My Favourite Perfumes

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Lashes: ‘Zara’ from USE CODE HABIBA10


Hijab: chiffon scarf.



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– Camera? Canon 600d
– Age? 21
– Ethnicity: Brazilian/Lebanese living in the UK

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Emily A says:

Best vanilla perfumes! list bellow

Johnny Wolfblood says:

I’m sorry but…
All I can focus on is how pretty this girl is.
She’s really hard to look away from.

unknown.a xo says:

Gucci guilty & 1Million

Saarah Hasan says:

You should try Honey by Marc Jacobs, it is amazingggg

unknown.a xo says:

escape calvin klein

Felicia Maassen says:

what lipstick do you have on?

Naima Mohamoud says:

I love Arabian Oud I live in Dubai so the love for Oud grew on me.
we have 4 of the same perfumes try Zara Bright rose and wood boards studio its a lil bit like the D&G perfume u have i guess its nice

جرح.لا.يشغى 0773269347 says:


monica potterhead says:

you are so elegant and beautiful

Hz says:

dream victory secret

Bertrand Mukendi says:

stunning, your make up is amazing, i love the desert falcon too it smells beautiful x

Meriam C says:

you are so beautiful <3

Iyzaaa says:

I cant find the zara rose perfume? Iv searched everywhere, have they changed the bottle? X

aquacrystal14 says:

brow routine please! 🙂 i love your makeup in this video. i feel like sometimes your contour is too deep and i cant pull that type of makeup off 🙁

Nadia Akthar says:

Estee Lauder Modern Museé

Anna nbjhfbjdh fmxnbfvj says:

you can get l’impetrice from boots I’m pretty sure 🙂

sadaf ahmed says:

Try Armani si

mikasa ackerman says:

Your skin tone is so beautiful I wish I was naturally tan like you but I’m so pale …

MrsMula01 says:

dior sauvage.. although its for men it still smells AMAZING

f says:

The D&G l’impatrice 3 hasn’t been discontinued, it’s still being sold 🙂

Soesjjj Nora says:

You are so pretty ❤️❤️❤️

oyinade84 says:

I think you might like something from the Guerlain or Lanvin houses. Their perfumes last all day and you can get them for reasonable prices online. My favorite from Guerlain is “shalimar initial” and “rumeur 2 rose” from Lanvin.

Yas Beauty says:

You look so stunning MashAllah! This makeup suits you soooo well!!!

Siso Lilo says:

beautiful girl i lôoooooooove your makeup dear soooo btiful waw

Fleur Me says:

Dahlia Divin from Givenchy!

Better Together says:


celestine gobert says:

Love your vid may I asked rhe name of your lipstick

Nathalie Zenny says:

What lipstick are u wearing???

elsa Grace says:

Habiba, you never said what perfume was in the Scent Trunk sample. This seems like this was sponsored by Scent Trunk.

farheen Malik says:

tomford Neroli try this … u will love it

Sarah G says:

Esteee Lauder Amber Mystique (its 3oudi) you’ll love it

Arfaa Bhombal says:

Another perfume that smells exactly like narsico rodriguez is lovely by sarah jessica parker…perfect dupe!

Khadija K says:

the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “If a woman puts on perfume and passes by people so that they can smell her fragrance, then she is such and such,” and he spoke sternly – meaning an adulteress. Narrated by Abu Dawood (4173)

Murad Tagiyev says:

hello.i see you know very well about fragrances.

Bethany Russell says:

wow you are so pretty! those eyebrows are goals!!!xxx

Divya Kapoor says:

I love how you sprayed all the perfumes on you HAHAHA <3

uncre8ive says:

Shower fresh and Fresh laundry by Clean, obviously Daisy by Marc Jacobs

KAMO O says:

nice collection. .but you really talk a lot ….try to keep it simple

Hanane Ato says:

Why don’t you try musk perfumes?

indeqo says:


Chivita perez says:

oh my!! You are drop dead gorgeous.

Trevor Oiles says:

Arabian oud doesn’t sell real oud, try PureOudh they are one of the few companies in the UK that actually sell real products

Kassia Toure says:

you should try scentbird for trying new perfumes

ramy faress says:

magie noire de lancome beautiful smell.

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