The Gate Melipona Fragrance / Perfume Review


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Here is my fragrance review / perfume review of Melipona by The Gate Fragrances! Thank you for watching!

Black Opium Review w/ Carlos:

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Gents Scents says:

There’s a The Gate fragrance I need to review at some point in the near future. I’ve kind of been sitting on it for a long time. Good talking to you last night on the stream!

Wendy Yeong says:

hi, steve. love yoir reviews

Bernie777 says:

Another new one.Thanks

No NonScents says:

Great job brother!

Mr Sillage says:

*σε* *ευχαριστώ* *δάσκαλε*

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover says:


Ραφαηλ Μουζακης says:

Amazing video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrLuzzle says:

The bottle has this Acqua Di Parma/Mancera -esque look

Pedro Herrero says:

Bottle looks like Mancera, nice presentation. great video as always

William D'Alexander says:

Hey brother,, you just did a review with Carlos on valentino Uomo noir absolute….. I was curios if it’s anything like spicebomb extreme, because it sounds similar and the bottle is really reminiscent of spicebomb extreme?? I didn’t see vanilla in the notes however….. can you compare it to a few other designer’s so I can get an idea of it’s scent?? Or just do a review…. thank you

Pete TheHawk says:

Nice looking presentation

Julian Coryn says:

What do you think will be the next big thing in the fragrance world? (eg. Dior Sauvage, Creed Aventus) ?

pandora p says:

Congratulations on winning the name the notes @ TTV live stream, Professor! : )

JoeSCENTMe says:

I’ve always wanted to try The Gate fragrances. I hope some day I’ll be able to get my hands on their fragrances soon.

Serg S says:

That bottle presentation and that bottle tint is very nice. Might be too on the softer side for me but The Gate does have other great fragrances. Thank you for reviewing it Steven.

freddiefragz says:

Sounds interesting… thank for your efforts

fitz90 #malaysia says:

Wow! Such a good bottle!

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