Best Colognes for Summer Time 2018

Top 10 Best Mens Fragrances for Summer
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Ali Naqi Abbasi says:

You look similar to Tom Cruise brüder !

selenami27 says:

Just got the Aqva Amara, wife loves and and so do I!

Schwarzenegger Aesthetics says:

A&F First Instinct, JPG Superman or Rasasi Hawas? I’m 17 years old and searching for a great summer scent to wear in my freetime.

Mohammad Imtiaz says:

#3 is little beat expensive for me and has less ounce than #1. #1 is cheap and has more ounce? Btw, if I use a perfume bottle everyday, how long it will last? Will it be last for at least 4 months?

flex says:

appreciate ya

عبدالله العلياني says:

مرحبا أشكرك سيد جيرمي على قناتك الرائعة والمفيدة أتمنى منك الترجمة للعربية لفيديوهاتك وتقبل احترامي وتقديري

Yadiel Lopez says:

Dude I think you’re awesome! Love your videos and how you beak down all the fragrances. Great job man!

Dovid Trencher says:

Do fragrances attract bugs?

G2010J says:

What’s the best cologne to wear if you are just casual? Nothing strong. Something one can wear when you’re out at the store, church, theme parks, etc.

MrMarsvin1 says:

Found it, its Rasasi Hawas

eldred Fornah says:

Because of your reviews I have been a sex symbol in the office and I’m a fat guy!

MrMarsvin1 says:

Hello Jeremy, I could not catch the name of nr. 6. Try to search Grazzazi Hadas, Ravazi Havas, impossible to find. Could you please be more explicitly clear in you vlogs what the name is of the products you present. Most of them I can catch but many time I have a very hard time to understand what fragrance you are talking about as the names are probably so obvious to you, but not for every one else.

Steph R says:

I love this guy. . nothing phoney or cheap

Ameer Saleh says:

Dior sauvage for the summer ?!!!!
It’s too strong

Louis Neese says:

I would love to see a top 10 “budget” cologne list.

islem laouadi says:

thank you for video in arabic

James Walker says:

I keep coming back to this videos because it just has me thinking. I like his videos but for me I don’t give up the secret because for me the fun is in the discovery in my opinion. I take colognes seriously and when I shop I use the testers and take them home and then make my decision.

Julian Kabus says:

Ich feier den Typen irgendwie einfach 😀 Abonniert!

ohans twist says:

Hey bro u made me buy blue de channel lol not bad

KentMichael says:

You are German

James Walker says:

Hey guys for me I don’t care about so much about the cologne and more so on how to wear them. Like for me when at home I will do a skin dry down but that’s on my personal time but if I know I’m gonna be out I will spray prep. Which is I will spray on the inside of my shirt in armpits and on the inside of the kneck and let dry down that way. Then when you get dressed you are letting your body heat do the heavy lifting for you and the scent will come off more subtle because no one likes to be around a person who doesn’t know how to wear a cologne. Just try my technique and let me know. Always spray on the inside of shirts on the kneck and the armpits of shirts let your body heat do the heavy lifting and think about it you want the fragrance to work from the inside out vs just spraying onto your clothes and basically just wasting the scent because by time your body heats up through your clothes most of the cologne has evaporated. Let’s just say we are baking the scent and this will work on cheap cologne too. How many of us have liked the cologne and then bought it only to say it’s terrible because it didn’t smell the way it did on the other guy including myself? Well I guarantee you it’s because you didn’t spray correctly.

FARI 7 says:


Yiannis Zonia says:

Hey Jeremy, awesome channel! You really motivated me getting into the fragrance world! I only have 2 subscriptions and you are the 1! I wanted to ask you, what are your top 3 vanilla fragrances? Regardless of their price. Thank you!

danni girl says:

Hey Jeremy! Can you tell me how long does Bleu de Chanel lasts? I’m looking for good summer scent for bf they last good amount of time

Im Estia says:

I’m new to this channel can someone explain me what makes a good summer perfume and a good winter perfume?
And what does he mean mas appeal? Masculine appeal?

Darnell Jones says:

YSL is pretty good too. I’m surprised it wasn’t on his list. That’s what I’m wearing now. But JPG is my favorite!! Women go crazy over that fragrance!!!

Jawon Chance says:

SOTD: Prada L’homme

rdwoodw says:

So…in this video you say that ADG Parfumo is for evenings and in another video you said it was a good work fragrance. Which is it?

Sahar Almufti says:

Welcome back happy to have you again ❤️

ProHeid TBH says:

What fragrances would be best going on a summer vacation, but also clubbing in the evening?

Mohammad Imtiaz says:

Which one was better #1 or #3? I want a stong, long lasting all ocaasion and all season perfume not just for summer. So which one can I use for all season #1 or #3 in the list?

مارد Km says:


Ashwin Chawla says:

you should create your own fragrance!!

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