When I was in graduate school, my best friend told me, “Wear vanilla scents, men LOVE it!”. I had laughingly told my mother this and she bought for me a bottle of Coty Vanilla Fields as a joke. I swear, I wore that sucker for years – never got so many compliments from attractive men with anything else. I still have a vintage bottle in the back of my bathroom cabinet and one on my dressing table for fond memories.

Thanks for this review of quality vanilla fragrances! I need to revisit vanilla.

wsurfs says:

Another lovely presentation…THANK YOU for the perfume suggestions..!!

I love perfume and wear it everyday whether I’m going out of just staying in my home. One of my favorites brands…… L’Occitane en Provence….ANYTHING Vanilla…a special scent for me is Ambre. I usually try to pick up their products in Duty Free when I am traveling…!! Enjoy..!

Amy Kennedy says:

I used to love Vanilla Fields about 20 years ago. It takes me back.

Ecaterina Capatina says:

I came across this article and thought of you…

sweetpea- KellyAnn says:

I think you might enjoy poison hypnotic or ysl manifesto

Lori Young says:

I think you are the epitome of a class act! Loving you. Totally agree with your Nirvana Black pick…obsessed with it! Have u tried Rodan + Fields skincare yet? I think you would love it and would be happy to send you some to try. Please tell me how I can get it to you…would appreciate your honest feedback!

5Heliotrope says:

“un bois vanille” -> vanilla wood.
“une boisson vanille” -> a vanilla drink. 🙂

Melissa Parker says:

— I am patiently waiting my Maison de la Vanille fragrance from Amazon– my question is what kind of skin moisturizer should I use without clashing and having an empowering fragrance?

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