BIG BEAUTY HAUL AND REVIEW AND CHIT CHAT ! ( Perfumes, MAKEUP for all budgets! )

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Rose T says:

Your makeup is amazing.. red lips suit you. Morphe palettes are overhyped (my opinion only), I think they are marketed/targeted to makeup beginners who want a lot for cheap. Zoeva ones are good (the ones that you mentioned and a couple more), however their newer ones are a bit hit and miss. Zoeva have great eye and lip liners.
Lots of love to you and your family❤️

Fashion Lover says:

For hair fall try KLORANE Quinine shampoo 🙂

AmyE4D says:

Si belle!!!!! (hope I said that right) ❤

JasmineB_ says:

Stumbled upon your channel while looking for decent perfume reviews, now I’m hooked ❤️

Elmira Rash says:

Do Arabic perfumes and oils video!Pleaseeee!

V says:

Hi Mila just switch up shampoos to more pricey ones I have the same fine hair as you and I see big difference then I switched up to expensive ones.

Blue Zaybar says:

It makes my day when I see that you have a new upload! Your videos feel like I’m talking to one of my girlfriends… your honesty and humor is refreshing. ❤️

AmyE4D says:

For hair loss check your iron levels. If your body is low ther hair will suffer. ❤

babyjulie1984 says:

Yuuusss, we want a full review of Tresor La Nuit! It is AMAZING in my opinion, I think you will absolutely love it! <3

Laura J Cortez says:

Royalty status you look stunning.

Hill D says:

this is such a look!

Ella Rose says:

I love your honesty in this video, I’m a new subbie❤️

Hikari Jay says:

Mila, you look exquisite here. We have such similar style. 😀 I’m Middle Eastern and oud fragrances is something I grew up with, finding it on every corner of the street. With that, I’m excited to see your oud/middle eastern fragrance recommendations. Oh and that ruby red is STUNNING! I need to get my hands on that <3

Marcela Largo says:

JAJAJAJJAJA awesome…..BIATCH do your own channel and do your fecking swatches ….hilarious, MIla do not get involved with the pain in the arsh comments! don´t bother…you are you and you don+t need to please anybody but you!

Maurie58 says:

LMAO………love the way curse words just stay the same across the continents. “Bitch…….don’t fuck with me”………I died. Great video as always.

Marianne Moy says:

Hi Mila,
Love your honesty.
I think you would really love some of the fragrances from Arabian Oud.
I bought Madawi
And Bad al Bdour.
Hit on their picture and the notes come up.
They are in 33 countries.
Their oils and their in senses are outrageous too.

Ana Opritescu says:

Vichy dercos aminexil for your hairloss!For me it made wonders!Kisses

Victoria Granados says:

Yes full review on La Nuit tresor n lipsticks yeah why not all ☺️

Arika Livesay says:

I just love your chanel and you! You keep it real and I love it, you would be so fun to hang out with!

567 a says:

can you make a new foundation routine please <3 or your top foundation <3 (where you also explain if they oxidize)

Rhea Highland says:

Your struggle with the top made me smile!

Rhea Highland says:

I have been using kertase….it is lovely but so expensive. I fried my hair so I feel this is my only choice after 6 months of smelling like coconut oil and still fried. Haha. I love the attitude girl! Please don’t change. I do like it when you write what it is because sometimes I am not sure what you are meaning ( real French accent) but I don’t think it is necessary to be a good video.

Dina Filipenko says:

Do you have essence polish on your fingernails too? Or was that just toenails? I love the colour you have on your fingers!

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