#1 MOST COMPLIMENTED PERFUME | L de Lolita Lempicka Review + Perfume Haul

OMG I finally found it!!! I’m floating in gourmand perfume heaven…

Fragrances mentioned:
L de Lolita Lempicka
Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur
L’erbolario Meharees
Les Senteurs Gourmandes Laurence Dumont – Tendre Madeleine

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shuvanidev says:

I love this one as well. I got a mini and fell in love with it and it was dc’d just after I bought my full bottle. Why they dc’d this fragrance – which I think was one of their most popular fragrances – I will never know and it really peeves me. I agree with you on it’s totally similarity with Musc Ravageur. I tend to not want to wear it because it’s becoming so hard to find which is sad beyond comprehension. But I found one beautiful bottle of the oil extrait buried behind the hair products at a discount store last summer – I never even knew they made an oil extrait of it. I think was something like $7! I couldn’t believe my good fortune!! I LOVE the boxes that the mini’s came in. I didn’t get that kind of a cute box with my mini. 🙂

Fatty Boombalatty says:

Nice! The boxes are soooooo cute!! To me it smells like a sweet smoked vanilla and it’s just gorgeous. Now I need to cop a back up bottle as I didn’t even know it was discontinued.

Cynthia Ava says:

Too bad it’s like, over $200. 🙁

Free Spirit says:

The packaging and the bottles are so adorable. Glad you found a lost love ; )

Casually Fragrant says:

The minis are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never smelt this scent before, but keep hearing it’s amazing – after watching your video I’m even more interested in trying to find it now! LOL!

helen abelardo says:

wow, what a haul!

a kazzuo says:

That perfume is amazing.

Annica says:

I love this one. I’m halfway through my second bottle. I’m happy that I bought a backup before it was discontinued. So I still have an unopened box with a full sized bottle.
Like you – I wore it so much that I was a bit tired of it. After a few years I tried it again. Both my daughters went crazy – “Oh it smells like you did when we where younger and you where getting ready for an event”.
I also have FM Musc Ravageur, but I don’t really get any similarity between the two.
Watching your video before getting ready for work Friday morning. Now I know for sure what scent to wear for work today!!

I love the opening of this perfume as I get a salty note with all the sweetness. Just wonderful. I don’t get any liquorice on my skin.
I also have 3/4 of a bottle of Lolita Lempicka in the purple apple bottle. That one has a much too strong liquorice note for me. But I have not worn it for some years. Got to try it again soon, as my nose might have changed.

Love the bottles – but I’m glad I store my frags in a dark closet in my bedroom so they keep for a long time. But the L by Lolita should really be on display. The bottle is just the cutest!

Oh and “hello”, I have not commented before. I watch all your videos and really love your channel!!

/Annica in Sweden

J Copeland says:

A fun little review! Glad you rediscovered this one.

Oksana Ksu says:

soooo cuuute!!!)))) I have one miniature of “L” just like those ones, but I will keep it as a souvenir. It’s sad that they’ve discontinued the most original scents… I’ve just finished my “fleur defendue”…

Mrs Press says:

I can’t believe you found this, much less that many! I’ve never tried it, but it gets compared to a couple of fragrances that I love, so I’m sure I’d like it.

Fatima says:

Je kunt een winkel beginnen; ))))))

bibit says:

I’m with you 100%! This is sooo delicious 😀 I’m happy to say that I own a bottle that is currently in use, and another, unopened 50ml , waiting in my perfume closet! Congrats with a super great find!

barbara mensah says:

Where Did you buy it

Cynthia Ava says:

The juice is different colors in different bottles: yellow, brown, or blue like this one. Do you know why?

Amy Leonhardt says:

The cake packaging is so adorable. I want to try this; I’ve never seen it in stores. One of my favorites is Lolita Lempicka. I do like Lira.

Sjaak De Vries says:

Cheapie hoarding, I’m liking this new Arlene.

Bethany-Faith says:

Waar heb je ze gevonden dan???

Fatima says:

De L geeft mij hoofdpijn jammer genoeg.

Fatima says:

Ja man de appel verpakking is zo mooi komen ze met een strakkere “fkacon”.

Be Honest says:

Oh, you lucky duck! I have been looking for this fragrance for a while too! I didn’t know you were also looking for it. I love you; you’re so awesome! I’ve heard people describe the bottle as a “Little Mermaid” bottles because of the little net that was draped over the larger bottles. I got some Violette Angel on Ebay earlier this year, and it’s always such a thrill to find these little treasures. Congratulations!!

barbara mensah says:

Will you do A giveaway lol

Pamela Seithel says:

OMG ….. You must have been wearing Magic socks.

paulina gluch says:

I love L by Lolita i have one confection

Danyellow says:

I’ve been looking for that for so long as well – lucky girl!

Elizabeth V says:

I am so jealous- I have the perfume oil, I would love the edp! Sell one little bitty bottle to me?? I am happy you found it- enjoy

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