Oriental Pearl EDP by Shanghai Tang YouTube Exclusive [22] Episode # 157

I was pleasantly surprised to discover this fragrance. It reminds me of Chanel’s now discontinued masterpiece Coromandel EDT.


Julio Ruata says:

Great review. Shanghai Tang EDP it not for sale in the USA.

Agnes Eva says:

*Wow… I have googled this brand. Sounds really interesting. Thank you for introducing us to it. :)*

gunmetal24 says:

Very interesting bottle design. The house (from a fashion perspective) always seem a bit kitschy to me but its good to know they have an interesting perfume.

Jade 4ever says:

Hi AC! Love your reviews… just wanted to let you know that the house is Shanghai Tang and the perfume is oriental pearl… I own this and one another from the house.. ❤️

James Broadfoot says:

You’re one of the best reviewers on YouTube, mate. Love watching your videos, so eloquent and classy. Keep it up! I might have to pick this one up. Bought Coromandel EDP recently and haven’t opened it yet… might sell it and buy this one instead!

Michael Milner says:

Great review . . . ditto Broadfoot’s below praise. Cheers

anotherFragranceReviewer says:

Never did tried the EDT version, only the powerful EDP new concentration of Coromandel. Great suggestion, thank you, I did not knew this brand. Have you tried Chyprissime by Mugler ? Reminds me somewhat of Coromandel as well…Cheers

DixieLiving says:

Great exclusive review!
Timely as a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld.
Well Done My Friend!

Jakub Józefowicz says:

Hi AC, great review as always, but it should be Oriental Pearl by Shanghai Tang. Shanghai Tang is the name of the brand/company and Oriental Pearl is the name of the scent.

Bees of St. Ambrose says:

Where do you find these gems? Btw I noticed your channel is monetized, congrats! Does it mean more expensive frags to review in the future?:))

proto type says:

Wow, you’re so knowledgeable man. Keep up the great work sir. Will search for this one at some Chinese market

CaLi Reviews says:

Ive never seen this before or heard of it .. Very interisting

H2Ono says:

You, gotta be kidding, me!!
China, is truly the future!
Coromandel EDP #1
You got me thinking, AC…My favorite patchouli is when, CHANEL does it! Your thoughts?..

Michael Bullock says:

Great review and I enjoyed it and I’m gonna try it have a blessed day

170324341a says:

Darnnit, AC. Because of your review, I had to buy this fragrance too. I just paid ~ $53 USD on ebay, brand new. I’m trying to stay away from “unisex” fragrances but I did enjoy the Oud 24 Hours by Ard Al Zaafaran a good deal, so I figured I try this one too.

Luis French says:

This sounds really great, where did you get this juice?

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