Zara Perfumes How Good Are They? Zara Fragrance Haul

A first haul of Zara perfumes, that consists of some of the best Zara fragrances for men and women.

Zara Perfumes mentioned:
Zara Vibrant Leather
Zara Aromatic Future
Zara Aquatic Mind
Zara Femme
Zara 7.0
Zara 8.0
Zara Red Vanilla
Zara Y Collection
Zara Pour Homme IV

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Composed: By Ender Güney


jhors says:

Thank-you for posting this Ionut! I appreciate and value your opinions!

Giordan Quesada says:

Great video Ifi. Please try the W/END collection, they are amazing, especially “til 3:00 am” (yeah, that’s the name). Lovely fragrance, very creamy, sexy and uplifting. You can find it along with its brother “Till 12:00 am” in the same box for about 20 euros, 100 ml each! Keep it up bro!

jovial Jothi Prasanth says:

Plz gave d link to buy in India…plz plz…! Like take it 2 day site for flavia brand..

Joe Luke says:

Once again, Ifi strikes again! I definitely agree with you on the Aromatic Future vs Armaf Ventana statement….Armaf’s version is by far the BEST clone of Dior Sauvage! I have owned Zara AF and La Rive Extreme Story, and I think Ventana blows them both out the water. I haven’t bought a bottle of it yet, but it is on my to buy-list in the near future thanks to Ifi’s video review.

In my opinion, Armaf Ventana smells 97% the same as Dior Sauvage, BUT the 3% is due to it being a little smoother….so actually, I prefer Ventana over Sauvage. Say what you want, that is my opinion from a half of day of comparing the two frags. I honestly think 99.5% of people won’t be able to tell a difference, and the performance is JUST as good as Sauvage whereas Aromatic Future and Extreme Story lacked significantly. Aromatic Future is just too metallic and Extreme Story is too sweet (literally 40 minute longevity).

And I’m currently wearing Y Collection as I type this comment. I’m shocked how close Zara got to La Nuit! It is a tad bit more spicy than La Nuit, with the original having more of a sweet smell (little more depth as well)….but without having them side by side, you would think this is La Nuit, no doubt about it.

tasin hasan says:

Hlw broo i am Tahsin Rahman.. i live in Bangladesh i need to Zara zara w/end till 3:00am plz tell me About..

anotherFragranceReviewer says:

Check out Ambre Noble! A lot of Noir de Noir vibes, lovely rose and amber scent

Jay Romasanta says:



Pls pls pls provide link to buy one of those

Bunny bun bun says:

I sprayed my tongue. It helped the projection and longevity! Haha

p celan says:

Hey, you look so cool just like Rambo 😀 I have both red vanilla and femme, they’re my favorites from Zara. I’ve tried the EDPs trust me, the performance is not better, just a trick to sell them more expensive. In the case of more affordable frags like Nautica, I think is better to go for the real deal since the price is not so different, but is a good choice instead of a super expensive one like aventus. Hope one day they improve projection and longevity. Good video man, please make a part 2!

kluan dumply says:

thanks . great video man! do you know Zara Sport pour homme which original perfume imitation? i love it but zara version is not permanent. i need oroginial one of this perfume

Just Add Light says:

Tone Indeterminee, Ambre Noble, Orange Zest, D collection and Norrland are probably my favourites. Those frags ALONE comprise a well-rounded collection that can be had for under 100 bucks. Unbelieveable. If I had known about Zara when I first started my journey nearly 2 years ago, I probably would have done just that – built a diverse, starter collection for cheap to help develop my nose and moved on from there. It also helps when your gf isn’t yelling at you for spending too much on frags hehe.

Sanjay Singh says:

Request you to Please bring some cheap affordable potent oud fragrances.
Really waiting for it

David Peters says:

hi ifi, love the rambo look definitely suits you, great professional video as usual, very informative and honest, and what i like is that you never push us in one direction or another you always leave the decision to try to us your subscriber’s

Shredz United & Aesthetics Crew says:

Zara 9.0 is a great one

Jim R says:

I actually enjoy their “original” creations better than many of their clones…certainly worth checking out for the price. Enjoyed!

Abrakadabra Hokus Pokus says:

I subscribed because of this video. Zara is good and cheap.

Ernest S says:

Zara 8.0 has got an amazing projection, is long lasting great fragrances, I’ve got zara 9.0 too and I truly recommended this both

Filipe says:

I buy a lot of Zara fragrances , because in my country (Portugal) Zara fragrances costs 10€/20€ , and armaf i must get online and have crazy prices like Club Nuit Intense 60€ online lol

javier lugo says:

Great review, keep up the great work looking forward to more of your videos.

Shave- a-thon says:

I think Zara might be doing what some other houses that issue clones are doing – frequent reformulations. Some are stronger and some are weaker. Rich Warm Addictive and Intense Dark Exclusive are out again and some are saying they’re weaker. I’ll have to see for myself as I’m sorry I never bought IDE. I did get RWA 2 years ago, though. There’s a bunch of new ones you should look into.

KillaFrags says:

Great video man! I really need to get my hands on some of these 🙂

Grace Aomsuay says:

Thanks to shared

calvin0416ny says:

I think Zara perfumes are $20 in the US. At that price, I’d much rather get a proper perfume from Armaf. Zara perfume gives me the impression of cheap thrills which in my opinion, wasteful.

TheHugoWay says:

Great review as always Ifi! Straight to the point

Khulekile Zungu says:

where can i get the ZARA LILY PAD IN Durban

avgrim77 says:

Do you own any niche? I own about 12 Zara fragrances. Some doubles. I have 2 blue spirit (invictus) clone. I also have the JPG ultra male clone.

midgetghost says:

Orange Zest is very nice scent in my opinion and only 10$ in special price right now, in combo with Deep Fougere, Midsummer Collection pack.

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