Perfume secrets from the Middle East | Unique fragrances

A detailed look into the surprising world of rich Oriental fragrances from the Middle East.


Deepak Hiregoudar says:

great video brother….. keep up the good work…
U traveled 12 hrs to reach Hyderabad??? R u from Karnataka??

ShaveNontheDarkside says:

Im subscribed very good content. I am trying to wisely buy my 1st middle eastern fragrance to review on my channel. My channel is about traditional shaving (like grandads did back when we were children) but I review a budget fragrance at the end of my video. I have been hearing good things about Armaf and Rasai.

sharathmorin says:

Nice video bro.. U are very passionate ..!! keep it up

Xavier Vallhonrat says:

What are your top 5 Middle Eastern Fragrances

mike hattar says:

I’m so jealous of you you’re so lucky to have fragrance houses like that where you live. Keep up the good reviews and keep the good videos coming buddy.

Exotic Scents with Nikhil says:

A basic guide to understanding ouds ! Try and find out which oud is best for you. You can watch it here

MarvFIT says:

Hello sir, I’m new to the community and have been watching many reviews and videos from different reviewers. I hear mixed reviews about middle Eastern fragrances. Some say that they are cheap and some say they are really good. I would like to invest my money wisely and build a respectable collection. In the last couple days I have purchase midnight in Paris, Mont Blanc individuel, al-rehab silver (which I didn’t think much of) and 24 Gold. I’m the type of person that likes exclusivity as long as it is backed by quality and middle Easter fragrances seem to fit the profile. Which would you recommend for a beginner?

Also thank you very much for your review of dazzle intense and saving me from that purchase lol

Md Mubasheer uddin zubairi says:

Nikhil you got my kind of taste ….even I love oud ….y don’t u do a subscribers meet

Mustafa Wardak says:

awesome brother u need to review some you bought in those stores

caseydog3 says:

i blind bought Hawas on your advice and i am happy with it…can you recommend a safe middle eastern buy?

Greggieboy76 says:

Not often I will watch a 20 minute video, but this was great. Some great points – actually got me thinking about a lot of things. I have about 10 Middle Eastern fragrances, but I really need to explore more. Thanks for the great video Nikhil.

David A. Quiroa says:

This is a class in perfumes from the other side of the world. Great video !

eboss3000 says:

Hey Nikhil, nice Vid and great work! i am highly interested on Fragrances from Al Haramain and Rasasi, so could you please Review: Rasasi Yazan and Entebaa, Rasasi Hatem Ruh Al Mughamarah and also Al Haramain Etois Silver

caseydog3 says:

thank you for taking us out of the plain and ordinary zone

Sector Mentor says:

Hi Nikhil, I am keen to explore Middle Eastern Fragrances, especially oils. My style of fragrances include D&G The One, Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male, ChristinaHerrera VIP or CH Men, Mont Blanc Individuel,Tom Ford Noir extreme etc. What fragrances or especially oils do you think I should explore. Thank you!

Noel Dean says:

Very educational video. So that’s why when I spray Meydan lasts for weeks on clothing. And they are unable to sell in U.S. because of IRFA.

Scentonomics says:

Hey Nikhil,

Awesome Top 10! Ajmal and Al Haramain are definitely Bossss!!! Keep the videos coming, you’re doing great work.

-Nabeel from Scentonomics

shyam kant Dubey says:

nicely explained 10 reasons. i am convinced.A must try for all perfume can they be bought in India with online mode?

David A. Quiroa says:

Those 2 musks – how much are they? Can you write the names pls.

Sohaibb Mubassam says:

sir .please make a review about Junaid Jamshed perfume house .my friends are talking about this house

Jim R says:

Excellent video and I couldn’t agree with you more. Regarding using exotic, rare and banned ingredients…very true, but the downside is that I’ve had couple fragrances (I’m sure I have 80+ middle eastern fragrances) that irritated my skin..especially bombastic cumim blended with oakmoss. But it’s no big deal…just shower and don’t keep ’em on my skin 12+ hours. Hopefully more folks should take a loot at these. Well-done! Loved that covered both the negatives and the positives. Oh, another negatives is they are almost impossible to sample here in the West so we’re doing a lot of blind-buying. However, I’ve ordered some Middle Easter fragrances and received a number of free samples. C’est la vie.

fitprotunes says:

Awesome video!! Please do a top ten fragrances from middle eastern houses!! I believe that will be a youtube first. Keep up the good work..

Another Fraghead says:

Very nice video dude!

MrOz says:

Great job on this topic! more people need to watch this!!!Thanks for sharing!

Mohit Singh says:

thanku nikhil for your guidness. brother can pls guide me from where to buy genuine oud because we don’t have any oud shop in Punjab…

MarvFIT says:

I really am interested in middle Eastern colognes, where would you recommend I start. I’ve been looking at club de nuit intense and tres nuit. Any recommendations would be appreciated

shyam kant Dubey says:

great work! and a gr8 video once again. can you suggest which one is strong,long lasting , cheap and easily available OUD based frag in india.

Jay S says:

Very helpful and informative, Not of middle eastern origin this has explained thing in a different light. looking forward to your other videos. Thanks

Demetre Hajenian says:

You were right about the fact that all the designer fragrances are getting very boring. Same ol Same ol. I absolutely love all my middle Eastern gems. How exciting to discover new favorites. I do not mind blind buying, as long as it is not to expensive. ..Its part of the fun of this crazy hobby. Believe it or not I have not been let down once with any Middle East discovery. .They all have their own little personalities.

Cologne Addict says:

i love all my middle eastern colognes. you cant beat the value. the only thing that i dislike about it is that i cant smell any of them before i buy them so they all have to be blind buys. but by taking the risk i have found a ton of gems at affordable prices. a few bad ones but the trade off is worth it. Nice video!!!!

Altaf Mohd says:

I can certainly relate to all things that you have mentioned. And I have been to both these places recently. My favorite takeaways where
Royal Afghano – Oud based…very dark, rich and gourmandish.
Nusath – Top notes of Saffron with a lot of fresh wood. And then I was lucky to find a bottle of Raghba wood intense at a very competitive price 🙂 apart from a few other perfumes.

Few other demerits that I can think of are –
At times these can be linear. I know it is actually more difficult to compose a linear perfume however a little twist of notes is always welcome.
Middle-eastern houses are the masters of Agarwood, Musk etc, however I am yet to find a decent juice that has vanilla or tonka bean base.

Cole Johnson-Vinion says:

Middle eastern fragrances seem to work the best with my skin. I actually wonder if it has anything to do with melanin, as the perfumes transform into something much warmer on me than on Caucasians. Not saying that Caucasians can’t wear them as well, just an observation that they seem to work better with my chemistry than most other frags out there, without becoming intense incense frags.

Farhan Khawaja says:

Do a review on Ame Sombre

The Frag Bomb says:

Awesome video bro and very good information on Middle Eastern fragrances.

I would dare say that Middle Eastern fragrances have a lot of fragrances that could be the next “hype fragrance”. I look forward to more videos and reviews bro.

Oronde Baltimore says:

+nikhil s thanks brother I’ll be looking forward to it also good review on tobacco blaze I just checked it out I’m currently awaiting a package from Rasasi it’s a cheapie I purchased from beauty spin called Dirham I liked the note profile so I figured I’d blind buy due to its low price but you never it could be a gem my last purchase was 24 gold and its powerful man lol I will save that for cooler nights in social settings and the colder months but it is really is addictive to my nose I will update you on the Dirham by Rasasi when I get it

M. S. BitEth says:

These ten reasons are superlative in favor of Middle Eastern fragrances and may be the onus to my getting rid of all my designer colognes I have picked up due to Mr. Fragrance himself.

Syed Mujtaba says:

You sound so honest and innocent at the same time 🙂 Great work brother mashaAllah.. Keep it up..

Oronde Baltimore says:

Anything you would recommend from the line of Al Haramain?

Kaka Brar says:

buddy you nailed it .. all your points are bang on legit

C PA says:

Great Video and excellent info Nikhil.
Hyderabad has always been famous for perfumes.
But have you checked out the Charminar area in the Old City? They have been selling Ittar or Attar for hundreds of years in family owned shops. Those are the real deal. They don’t have the fancy packaging or bottles, but you should look into Ittars.
Old Delhi has a lot of such shops as well.

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