Spicy/Oriental Fragrances for Men & Women

Eau Duelle – Diptyque $90 for 50 ml
Where to Purchase:

Creed – Royal Oud $365 for 2.5 oz
Where to Purchase:

Bond No. 9 – Success is the Essence of New York (formerly known as Success is a Job in New York – Warhol Collection) $280 for 100 ml
Where to Purchase:

Tom Ford – Velvet Orchid $75 for 30 ml
Where to Purchase:

Tom Ford – Tobacco Vanille $215 for 50 ml
Where to Purchase:

Wearing Koko lashes 🙂


namo730 says:

I blind buy fragrances time to time. But I bought More than words in store in my city. If you want to try it first you can sample it from luckyscent.com

yoylos3p says:

Hi Riss, you do wear Eau Duelle EDP all year round or only during Fall/Winter? I just bought it, but my plan was really to buy the EDT and now I wonder if this is not the time to use it.
I like sweets scents but I am also trying to venture into different more complex types of scents, I think Eau Duelle is perfect for that but in every video I’ve seen people say it is a winter fragrance. Thanks.


Absolutely loved this review with all the links very professional well done

MrNippon510 says:

Hi Riss great review! Please do a video on office scents for men at an affordable price, i mean quality juice, great longevity and non offensive.
Hope you should concentrate on mens fragrance since ladies know what they want to wear.

dan brown says:

What do you think about one, for me, of the best vanilla fragrances, Spiritueuse Double Vanille by Guerlain?

ihatethinkingofaname says:

I just found your channel. First thing is….I love your voice!!! It’s so soothing and relaxing. I love your descriptions of the fragrances. Also like getting the female perspective when it comes to male fragrances. Great job.
I know this is pretty cliche at this point but would love to see you do best cheap or budget scents for men.

Abraham Carranza says:

Hello Riss,

Could you name a couple of strictly male fragrances you like?
Also, your elocution is excellent and your voice is so lovely and soothing!

Karesz Cs. says:

Hi Riss,
Histoires de Parfums Ambre 114 fits in this group perfectly and is also a unisex fragrance. I would like to know your opinion about it one day…

Anthony Eskridge says:

I notice you have the EDP of Eau Duelle. I think the EDT is fresher, but I prefer the spicier EDP.

Pete Carter says:

What do you think of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather? and Creed Aventus?

MichaelP7470 says:

Some great picks in there . I just picked up some AJ Arabia II from Harrods yesterday, which is so alluring and fits nicely into this genre! Difficult to get hold of but worth the niche price imo!

Mohammad Abu Saada says:

you’re expressions while talking about fragrances like if you were in a middle of a passionate hot sex..

Misan A says:

Brilliant picks Riss. Royal Oud and Tobacco Vanille transport me to olfactory bliss 🙂 Though I wish Royal Oud lasts longer on my skin. I get about 4 hours 🙁 Anyway, thanks for your take on these gems. Good job.

Jeff Berbert says:

A very entertaining video.  Thanks for the heads up on the Atkinsons, I cant wait to give both of them a try.  I hope to see you do more Tom Fords, especially Black Orchid and Plum Japonais, both of which I love even though they are marketed towards women.

Freddy Linthicum says:


Sweet Notes with Riss says:

Debay! I can’t respond to your comment on your thread – you might have comments disabled. However, I always choose Creed Aventus 🙂 <3

dexxhunt says:

Hey lady what’s happening?I purchased Royal Oud’s 2.5 oz bottle a few weeks ago,you made me extra stoked I did 🙂 I’m speechless on how off the chain it is,such a gorgeous fragrance.Solid video girl…..Peace/Bless/Much love

kamillimak1996 says:

I absolutely love how You describe your feelings about fragrances . Keep going 😉

Misan A says:

Aha… You also need to get your nose on Chergui by Serge Lutens. I am sure your subscribers (myself included) would love to get your take on it.

namo730 says:

You welcome 🙂 I am sure that you gonna love it. It is out of this world so good it is 🙂 And it has a great looking bottle too 🙂

MrThemorningsun says:

riss, are u single? i think ur so beautiful, u been with asian men before? ud love me. ur the kind of girl ive always wished for. ur so feminine..really drives me nuts.

RUSH73 says:

Very sexy voice

MichaelP7470 says:

Surprisingly the moss plays out rather well with the other notes actually. It was a must have juice at first sniff for me!

smaug says:

Awesome video, you have gained another subscriber, I love tobacco vanille it is on of my all time favourites, my favourite ever is spiritueuse double vanille by Guerlain, if you can, try it! And share your thoughts :)) keep the fragrance videos coming haha

namo730 says:

My favorite fragrance in my collection that i adore is xerjoff more than words. Try that and you will be in haven trust me. I own 65 fragrances and More than words is my number one . It is an unisex fragrance. I am a guy and i just love it.

Miro The king says:

you got a new subscriber!:)would you please smell (carrolina herrera ch men-chanel allure homme sport-bleu de chanel-la nuit delhomme-d&g the one)thank you my beautiful lady

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