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This became a mystery fragrance for me but once the mystery was solved (looked up the notes) it became a big favorite. Good luck to everyone in the giveaway of 5 ml decants. I will be giving away 3 of them to 3 lucky winners.


MagnifiSCENT X says:

From Columbus, OH

Kevin Mccoy says:

I’ve never been a huge rose fan, but I love Declaration Du’n Soir by Cartier- the rose has an orange tint to it and the smoky background keeps it from being too sweet. Your story reminds me of when, at age 4, I got thirsty at night. I couldn’t reach the sink, so I looked in the fridge and saw a teacup of some type of clear liquid. I drank it, then went “yuck!” because it tasted awful. Later my mom told me it was some salad dressing she was saving. Remember it still 44 years later.

Sharma 409 says:

fav rose would be rose D’arabie from the armani prive line.

What's The Scents In That says:

I loved your story…. I remember my dad working on his car and sat on side was a pint of what I thought was beer!! took a big mouth full then realised it was oil!! to be fair I was 7 and should not of been drinking!!! learnt my lesson. my fave rose fragrance is calligraphy rose!

No Way says:

How long does it last?

Efrain Flores says:

For me my favorite would be Azzaro Actuer. A leather dark rose with patchouli and fruits ( I get a banana/banana leaf smell). I live in TX.

Paul Hegarty says:

I like your sense of humour Augy, it’s really quite refreshing and look forward to your reviews, no problems there mate.The image seems crisper and brighter, ( new lens?) a less cluttered background (sorry). As viewers we are distracted from the face and what the reviewers are saying if there’s material background content, I am anyway. I like reviews where the only things I see are a sharp image of the reviewer and the product, Some reviewers use screens to attain this, ‘ Super Dacob’ has nailed it I think, *possibly gone a little too far if anything) Just my preference Augy, I’m sure other viewers will disagree with me, hope you don’t mind me saying.Good work anyway, keep ’em coming.

MagnifiSCENT X says:

Love the Cool Whip story!!!! Very entertaining!!! My favorite rose fragrance that I’ve gotten my nose on is Amouage Lyric Man. I love the rose with the freshwater undertone. Count me in August!!!

Steven Sproat says:

great review! ha, can’t imagine tucking into a spoonful of fat!

Paul Hegarty says:

liking the cleaner, more polished image Augy, makes such a difference.

sdrawkcabvag says:

Favorite frag with a rose is YSL Ultime. I love the freshness of it and that it’s not TOO much rose. I live in NJ. Looking forward to hearing the winners!

Patrick Echevarria says:

Interesting. My fav rose frag is Declaration d’Un Soir by Cartier. From San Diego here.

Ruben Lopez says:

Hi, Your two cents, Nice review and this my first time on your channel. I was looking at this fragrance last week and was not sure if I should do a blind buy. The notes sound like I might enjoy it. I just started looking into a Rose fragrance and the ones that I’ve sampled before were too sharp or smell like grandma. My current Rose that I enjoy is Comme Une Evidence Homme by Yves Rocher, This one has a nice fresh and peppery take on a Rose. Very versatile fragrance.

Berkeley Legend says:

Just found your channel while looking at other reviews online for a rose fragrance for valentine’s day. I have never bought an actual bottle of niche fragrances but I did purchase a decant of tom ford noir de noir and I absolutely loved it! Being a student and all, I always appreciate the scents but cannot afford private blends or expensive designer houses. I actually just bought armaf club de nuit intense woman which smells similar to noir de noir but of course much much less quality. It will probably be my valentine’s scent. Love your reviews and keep up a great work! I will try to cross my fingers for the decant giveaway but regardless of the result, amazing presentation and loved your story and take on this fragrance!

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