Top 3 Amouage fragrances for women | Oriental niche perfumes

A detailed analysis of Amouage Interlude, Jubilation and Reflection ! Samples from (They have exceptional service and quality !)


1. Indo Hokke Hotel

Virayatan Road, Near Viraytan, Rajgir, Bihar 803116
06112 255 245

Other location mentioned: Nalanda University Ruins, Rajgir


Tariq Baig says:

Good Nikhil Bro, what a review love it. as i love Amouage

Jim R says:

I own several bottles from Amouage but I’ve never put my nose on any of their offerings for the ladies. I will have to check these out for sure.

Lady Magnolia says:

I am 16 and love Jubilation 25 extrait.

Silk Manner says:

been waiting for this !

Crown Jewel says:

Phenomenal review! Thanks for giving special attention to women’s fragrances. Keep them coming.

Dylan says:

I don’t do honey in fragrance but interlude woman, strong, strong honey scent and I love it. In fact I’m going to use it for my SOTD on Tuesday.


Great vid! You have such an interesting personality.

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Amouage Interlude for women
can be unisex ? Now you got my
interest. I never sampled it.I will
Nick, sample Fragrance du Bois
Oud Rouge Intense. It’s somewhat
like Jubilation XXV. Their Oud Juane
has a nice jasmine. Going to sample
some of the Amouage for women.
They sound incredible .
Keep having fun my friend.

Splash Fragrance India says:

Woah !!! Thats such a amazing video shot Nikhil !!
I personally love Amouage Jubilation 25 Women for it gives me the vibes of Roja Diaghlev parfum… Is it only my nose or you too find some common accords…

Alex Medesan says:

After smelling all women’s variations from Amouage, I can say I like most Memoir, Interlude (more than men’s), Gold (I’m a sucker for vintage), Lilac Love and Braken. They don’t feel as oriental or as artistic as the men’s, but they are lovely nonetheless. Thanks for the review. Cheers!

Salete Cembrani says:

I love Amouage dia!

william hawkes says:

looking sharp regardless brother. great video!

Samuel Gustav says:

Nikhil you are our fragrance poet 😀

Mr k says:

Now here we have someone who has something different to offer. No disrespect inteded to any other reviewer.

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