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Top 15 Amber Fragrances, Perfumes & Colognes

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Top 15 Amber Fragrances, Perfumes & Colognes

This is my Top 15 Amber Fragrances, Perfumes & Colognes video. I’ve been wanting to do a Top Amber Fragrances or Top Amber Perfumes video for quite sometime now but haven’t had the time or the amount of fragrances to add to the list up until now. So these are really some of the best amber fragrances and perfumes out there. I know there are plenty more Amber perfumes and fragrances but currently these are what I have in my collection and this list is perfect laid out with number 15 being perfectly set at number 15 and number 1 being really the number 1 amber fragrance.

Amber fragrances tend to usually be warm and spicy, Oriental and vanillic, resinous and sometimes woody composition of notes and I tend to love this style of fragrance usually. I’m drawn to the warmth of these notes and compositions together and I favor this style over others. Are you a fan of amber fragrances and perfumes?

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Jim R says:

Outstanding list, Seb. I recall you releasing your Top Amber list back under your Man Loves Cologne moniker and have been looking forward to seeing what you’re wearing nowadays. As for me…amber is a tough note for me to wear because it just comes across as being too feminine on my skin or for my tastes. However, I am really starting to love amber fragrances when done matched with a really heavy balsamic/incense vibe…and I have already loved it on the ladies.

Today I’m wearing Maitre Parfumeur Et Gantier Ambre Precieux. It pretty much sat on my shelf the past three years because I just wasn’t feeling the love toward amber scents. However, I rediscovered it this past Fall and wondered why I haven’t been wearing this one…it’s just gorgeous: amber, myrrh (I’m a huge incense and myrrh fan) and some vanilla; it just smells of quality. I picked up a 100ml of Ambre Precieux back in 2014 because it was selling for something like $75 on Fragrancenet. Good luck finding it for double the price nowadays. Anyway, I noticed they now have a few bottle and I look forward to you doing a side-by-side comparison. Moreover, I’m surprised this didn’t make your Top 5 because this one truly is a gorgeous fragrances…and it’s been around for almost 30-years. A classic IMO!

Although I have Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan I rarely wear it. It’s a terrific fragrance, no doubt, but it smells too foodie (like Indian food) and, while I love eating Indian food, I just don’t like wearing it on my skin. Shame! But this is where Mitzah hits a home-run IMO. I love this fragrance and, to me, it managed to have a very similar Ambre Sultan vibe without going into that gourmand territory…and I love it – also a Top 5 in my amber list.

Anyway, I’ve added Jovan Secret Amber to my Spring to-buy-list and hope to pick-up a bottle of Parfum d’Empire Ambre Russe as well. Enjoyed!

tom spann says:

Thanks for the review. I enjoyed. Tom

Maria Nery Neto says:

You should try Paris Mascate by Carven 🙂

Becky Ivary says:

Great list and fun to watch. Thanks.

Mark Harris says:

I just received my sample of Ambre Russe a couple days ago, but I haven’t tried it yet. Another decent (and cheap) amber is Man Amber by Halston. I’m sure it doesn’t compare in quality or performance to some of the others, but it is quite good, better than the low price might suggest. Finally, one other fragrance, which is an oil instead of a perfume, is Kalemat Amber. I actually wore that today and received a comment that the woman who smelled it said that it immediately took her back to when she attended a Catholic church and they’d burn incense, and that it gave her flashbacks of Jesus. I assume that was a good thing, but since she only referred to it as an “interesting cologne”, I can’t say for sure. All I know is that I love it. 🙂

Rex Maverick says:

Davidoff Amber Blend sweet and boozy amber

Ryan Huerta says:

ambre Preciux! love that one.

Mitchell Halpern says:

Just got my nose on Ambre Russe and agree fully with your review. Booze, amber, spice (Coriander seed?), tea, and leather all wafting in and out of prominence. Definitely on my “to buy” list…

Bassam Al Rubaye says:

Excellent list!! Amber one of my favorite notes.

munish bahri says:

Hey Sebastian how is the performance, projection, Sillage of ambre loup.please advice.thank you

bhaffar says:

Halston Man Amber is supposed to be a good cheapie but I’ve never smelled it – do you have any experience with it?

sabrina Rodriguez says:

im glad that you gave that example of the mfk grand soir smelling like the city lights of paris because i randomly give things like that a smell

edward gurango says:

Have you tried Akkad by Lubin?  The amber note is a bit too prominent the SO promptly appropriated it for herself, saying it’s too sweet for me! So that bottle is now hers.

Ana y el Perfume says:

Great list! My favorites amber scents, at this time, are: Ambre Sauvage by Annick Goutal, Ambre Loup by Rania J., LDDM by Andy Tauer, Ambre 114 by Histoires de Parfums, Garuda by Jul&Mad (in love with almost all of their offerings).

ForeverFragrantKid says:

Fantastic list Sebastian! I love when you do these vids!

Siavash Ahmadi says:

Ambre 114 ???

RayRay PooteyTang says:

My favorite Amber frag is Halston Man Amber! Very very sexy cause it smells great!!

Josue Ramirez says:

Hey sebastian Is ambre loop similar to Amber absolute? If not what’s the closest to Amber absolute you’ve tried?


Great list! My favorite amber fragrances are: Ambrarem by Histoire de Parfums, Ambra Aurea by Profumum Roma and Opus VI by Amouage.

Derek Greene says:

Love your list Sebastian!!! I’m so disappointed that they discontinued Mitzah…I have a decant that I use carefully but man I would to have a full bottle! God bless and be safe

uesjd says:

Have you tried Kalemat by Arabian Oud? I think it’s a terrific amber fragrance.

Chang Liu says:

Great video ! I’ll definitely try your top choices here in Paris since I love amber scent. May I ask if you’ve tried Amber Blend (Davidoff) ? I’ve just heard about it, interestingly we cannot find Davidoff here in Paris in general (apart from Cold water). Thank you.

Roman George says:

Come on Sebastian Tom Ford Amber Absolute doesn’t worth being in the top 15, It is to me the Greatest Amber ever made.

Pedro Herrero says:

Exceptional List

Nadir Omara says:

There is a limited edition of Ambre Precieux called Ultime issued 2014. It is richer b/c of the addition of incense. Nevertheless, Ambre Loup and Ambre d’Carthage are a cut above the rest. I would add Amouage’ Opus VI and Ambra Aurea by Profumum Roma. Great collection and thanks for sharing 🙂

Rafael Balarezo says:

Tom Ford Amber Absolute and Xerjoff More than Words, both are great Amber fragrances

DeAundrey Everett says:

Brother have you smelled Houbigant Royale or Intense? If so what’s your opinion on the fragrances? Thanks

Joji H says:

Awesome video as always~! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Beata Dufresne says:

I loved seeing your favorite Ambers! I took notes on a few of them, but I really shouldn’t be buying any more ambery scents! Have you ever tried Ambre a Sade by Nez a Nez? it’s very boozy and delicious! 🙂

Diego Feliper says:

Great list Sebastian.

Catherine Fraser says:

Not my favourite note but I do have my loves. MPG Ambre Precieux, SL Ambre Sultan, and Ambre Russe. Rania is lovely too.

Rab B says:

Ambra Aurea Profumum Roma

Sherrin Hearn says:

I am loving Amber Absolutely by Fort and Manle (Aussie brand) at the moment. I have their Harem Rose which gives POAL a run for it’s money. Amber A will be my next fb purchase. You have a great collection by the way!

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