Top 10 Serge Lutens Fragrances, Perfumes + Serge Lutens Boutique Visit | Best Serge Lutens Perfumes

Top 10 Serge Lutens Fragrances, Perfumes + Serge Lutens Boutique Visit
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Top 10 Serge Lutens Fragrances, Perfumes + Serge Lutens Boutique Visit

This is my Top 10 Serge Lutens Fragrances, Perfumes video. A video featuring my 10 favorite Serge Lutens fragrances which also includes a short video segment featuring a visit to the Paris Serge Lutens boutique in Paris, France. I first encountered Serge Lutens fragrances on a trip to Germany in 2010 and since then I have been a fan of Serge Lutens fragrances. And from this video you know that I am a fan as i own 11 total Serge Lutens fragrances. I like the way Serge Lutens fragrances smell but I feel it’s a polarizing brand and a brand that’s not so hyped in the fragrance community. I feel as though besides Chergui and perhaps Five O`Clock Au Gingembre the other Serge Lutens fragrance to get talked about much. But if you’ve been curious about this niche brand I highly recommend you check them out as they have some really awesome fragrances in their catalog of options. Please watch this video to find out all about my 10/11 favorite Serge Lutens fragrances and see where each ends up on the list.

Serge Lutens Fragrances Discussed:

Five O`Clock Au Gingembre
Muscs Koublai Khan
Five O`Clock Au Gingembre
Fille en Aiguilles
Bois Du Vanille
Fleurs D’Oranger
Ambre Sultan
Jeux De Peau
Feminite Du Bois

As always please watch, rate, comment and share this video and please subscribe to this channel if you haven’t yet. And please stay tuned for more videos and giveaways real soon! The Serge Lutens fragrances featured in this video are all fragrances I purchased myself for videos like this. The views and opinions on the Serge Lutens fragrances in this video are all my own. Please test these Serge Lutens fragrances on your own. Buy samples or decants to see if you like them. The fragrances I might like, you might not like and vice versa. So I can’t guarantee that you will react the same way to these Serge Lutens perfumes as I have reacted to them in this video. Thank you.

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david sugar says:

Just picked up my first surge lutens fragerance never smelled any before I got juex de Pueafor real cheap on fragersmfe net . Hopefully I will like it

Kologne says:

Great video Seb i agree filles is a classic smell best from line although I haven’t smelled fumerie yet.

Testing One Two Three says:

My very first SL was Feminite de Bois and I also bought it in Germany (Hamburg). This was also the first niche fragrance I bought. I find it very unique. Can you recommend other frags that has that sort of vibe? 🙂

bhaffar says:

Amardeen – Dried Apricot Paste – good stuff!

Muta - موتا says:


Foo B says:

Noted Feminite Du Bois. Thanks

lj6583 says:

Great list, Sebastian! Love this house. I have several from your list and a few different ones (Gris Clair, Santal Majuscule, Cedre). Thanks for the video!

Bernie777 says:

Very nice review of the house. From your descriptions I can get a sense of the house in general. Thanks again.

Derek Lap says:

Hey I love your videos! I am going to Paris in the spring and am on the hunt to buy something special. Any recommendations on boutiques or fragrances that are hard to find in the US but available in Paris?

Jim Tyrrell says:

JEUX DE PEAU arrived today what a delish ANISE COOKIE scent that works well even though Im not a licorice fan thanks for opening my eyes to this one as well JIM from MIAMI BEACH

RyzFragz34 says:

Fantastic list Seb!! So many more I want to add to my collection from this line. Thank you for the wonderful content:)

Sanjay Shah says:

Have you tried Chypre Rogue

Mary Kantor says:

Are you doing only men’s perfumes?

Amy Hebron says:

Love your videos! I am new to Frag Com and find your descriptions so informative. Other YTubers tend to say “smells good”, “sweet”, “sexy.” That doesn’t tell me anything!

Gabriel Garcia says:

Hi there Sebastian, I’m still waiting for a review on de profundis and dent de lait.

L K says:

Sebastian, i liked the part when you say “ you sold some to your friends” 🙂
selling to friends ! that is truly friendly gesture indeed . on the serious note, i always enjoy and appreciate your expertise, you are one very knowledgeable person

Doc Sportello says:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, very helpful.

Tubereuse Criminelle was my first Lutens fragrance. I absolutely love it and it is still my favourite.

Fille en aiguilles, Fleurs d’Orangers and Ambre Sultan are also in y rotation and are great too.

Samuel Gustav says:

Fille en Aiguilles is one of my favorite scents ever, btw it is on the list to go to a bell jar 🙁

Charlie Firpo says:

I have never smelled such an irresistible fragrance like Chergui ❤ Chergui is best fragrance in the world , no doubt ! It has this pithy special incomparable Tunisian fragrance of aesthetic charm that you can only smell in the heart of North Africa .. a fragrance that appeals to all senses ❤ try it and you will fall in love with chergui ❤

Neil L says:

Arabie is my favorite that I’ve tried.

tim rush says:

Rose de Nuit! But I think its only in the bell jar

Jim Tyrrell says:

thanks for another great review big fan of this house BOIS VANILLE is pretty nice but I like a number of vanillas better I admire ARABIE & FLEURS d’ORANGER as nice but Ive smelled better/cheaper orange blossom AMBRE SULTAN winds as my fave AMBER scent out of all of them! got grab a bottle of FUMERIE TURQUE not a fan of bottles that you must decant into an atomizer JIM TYRRELL

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