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This week, we are discussing the perfumery ingredient, Oud; sometimes known as Agarwood. We talk about what it is, how it smells and its history; as well as showing two fragrances from the brands we work with that contain Oud.

Perfumes mentioned:
Annick Goutal 1001 Ouds
Terry de Gunzburg Terryfic Oud


Starallimedia Africa says:

Very interesting

MoppieDun says:

Love this ingredient conversation, thank you. Sub now.

eireitalia1 says:

Thank you for this video. Oud is something I’ve been fearful of trying in my fragrances and after watching this and learning its history I may try in the near future.

Perfume Guru says:

Fantastic job guys. Really enjoyed it. I love these difficult scents. You can find a lot of info on diff ouds on my channel too. Loved it. subbed. Keep em coming.

Nadia Agram says:

thanks it was very nice review

MrKjellqvist says:

Great video – professional and informative. Keep up the great work! Cheers!

surjit2412 says:

Ladies also try to review some gents perfumes

okapi323 says:

WOW no wonder it’s such an expensive ingredient. Thanks for doing this video. Looking forward to your next one.

Pure S. Guinto says:

I recently purchased my first oud fragrances from Lancôme: Oud Bouquet, and L’autre Oud. I am loving them both so much. In fact I expected them to be a more stronger, almost offensive, fragrance than they actually are. I am pleasantly surprised and totally excited to have them in my collection! Now I want to try your recommendations: Terryfic Oud sounds delicious!

Sara Manae says:

Hey,,, loved it but you missed lots of oud brands mainly the arabic ones and you focused in western taste only

Talha Ali says:

Interesting video. I see that you have a bottle of Dunhill Icon Absolute at the back as well. That too is an Oud heavy scent isn’t it? Also have you guys at some point done reviews on Midnight in Paris or Nuit d’Issey?

Paige Hales-Gordo says:

Thanks for the informative video. Oud is tough, I agree. After trying quite a few, I finally found one I that is wearable. Yay, Jo Malone Velvet Roses and Oud is amazing! I would love to hear your thoughts on some nice vetiver frags. I find that note challenging too.

tailouisa says:

So great! Really glad I found you! Oud is one of my fav notes and I absolutely adore the Terryfic Oud!! xx

RinnyDale says:

Roja Dove Amber Aoud is amongst the King of the Kings of OUD *[2-thumbs-up]*

espresso says:

This was interesting. You should continue making occasional videos on popular ingredients like tonka beans, lavender, vetiver and then mention how they play out in men’s and women’s perfumes.
As for oud fragrances, I like Bentley Absolute, M7 Oud Absolu and Habit Rouge EDP. And some of my favourite notes are rose and leather. Men’s fragrances containing those tend to be dark and sexy.

Mario Aguilar says:

Thank you for the info really fascinating. I’m a new subscriber to your channel.

Nahanni Riversong says:

How lovely to happen upon your channel,, very excited for more! Have worn Oud for some years now, after receiving a very small oil vial from a friend. I find Oud Wood by Tom Ford very wearable and recently came across Halfeti a new launch from Penhaligon’s which i believe is new to the US. Thank you so much for these fun and informative videos.

Mihaela Popinciuc says:


Allistar Anglophelia says:

Have you tried Roja Dove’s ouds? Heard so much about them, but have never laid my hands on a sample. I would love to see Rose or Orange Blossom ingredient videos.

Marina Yeniko says:

Hi my beautiful ladies.I would like to ask you to do a review on Mugler Alien Oud Majesteux please if possible.

sydgia01 says:

Excellent video as usual and very informative. Oud is actually my favorite note. I have tons of fragrances containing oud. I need to try Annick Goutal Oud.

Samuel Gustav says:

Recently I finally discover and had the opportunity to smell Terryfic Oud, I must say is indeed a beautiful creation, very soft smooth oud with the fruity berries and rose mix, very unisex to my nose, mysterious and sexy, I can say that it went to my top 5 favorite oud fragrances!

Amanda Erwin says:

I love all your ingredient base videos. I’m learning so much about perfume making. Very knowledgeable and entertaining. Thank you so much!

Salma Sultan says:

hey gals have you tried robert cavalli oud edition perfume?thats one of my favourite do try it

fushiakayak says:

I look forward to your videos and am learning so much about fragrances from you both. Thank you so much for spending the time to make these videos 🙂

maria jose arevalo says:

Hi! Have u tried alien oud flanker? What do you think about it? Great video as usual

Pamela Wolf says:

Yes more ingredients videos…please and thank you…like vetiver, it’s my favorite and vanilla….

Arden Powers says:

Always enjoy your videos . . . Thank you both for the info on Oud. I just blind bought my 1st Oud fragrance . . . Gucci Intense Oud (Unisex). I’d like to know what you ladies think of this one !? Cheers 🙂

mr.cave111 says:

Nice review made by two pretty women


best reviewers on Youtube….wow…so impressive, you give a great synopsis on the historical perspective and all sorts of interesting facts….thank you ! !!!

RealFrags for RealMen says:

‘Oud is Good!’ 🙂
Faqat Lil Rijal Rasasi is an absolute Killer Nuclear masculine scent, one of my go-to colognes.
Another one of niche quality is the Designer scent Oudh Qadim, which can be VERY hard to get (I should know!) but worth the trouble.
In my experience Oud frags lend themselves perfectly to layering!
Thanks again Ladies for another interesting one!

Elvira Dela says:

I am getting into the world of perfumes and this is sooo helpful. I loved it. You two look great. Merry Christmas 2017!

yoylos3p says:

This was very interesting, I had read oud was the root of a tree, so, not quite, thanks for the detail information. I got a sample of JoMalone’s Velvet Rose and Oud, I was first loving it then not so much, I think I need to try again now in the fall and winter, maybe I’ll like it now.

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