Top 10 Oriental Floral Perfumes

🖤Hello darlings! In today’s video, I will share my top 10 Oriental Floral perfumes!

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🖤Products mentioned:

212 Sexy

The One

Crystal Noir


Gucci Guilty

Signorina Misteriosa

Velvet Orchid

Heat Seduction


Good Girl

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milomazli says:

OMG!!! I was sooooo looking forward to thiiiiiis! You read my mind, girl! Thank youuuuuuuu
love your style! xoooo

Melissa Villanueva says:

I need to sniff Olympea. So many ladies on YT recommend that one!

Ashababy O says:

Great line up as always! Is Olympea discontinued?

Alicia Wedderburn says:

I purchased Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misterioso over the holidays however I haven’t used yet. I tried DG The One but I didn’t like it so I took it back. I’m going to try GG and JC Crystal Noir

Ania C says:

Lovely video! My day was made when I went into winners which is sort of like a tj maxx and Marshall’s and I purchased a dolce gabanna the one EDT version 100ml for 34.00$ I couldn’t believe it!!!! I actually prefer it over the edp you should check it out!

Lakeesha Johns says:

Something is wrong with my nose Rhonda I have these and I don’t smell any of that all I know is pretty scent and strong scent. Kmsl. You look gorgeous. I don’t like Tom Ford at all. I gave it away..

milomazli says:

Also, dear one, would you consider making a purely oriental perfume video?
Just yesterday I wondered into a perfume store (total accident, I know!!) and tried Givenchy’s Amarige, Ysatis and Organza. They took me on a JOURNEY. I think I trevelled back to past lives..!! As Givenchy is enormously expensive I dont know when can I get them, but I was definitely intrigued and would love to have your take on (see your collection of) purely oriental, spicey perfumes!

ps: I also already tried Samsara and Shalimar. Both very interesting, but I would love to see some novelty 😉 Hugs!

Tina Antwi says:

Love love your Channel, I am in my early 20s and I need an ultra sexy all season fragrance. Any suggestions?

DarlingNikki2 says:

I’m looking forward to trying the new Black Opium flanker Intense (I love the blue bottle) and the Flowebomb flanker called Midnight! No patchouli to be seen (a miracle!) and night-blooming jasmine which is the form of jasmine that I tolerate the most. I’d also like to try the new flanker to Dolce&Gabbana The Only One called The Only One 2 (it’s crazy how fast flankers come out LOL) as I didn’t care for The Only One at all. So many perfumes, so little time!

Owani Iroso says:

Im gonna get good girl next or Paco if i smell it first..i LOVE beast mode i wore mugler angel yesterday…to the gym cause i be doing too much lol

Victoria76239 says:

omg so weird you mentioned 212 Sexy because i just got it, literally couple of days ago lol. But i really like it, its very sweet and musky scent, it really IS sexy! i also own several other fragrances you mentioned-btw is it just me or does Olympia remind you of an Alien by TM?

Shay Ponts says:

Signorina Misteriosa is high on my list of future purchases. Crystal Noir was returned to Sephora because it didn’t agree with me at all. TFS!

marie1w says:

Rhonda you gotta smell Usher Femme its one of the most beautiful orientals I’ve ever smelled and so underrated.. HSN got it on sale now so try it out.

Tommie Thompson says:

I look forward to your videos yay! Good Girl and Olympea I gotta add to my list. I have 6 of theses 10 fragrances

Ivy Sapphire says:

I did not care for crystal noir….I tried, but its not for me. Velvet Orchis is very beautiful, but it doesn’t last on me…lol. I recently bought Carolina Herrera Legere, have you smelled that yet?

Rachel Seun says:

Gucci Guilty is actually a beast on me!! I love that scent and I leave a trail behind, people always tell me!

Carey Parks says:

Got the GG. Tomorrow I get it. Ordered it from Sephora. Can’t wait to use it

Antigoni Pafiou says:

Rhonda , is this the lumiere version of velvet orchid?

just1jyf says:

So I love daisy eau so fresh. What do you think about the eau so fresh twinkle? That smells good too. An I see they have a sunshine as well that I cant wait to smell. Have you tried that?

Owani Iroso says:

Love it! Gonna smell Versace crystal nior i have flowerbomb.
I have samples of gucci guilty.

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