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marco cancemi says:

You need to try Amoage line or Montale

WildDoveX says:

I love orientals also, but I love somethings in just about all categories. Patchouli makes a fragrance oriental for me. A touch of saffron, Indian jasmine, oud.  For a light patchouli oud, try Creed Royal Princess Oud. Royal Oud (unisex) is also first-class.

Yasmine Saih says:

I love both orientals and florals, so I guess I can be your friend and your mom’s friend in the same time, haha. Great video! By the way what happened with the giveaway?


I’m a total Alien person too, but I have many perfumes and recently I’m totally hooked on Guerlain .Their fragrances have this depth that I’ve never smelled in any other perfumes.I use Shalimar and Samsara often- I’d love to here your opinion on the Samsara, it smells very mysterious and unique to me.I have so many perfumes on the wishlist, like Coco by Chanel and Must de Cartier – they are amazing! Do you have a perfume wishlist or you buy what you’re in a mood for at the moment?

Thomas Jacobs says:

I love perfumes! I like oriental and oriental vanilla but also like gourmands as well. If I were a perfume, I’d be Back to Black by Killian. I love a tobacco note and honey. I’m saving up to by his (By Killian) Rose Oud—it’s extraordinary! Thanks for the video and I’ll always watch your perfume videos.

LaMesha Hale says:

I am curious if you wear these in the summer or year round? & you are Breathtakingly Beautiful!!!

Scarlett Hunt says:

Mila how tall are you? Why are you not a model?

Yassiria Hernandez says:

Me and my mom are very different as well but I still love her

LaMesha Hale says:

And I love hearing how you compare you & your moms differences. It lets us know that if we have her same taste in fragrances, we may or may not like your choices. 🙂 Thanks for sharing

danielle says:

Did you tried Jean Paul Gaultier “Classique”? But edt. Edp is much different, but it’s nice, too. It is very sexy fragrance. It screams sex. 🙂 My husband adores it.

Fashion Lover says:

Please,make more videos about PERFUMES/FRAGRANCES,and also about MEN FRAGRANCES-your favorites,your low-rated,etc. :)))

Tops Secombe says:

Alien was my signature for a long time but I’ve recently got samples of Alien Oud and Alien Essence Absolue and I love them! I love Noir de Noir by Tom Ford too which is along the same lines. Love your videos! X

Maria D. says:

Have u tried Aura from Mulger and Good Girl by Carolina Herrera….And yes we do care when u talk about ur mom cuz its a part of u!! Love the perfume videos!

Becky H says:

are you russian?

Kiara Akina says:

love oriental too. i find that oriental lasts longer on me. next would be woody musk and chypre

Ms. ASMaRvel says:

I ordered a sample of the Acqua di Parma and I can’t wait to try it. I trust your taste lol I’m crazy about Poison by Dior (I know its OLD) but have you smelled the Esprit de Parfum version? It’s so complex and divine!

Susana Minkalis says:

You are simply a beautiful soul inside and out, it’s so evident! Truly enjoyed your channel and your content and love your sense of humor! Thanks for sharing this with us! Have a Blessed Evening!

Lori Laws says:

All of those choices are good! I am an oud fanatic and never met one I didn’t like! 🙂

Just Add Light says:

So wonderful to see such a unique contrast in preferences Mila. I can imagine some people thinking, “how can such a beautiful woman enjoy a barnyard oud?” Does not compute…does not compute…. LOL But seriously, if I walked past a woman wearing colonia oud, I just might break my neck. So alluring.. so séduisant… Je suis une ventouse pour les parfums orientaux. Surtout sur une femme forte!

Curly Curls says:

Great video!!! I am starting to love Oud fragrances.

Marianne Moy says:

Thank you for this new suggestion. Based in your picks, I think that you might enjoy
Guerlain’s Santal Royal.

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