5 Back to School fragrances | 2017

5 Fragrances for people returning to school!



kccrownedking8 says:


Marco says:

Could you recommend a coffee scented fragrance that isn’t tacky and overpriced but can last for a day? I want to smell like Starbucks.

Jim R says:

Forget Invictus Aqua….Rasasi Hawas is much better, cheaper, and a superior fragrance in this scent genre IMO. Other goods one’s (considering budget) would be Bvlgari Aqva Amara, Reyane Insurrection II Pure, Perry Ellis 360 Red, Versace Pour Homme and Zara RIch Warm Addictive. Cheers.

MacMen says:

Hmm where did you get that shirt?

nach sol says:

Hi cody!
Are you going to review un jardin sur le Nil?

Carlos Garcia says:

Thank you Cody for sharing your experience with fragrances with us I love your videos

Frank G says:

Great video Cody. Like the picks. My top 5: 1) B men-Thierry Mugler. 2) Rich Warm Addictive-Zara. 3) Versace Man-Versace. 4) Leather Blend-Davidoff. 5) Thallium-Yves De Sistelle.

Evan R says:

If you’re shopping for back to school fragrances, then there’s also a strong chance that you’re broke as fuck. If that is the case, give Perry Ellis a look… specifically: 360 Red, Perry Ellis ‘m, and’ even 360 Black a look. They’re all pretty inoffensive (Red is a compliment monster) and can cover you for hot and cold weather. All can be found for way less than $20, depending on bottle size.

Michael King says:

Pitbull Cuba Man is pretty great to consider. A spicier Chrome or CK One with Pitbull Man’s open. Also if Invictus Aqua is a little too hard to find, maybe stick with Antonio Banderas King of Seduction or Rasasi Hawas. King of Seduction is across between Invictus Aqua as Usher for Him and can be found under $25USD. Rasasi Hawas for men can be found in the 50/60 dollar range but it is Invictus and Invictus Aqua with a Joop Homme like mid. It is an EDP but isn’t too strong.

theroblou56 says:

You won’t find Invictus Aqua anywhere for less than $75.

tokekkk says:

Invictus Aqua is discontinued 🙁

Sampson G says:

Invictus Aqua is discontinued now so it is hard to find. I did see it in a duty free store at the airport though.

Tal says:

elementary school??? lol

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