Understanding Oriental Fragrances

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– PARFUMS DE MARLY OAJAN: https://www.so-avant-garde.com/collections/parfums-de-marly-masculine-arabian-collection/products/oajan-by-parfums-de-marly

Oajan, Eau de Parfum is a sumptuous gourmand delight that projects majestic power and sophisticated, exotic taste.

A deliciously spiced gourmand that opens with spicy cinnamon and rich, warm labdanum. The beauty of this fragrance is embellished in the heart through the creamy warmth of benzoin, tonka and vanilla sweetened by sumptuous honey. Rich and lovely, Oajan is a mouthwatering gourmand delight.

– TIZIANA TERENZI ECSTASY: https://www.so-avant-garde.com/collections/tiziana-terenzi-classic-collection/products/ecstasy-extrait-de-parfum-100ml-by-tiziana-terenzi

A mystical fragrance, original with a strong personality. Opens with a punch of Frankincense, becomes kinder with creamy white flowers, ends with intensity and depth.
Frankincense, Jasmine, Bakur, Oud

– LALIQUE NOIR PREMIER OR INTEMPOREL: https://www.so-avant-garde.com/collections/lalique-shared-noir-premier-collection/products/noir-premier-or-intemporel-edp

1888 represents the date of birth of the house of Lalique. The day when René Lalique registered his hallmark, made up of his initials and a stylized sword, to be stamped on the gold designs produced by his studio.

With Or Intemporel, Lalique offers its olfactory interpretation of the precious metal… Two deliciously addictive main notes, tobacco and coffee, blend to conjure both the opulence of gold and the fascination it has always held for mankind. The intense, unusual accord is textured with hot and cool spices (cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper) which expresses the contrast between the sunny glow of gold and the metal’s coldness. Vanilla and tolu balsam, bolstered with a dash of patchouli, add rich, tender golden hues to the dusky palette.

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Lotus Eater says:


drewski5150 says:

More of this type of thing, please, Cody!

Loredana Adriana says:

I would really love to make this a series , i love the way you explain , it’s very easy to understand

Frank G says:

Hi Cody. Great video. Another one of my favorite genres of fragrances and I enjoyed your take on these.

imran masran says:

love the video Cody. Can you please suggest some orientals from the designer perfumes based on your 3 classifications? The niche perfumes you mentioned are not accessible in my area. Much love from Malaysia cheers

Mountain Man says:

This should be a series.

Senior JP says:

I agree with Mountain Man. Please do a series and make these kind of videos about all categories of the fragrance wheel. There are too little educational videos in the fragrance community IMO.

Arden Powers says:

Nice overview Cody !
Enjoy your Labor Day ! 🙂

Saab Replay says:

Really appreciate your work Cody. Keep up the fine work. ANDY

Hasan Fahim says:

Nice video however it’s still not clear as to what makes a fragrance being categorized as oriental?

Rick Rubinoff says:

Great video. You are definitely right up there with the top tier fragrance reviewers!

Marvin Leach says:

Hope this is the beginning of a series covering the main fragrance “classifications”…. it’s a fantastic idea

Keith Montgomery says:

Thank you very much for this video. It is very informative and I appreciate the link to what appears to be an excellent company that I didn’t know existed

aaron luke says:

Awesome video!

daniel adi susanto says:

like this

Redolessence says:

Excellent video, Cody! Well done!

AnyoneButMe says:

Great vid. I would love to see a “understanding fresh and floral fragrances”.


Solid video as always. Not a fan of half the videos being integrated with a sponsor but hey, there are other youtubers I can enjoy as well I suppose to build balance. Solid video as always!

Beni Shtitarica says:

Very good video… what do you think please about, acqua di parma colonia oud,do you like it? What about projektion a
And longevity ,and wich ist the time best to wear, in Summer evenings?

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