Zara Accord No. 2 Oriental

Another great Zara fragrance, Zara Accord No.2 Oriental.
This is supposed to be a female fragrance, but it is very unisex.
Dusty vanilla with a touch of oriental spices and woods.
Great cheap perfume from Zara!


James Underwood says:

Hi Ifi, Great review and thanks for sharing. Regards James Underwood

Fuzail Malik says:

Hey Ifi, please do a review on Rasasi Daarej and Rasasi Shurah, i find my taste in fragrances similar to yours and it would be great if you review it. Hope you like it

Manu Haber says:

Ifi, again. Answer me. You are not Jeremy already. Kun Mukhtalifan or Dirham??? And the best in this zaRa line, far, is Accord Woody #3. Far.

Fat Boy fragrance says:

Your my favorite reviewer hands down. Great vid.

Daniel San! says:

I didn’t know about that from Zara! 🙁

6543musicman says:

Have you checked out Alexandria fragrances? Apparently they have great cheap clones of niche and designers such as better preforming versions of CH men, La Nuit de L’Homme and Mandarino Di Amalfi (according to reviews I’ve read). Great vid btw

Batphink Reynolds says:

The bottle resembles the new Top range line from Givenchy or is it Armani? I like some Zara frags I LOVE ‘Lisbon’ a gorgeous super fresh Aquatic but it only lasts about 4 hours however for the price I’d buy it again if I can find it. Good clip bro!

Rizky Ananta says:

Hmm..another nice zara fragrance.

Abdullahbaig Baig says:

Congrats 7k subscriber

MarCo says:

Hi Ifi, great review as usual! Which Zara store in Bucharest did you visit to get this fragrance? Keep up the good work!

David Peters says:

hi ifi, is it in your opinion a summer or winter fragrance?


Hi mate..dont know if you did try Yodeyma perfumes..they are coping designer frags and those are great tested Root/ Hermes tere d hermes…Caraibien/Doir Souvage and Platinum/ Invictus..and those are spot on and last forever…try them they are great.

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