Top 10 Best Oud Fragrances for Men and Women 2018

10 Oud Perfumes Attars Fragrances for Men and Woman Colognes
1:52 Atkinsons His Majesty the Oud
#10 2:53
#9 4:09
#8 5:05
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novak dz says:

There’s santal blush by Tom Ford, and 24 silver oud by platinum, I highly recommend, really nice perfumes.

SheaunnaGuary says:

I love the mystery of Oud especially in fall/winter

tshidiso tc says:

Will be waiting for your visit to South Africa

Taurean Girl says:

Welcome to Kenya Jeremy. You have really educated me on fragrances. Merci

Caller to *Allaah* Exalted & Most High. says:


Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert CAMACHO says:

Oud smells like my local crappy 7/11 owned by some indian or arab dude, sorry it gives me a headache it was creed royal oud, now Creed aventus is 1 million times better.

Kamran Khan says:

Yo jeremy sir is oud better than ather perfume oil based Minds a little lost My regards to you

sam n says:

Cheap fragrances there much better ones

karla ali says:

You didn’t mention TF oud fluer … its my favorite ..

Ammar Attab says:

You should make top 10 in arabic oud perfume

Mohd Azman Md Zakaria says:

Can you make a review for that al haramain?

Myownpersonaltruth says:

I managed to get a bottle of 24 gold today for £13.50

Scarlett Sulu says:

i love daring perfumes

Chera BeounA says:

just subscribed to him yesterday and tbh this is the best videos when you are looking for a new perfume .Love from india jeremy 🙂

John Paraskeyas says:

Hi from greece! What is your opinion adout Armani eau de nuit oud?

Alex Andreas says:

I’m so proud for being Indonesian that the best oud in the world is originally from Indonesia. Thanks a lot Jeremy for your information.

Nubian1800 Nubian1800 says:

Dear Jeremy, which Oud would you recommend for tropical climates?

Aries Almuddatshir says:

You sure they come from Indonesia? I’m Indonesian and never heard of them.

Meem Mc says:

Thank you for the video I was waiting for so long

abdulla khalil says:

Oud is the best smell you can ever wear. It is classy, sophisticated and sexy.

Kyle Stevens says:

I want to thank you for recommending Oudh 36 Nuit it is brutal long lasting. It allows me to conserve my 2012 Oud Ispahan

Leo Sigit Ginanjar says:

indonesia ❤

Ahab Rutherford says:

Loved the tobacco oud but on times it was way too ashtray on me, and since i am non smoker, it had to go.

Htc Desire HD says:

Tom Ford does not make authentic arabic oud fragrances, it is made for the white man and are overrated as well as overpriced.


What do you think about Oud minérale dear Jeremy?

danieal gogoi says:

If anyone need Oudh chips come to Assam( India).probably the best natural infected agarwood chips

Kamran Khan says:

Top man i will try take care and ther is alot 100ml less then a ton and i mean thers alot of different wuns five top saudi new wuns

Sigtyra says:

Fungus into the agarwood.
Not bacteria. ^^
Best sweet ouds come mainly from Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia.

Amel Fouad says:

do us top 10 musk perfumes for ladies .

Mutlaq Alqahtani says:

For me, I would say that Gucci Intense OUD is the best oud perfume for men.

Thank you for the vedio

Sandrika 86 says:

No Mancera? No Montale? Not even as a honorable mentions? I am surprised

MrRedsjack says:

I live in Cambodia we have purchase the wood directly from the Cambodian forest, we can export Agarwood oil of great quality with fair prices. I am looking for distributors or agents around the world. We can also sell the wood itself.

David Childers says:

No Creed? Creed Royal Oud is my favorite. Probably because it doesn’t really smell like oud.

Jeremy Fragrance says:

Oud is Magical. What your Favorite OUD Fragrance.

Dinesh Singh says:

What about Diptique Oud and Gucci Oud. I believe Diptique has to be in the list. What do you say?

Kyle Stevens says:

My favorites are Oud Ispahan, Oud Palao, Oudh 36 Nuit, Tobacco Oud, Oud Fleur, Aoud Vanile, Black to Black, Rose d’ Arabie, More than Words, Plum Japonais

Son of Israel says:

Man, I don’t even know what the hell are you talking about, simply enjoying watching you talk… lol!

Sajjad Alam says:

Jasar by Asghar Ali and Cerruti 1881 Black

TheLARRY14 says:

Hey Jeremy, Can You Do A Fragrance Review On Moody By Arabian Ouds. Definitely A Hidden Jewel.


Jeremy… try Kalemat Black…i dare you 😉 you have to. Versace eros and DG one are my fav top 3. Atm kalemat black is aside my top top best.

beautifulnew_u says:

I think you should be the next Bond 007!

samref98 says:

Original land of Agarwood (Oud) is Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, India, in addition to Indonesia and Malaysia.. Different types of tree in each country but same process of resin creation.

Anna - says:

I am your new sub, and watching your vids marathon. And sadly, i am Indonesian and since the first time i want to try oud (about last year) i still confused which oud perfume i am going to buy as mostly not available here in Jakarta. And it always a risk to buy pefume online without knowing the smell of it. But your review made me narrowing my option to… Santal Royal, LOL.

goodboybuddy1 says:

Thanks, Jeremy.

Kashew Azizsalh says:

Jeremy Do you like kilian ?

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