My Favorite Vanilla Fragrances!

These are my favorite 5 vanilla perfumes: Jessica Simpson Fancy, Lavanila Vanilla Coconut, Pink Sugar, Love & Toast Honey Coconut and Monoi Tiki Tiare Tahiti Vanilla. I love these fragrances and always repurchase them!
If you have a vanilla fragrance that you would like to recommend please leave it in the comments– I’d love to hear suggestions!
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xo Anne


1DovesGirl says:

Hi, Anne! I like fragrances with vanilla notes, too. I have the pure vanilla Lavanilla. My favorite scent at the moment is Si by Giorgio Armani. It has vanilla and other notes, too. I just love it, and often get compliments when I wear it.

S Marczewski says:

Oh! Great video– thank you for sharing. Vanilla, coconut, cinnamon, or musk are my favorite perfume scents. I use perfume oils, which last longer and are less irritating, less alcohol-y than perfume sprays, with less chemicals, and they last much longer. They go “deeper” if you will, and blend with your skin and your own natural scent, especially musk. Musk tends to blend with our bodies and bring out a very nice, unique, one of a kind scent. Kiehls has vanilla and musk perfume oils. The Body Shop has a cinnamon one and a coconut one. Thanks again, I really like your videos!

Amy J says:

does the aquolina pink sugar have noticable licorice notes to it? if so does it go away after dry down or is it present all through the day?

Ellen Beckett-Mokrzycki says:

i love your reviews! I’ve been debating which vanilla scent to buy & Fancy sounds like a good one, especially with caramel, yummy!

Girlz Mom4 says:

Fresh cream by philosophy is a wonderful vanilla scent. I wear it everyday and love it. I just ordered my first bottle of pink sugar today and hope I love it as much as my fresh cream. Thanks for this video it was very helpful to me.

Amy J says:

how is the sillage on monoi tiki tahiti vanilla? do others actually notice your wearing it or is it just a skin scent(noticable if you sniff close to skin)?

Melissa Parker says:

The Vanilla Bean Noel at Bath and Body during the holidays, it’s wonderful!

Gale Ann says:

Yummy, Vanilla perfume! Anne, you should check out Victoria’s Secret perfumes. Their signature scent, Vanilla Lace, is awesome. A lot of their perfumes are Vanilla based……Men love vanilla!

jeannie cheramie says:

Thank you for always having great reviews God bless you have a great weekend

Busy Bee Creations says:

Love love love Vanilla….I have never tried any of the ones you mentioned except for Pink Sugar…which was just ok to me. I wear Burberry every fall and winter….it is a little pricey..but hey, we are worth it. It is their original classic one. It is in a roundish bottle. Also, my new fave is the Laura Mercier Vanilla one….I want to try the vanilla coconut but they dont sell it at my Nordstroms for some reason. Also…just a little tid bit…have you ever tried the oil bars by Lush? omg…I use every night on my neck and behind ears and chest and arms and it is wonderfully vanilla…they are oval shaped bars that are solidified oil. I am sorry I cant remember the actual name of them. xo

Jana Kleinerova says:

Hi Anne…you do love your vanilla perfumes!..I have read ..the research shows men go wild for a scent of vanilla and other scents that relate to baking LOL….it goes as back as 17th century. I do not know why I do not have any?..time to fix it!…I love this scent in body lotions and shower gels…Thank you for very interesting video…I have learn something new…it will give me fun experience when out shopping to experience these scents. Oh I meant to get back to you on that Pur minerals highlighter…yes it is used as a typical highlight for the high points of face…just like that physician formula one we both like….have a lovely evening…..hugg…Jana

Sarah Lundeen says:

I also have been wearing vanilla since high school, I always get the most compliments and it has the best staying power. There used to be a shop called Body and Soul, they sold fragrance oils and my signature scent was the pure vanilla, I don’t think that store has been around for a long time so I just get a vanilla roller ball from Spouts, can’t remember the name but it’s decent. I also just ordered Lavanila Grapefruit Vanilla 🙂

Donna's Mature Life says:

I love vanilla; it is the number one flavor world wide. You did say sugar cookie so now I am hungry. LOL.

MaryEllen After 60 says:

Good evening, beautiful Anne. I do like Pink Sugar. But I will tell you their are scents that I wear, that I always get several compliments on, and they are both my Philosophy, Amazing Grace, and Falling in Love. If I were a single woman, I would wear Falling in Love every day, because men never fail to ask me what I am wearing. It is so funny, Thank yo for sharing your faves with us. Many blessings, and peace, my friend….MaryEllen

Julie Smith says:

Pink Sugar is my all time favorite. Right now I am using the Ulta coconut body spray and some Pacifica coconut vanilla roll ons.

Roman and Polina Spirt says:

Hi Anne I am new to your Chanel love the video!thank you for taking time and tell me about the fragrance I my self in too vanilla lately ! And I love citrus too !i am torn between ordering lavanila grapefruit or coconut because I love them both !have you try the vanilla perfume by Pacifica!
Thank you again great day best regards from Baltimore !

sweetpea- KellyAnn says:

Manifesto by ysl has a lovely vanilla scent to it. I get the most compliments on that one and lavanilla pure vanilla. Men have stopped me when wearing lavanilla to ask what it is and where to get it for their lady. Oh and poison hypnotic is delicious ! Great deep sultry vanilla scent.

Shake Up Makeup says:

Pink Sugar is one of my favorites Anne. I have been wearing it for a couple of years. I also love to smell like a sugar cookie. I want to try Fancy. Great video idea. xoxo Laura

jeannie cheramie says:

Thanks for sharing I love wearing sweet smelling sprays when I’m out and about running errands I have worn Red door by Elizabeth Arden since I was 17 but I love fruity and sweet smelling sprays I will try these out

Summer Wallace says:

Oh forgot to tell you victoria secrets warm coconut sugar perfume smells amazing the bring it out at the semi sale starts in june.

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