My top 15 Fall/Winter Unisex Perfumes 2017!! Oriental Spicy Vanilla Genre

Hi guys!

Today I have chosen 15 fragrances from my collection that I love to wear in the colder months. I have grouped them into the Oriental Spicy Vanilla family so if you love this group as much as I do and are looking to find some new loves, then keep watching!

Fragrances listed in order shown on video:

1. Frapin 1270
2. Parfumerie Generale DJHENNE 22
3. Jo Malone Myrrh & Tonka
4. L’artisan Parfumeur Noir Exquis
5. Christian Dior Mitzah / Christian Dior Feve Delicieuse
6. Nomaterra New Orleans Datura
7. Lubin Akkad edp
8. Roja Dove Amber Extrait
9. Jovoy Paris Psychedelique
10. Giorgio Armani Ambre Eccentrico
11. Yves Saint Laaurent Caftan
12. Yves Saint Laurent Splendid Wood
13. Lalique Or Intemporel
14. Carolina Herrera Mystery Tobacco
15. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille


mzurilove beauty & fragrances says:

Lovely xxxx lovely xx

Goolunu khan says:

How come its fall season in Australia ¤¤¤¤

Kristi Marie says:

Great collection. This is my favorite season since I gravitate to the warm, spicy, and woodsy perfumes.

lettergarden says:

Thank you for the video! ❤️ Could you add a list to the description in the next video? It would help a lot with looking them up. Thank you! ☺️

Taffy J says:

Oh Yay! I haven’t even viewed the entire video, but I had to comment. Just so glad you are back!

Flickchen says:

Beautiful video again, Ami! I live in Germany and Fall has now arrived, i love to wear: Serge Lutens Chergui, Tobacco Vanille, Noir Pour Femme, PdM Herod, Roberto Cavalli Tiger Oud, Keiko Mecheri Loukhoum, Raghba and so many more 😀 <3

gita85 says:

Oh yes Ami, I enjoyed that video very much! Please continue, You were away for TOO LONG 😀 Thank you!

Rox R says:

What an amazing list of Autumn/Winter perfumes❤ new subscriber here❤
What is your all time favorite sweet gourmand perfume?

Holly Bronwyn says:

Can’t I just come over and play? … I know we don’t know one another but I’m quite sure we’d be fast friends. 😀  OH! … I *LOVE* that Lubin bottle! .. and the Idole De Lubin bottle, also.  One of my favorite bottle designs. My husband just got Jovoy Psychedelique, it’s quite something!  It was an immediate love for him, I may need to give it a few wears.  I just sampled Caftan last week, quite lovely.  Two of my newest loves are Jo Malone : they did two Oak scents, Oak & Hazelnut (delicious.) and Oak and Red Current (delightful.).  Other than that, I’ll be picking & choosing from the perfume larder. 😀

Rhosgobel Rabbit ASMR says:

Lovely video and I’m inspired to try some of these that I haven’t yet ❤️

Bob Ono says:

Ambre Nuit, Dior Homme (all of them), Fahrenheit Parfum, Le Male Essence De Parfum, Hawas, Grand Soir, Lalique Equus, La Nuit De L’Homme, The One edp, Black XS L’Exces, Egoiste, Pineapple Vintage Intense, L’Aventure, CK Reveal and Jacques Fath Pour L’Homme. (Dear God, let me find a bottle of Mitzah;-)

Loufi303 says:

love this, beautifully done – and you’ve got a terrific voice and diction; very pleasant to listen to.
A listing of the mentioned scents would be very helpful 🙂

Arden Powers says:

Thanks for sharing . . .
I just love Armani Prive Rose D’arabie . . . it seems to work for me in all seasons and for upscale occasions . . . cheers !

arzu manashirova says:

Please review house of Sospiro perfumes

Amandeep singh says:

Awesome collection and nice presentation

chimneys thighs says:

I am LIVING for these videos

The Scentinel says:

Hi Ami, just realised you had a channel. Subbed.

egemini618 says:

Two videos in less than a week! You’re spoiling us. I’ve been waiting for the cooler weather so I can wear Sushi Imperiale. Perfect autumn scent =)

16Luly1979 says:

You have an amazing collection ! I`m addict to your videos !!!! Kisses !

The Broadwalk says:

Such decadent choices! Can’t wait for the other categories!

Ruth Charles says:

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this video, I learned about a lot of new fragrances I did not know of before. It would have been nice thought if you had them all listed below.

Anatomy Physiology says:

what the name of that bottle with the really cool shape/color?

Connie H says:

Loved this video!!!

ztiwar says:

Amazing list & amazing vid,gonna seek out a couple of these to sample my current fall line up is 1.By Kilian Black Phantom 2.Encens Mythique d’Orient 3.Dior Mitzah 4.Myrrhe & Delires 5.Coromandel just to name a few

nina georgi says:

So happy to see you again! “Tobacco Vanille” and esp. Roja’s “Amber” are my two favorites for fall as well 😉 Can’t wait to see more videos soon….*huge hug*

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