Hello guys! In this video I share with you the most seductive fragrance on this planet- MANDRAGOLA by V CANTO. It is very sexy, heady, oudy and oriental. If you like sensual fragrances and you are looking for the best niche one, definitely chacek out MANDARGOLA:



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Dimitris Kouts says:

Nice review, I wonder if you would like it on a man..

Gabriel Garcia says:

Nice review spotlight, I wondered if it was a femenine fragrance or if in the drydown goes masculine since it has wood. And yes it is expensive.

Olga Shirman says:

Почему ты не ведешь канал на русском? Мне кажется что будет отлично

Jsmal jx says:

I ordered a sample of this based on your recommendation. I love the way that oud has been utilised in this fragrance. Just the right amount to give it that thick, luxurious and animalic vibe, but never overpowering. This smells like the same oud used in Alexandria II by Xerjoff and that’s about three times the price. Great quality perfume for a relatively low price.

Alexinaboxx says:

I have this fragrance along with a few others from V Canto. This one is an extremely skanky oud. Very barn-yard like. I don’t get any projection or longevity. It might just be my skin.

Citizen23 says:

I can’t find this fragrance anywhere for purchase in the U.S.

EcScentric Fragrances says:

Great review! Seems like a very interesting fragrance, will have to check it out at some point. P.S. I started my own channel just a little while ago. If you have the time, please do check it out, I would really appreciate it! Have a great day!

Catherine Fraser says:

Compelling description

ent49 says:

I like the overall presentation, almost as the fragrance matches the.. its one of your best*

ZapyDaFishy says:

You’re so cute…. another brand I’ve never heard of, but if you recommend it I will definitely try it!! 🙂 Sounds amazing!

Jarrett Golebioski says:

Hey there everyone does anyone know how well this fragrance performs on a man or is it just more suitable for women to wear then a man to wear it ?

Marcelo Siqueira Lima says:

Nice review, girl. _Mea Culpa_ & _Mirabile_ are awesome.

Keith Montgomery says:

Do you know of a company that sells this fragrance worldwide. I live in Canada and can’t find it anywhere. I am trying to find contact info for Paolo Terenzi, but I am not having any luck.

King_Of _Fishing says:

I like how excited you got explaining this fragrance, you can really tell you love it and are very hyped up over it. It Sounds great. I may have to try it out. Thanks again for a great video.

Carl Trommetter says:

We just received are bottle from Germany to the United States. It was on back order and I blind bought it. OMG OMG OMG Its makes you tingle with Passion like no other scent on the planet. Just a Masterpiece from God. ” Absolutely Spellbinding” Thank You So Much for doing this review my Lady.

Erica Golding says:

So fun to watch! I am going to seek out a sample 🙂

Alexinaboxx says:

I have to update my comment. I recently reviewed V Canto Mandragola on my channel and I told everyone how much I love it. It took me some time to warm up to that skanky/barnyard-ish oud top note, but this fragrance is beautiful. I am absolutely in love with it. I have Mandragola and Stricnina, so I change my initial comment on this fragrance. It’s beautiful! Side Note: Santal Carmin from Atelier Cologne smells almost identical to Mandragola. Check it out, if you get a chance!

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