Best High School & College Fragrances! | Back to School 2017

Here we go again… With back to school right around the corner, here’s the 4th annual guide to the best High School and College scents. For those that wanna be the best smelling kid on campus check this out!


Cool Water:












YSL L’HOMME: Contact MAX – OR I have brand new 200ml bottles for $80.00 US Shipped!


JPG Ultra Male:

A&F First Instinct:

VERSACE DYLAN BLUE: I have brand new 3 piece gift sets – comes with 100ml EDT Dylan Blue + Shower Gel + money clip – $70 US shipped!



Enjoy the picks and great deals – share in the comment section below what are your most prized scents to rock in high-school or college…

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Red Salmon says:

$100 will set you up for all seasons. All great picks. Except Animal Anima! Get Cuba Prestige. Much better scent than A men.

Ankit Kapadia says:

Awesome choices guys !! How about ultra violet from pacco rabanne

Big Daddy says:

Can you confirm whether or not Cool Water has been recently reformulated back up to a stronger fragrance than its been for the last several years?

Michael King says:

Nice video. I think Pitbull Cuba Man is another for students. It is one that smells like Chrome and CK One but with a bit more modern spice.

M Shlock says:

Minimum age for men’s scents is a true teenager. Very good selections, basically a best versatile cheapies video, w/a couple of interesting exceptions, but… Wow Max, what are you doing to your inarticulate son? He doesn’t know any better, but you!? Not being mean but he’s a kid!

Why do people KEEP recommending Nautica Voyage? It’s CARP! Save money on Cool Water, that’s sold in bulk at drug stores now, and buy Aspen? LOL, OK. I am pleasantly surprised how cool looking and GOOD the Thaliums are for the money! Animale Animale (NOT to be confused with “Animale,” singular) is great stuff too. Of course Individuel is stunning for everyone. CK Shock would double or triple their sales if they got rid of that stupid labeling. Never actually smelled the Jordan stuff. Versace Pour Homme I can live without. Avant Garde is FANTASTIC although performance is average. YSL L’Homme… meh. Spicebomb is too expensive and not for kids. Ultra Male is actually OK in small doses. First Instinct ain’t bad… but buy it on sale. I haven’t made my mind up about Dylan Blue but it’s well liked. Ferragamo F Black is also OK for the money if not a tad synthetic. Perry Ellis Red I’ve never invested in myself.

Zachary Fagan says:

Just yesterday I was wondering when you would post this, I actually am thinking about getting armaf tres nuit, before I get it do you think it would be a good compliment for my collection,(I am 15 btw with a more classic wardrobe )it has spicebomb, f black by Salvatore ferragamo, and Bentley intense. I have been not really able to get a fresh into my collection. I really like the notes of tres unit but I never smelled it, would it be safe and good. I have not watched he full video yet.

edward gurango says:

I’m amazed at how he’s very much like you in every way! When Cool Water had just come out(years ago) and that was my office scent, I remember an instance when I was in a meeting with my female supervisor and had to speak with someone using her phone extension. She told me afterwards that for the rest of the day when talking on the phone, she kept taking deep sniffs of the mouthpiece that had touched my chin because she loved the smell so much!

Ferdy Palaganas says:

Yes i agree i both own cool water and aspen they smell similar. For those student that dont want to spend extra its better to go for aspen

Sergio Davalos says:

Great video Max!!! I was surprised about the performance of the YSL l homme you mentioned. What batch is it yours? Mine is 2015 and it only last 3-4 hours. Keep the good work.l

Miguel Ángel Cabrera says:

well done family. Nice video

Jovi Romero says:

Versace Eros, Black XS l’exces,le male Superman
Very nice list

Juan Castillo says:

Amazing video pop and son duo

mike acord says:

Great list! Good to see your son. He did a great job!

FAZIL.ONE16 says:

The best options out there! Very good recomendations, almost all of them are a must have in a collection. Nice work both of you.

Max Nova says:

hey Max great video! have you checked B-Boy by Alyssa Ashley? it’s an Eau De Perfum, gourmand but totally wearable and LONG lasting. highly recommended for college or youthful adults.

Mark Ayres says:

Great video!

cackhandedchimp says:

Awesome video, love the enthusiasm, love how Max just can’t contain himself!

TheIceyveins says:

Nailed it, my picks from this list would be First Instinct, if you can find them Ultra Male/Invictus Aqua, 360 red, Avant garde, Love & Luck, L’homme, and Dylan Blue

Catherine Fraser says:

Nice to see such a keen nose. Great to see your son.

Lynn White says:

Great list. I would add Lucky You for Men to the list. A great fresh green, floral cheapie that I still wear a lot.

William D'Alexander says:

You should do more videos with your son and wife,,,, great chemistry…..

Sjaak De Vries says:

Can you imagine having Max Forti as your dad and having access to his collection.
If I’m lucky I can steal a spritz of eau de Brut from my dad.

Rafael Balarezo says:

From Father to Son!!! Thanks for sharing this history in your family, I’m sure You are very proud, God Bless you guys!! Thanks for sharing Max!!

dracdoc says:

GREAT video! Love the fact you both are in this, makes for an awesome vid!

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