Billie Eilish Breaks Down Her Favorite Instagram Accounts | Teen Vogue

Billie Eilish takes to Instagram and lets us know which accounts we should all be following. Love completely unique and out-there fashion? Maybe take a look at Bloody Osiris’ profile! Want to know the next big shoe before anyone else? Check out Lil Jupiter. What other profiles does Billie love to browse? Watch to find out!

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Billie Eilish Breaks Down Her Favorite Instagram Accounts | Teen Vogue


samaiya ungacta says:

i’m gonna stab the person who edited this

B R I ._. says:

I just love the way that some of these comments are

AnayaGlee Himeko says:

3:30 i fell for that wink <3

Emily Gonzalez says:

She is so beautiful

M A R I E L A R. says:

“anyone can pull off anything if you choose to” ❤️

Misfit08 Dip says:

who even gives a fuck

John Mobley says:

Two of my fav things, instant click . Kids next door and like Billie , yess.

Gabby C says:

i flipping love you bruh

robyn says:

ugh my queen

1-800-love-me pls says:


braxen b says:

Woah the editing

Emily Edwards says:

I love herrrrrr

Ronja holm says:

what was the editding tho?


says @everett_schmidt_ ehh ehh 😉

don't read my name says:

She wears soooo coool stuff

Alisha Soupmaker says:

She lowkey looks like Emilia Clarke to me

slimeyroses says:

The editor was having too much fun

Fabiana Sabillon says:

Her eyes match the wall behind her, wow she’s stunning

121 Gado says:

Except for mumble rap.

ಠمحمدಠ says:

Bruh I wanna clap

leilani luv says:

billie is such a inspiration <3

angelina guerrero says:

Is it just me or do you think her and lil zan would look cute together

Qeachy niche says:

What if the fish needs to be fed?

Mix Melendez says:

Billie is gay?

Depressed & Stressed says:

She is so fuckin pretty

Mateo Serna Londoño says:

In love with her. Omg

Ariana Pereyra says:

What show is that in Disney 2:43

Soojeong says:

Her eyes are so beautiful

Gege says:

Shorty is mad cornyyy and awkward . culture vulture like hell but her voice pretty doe

Everything says:

Her eyes are so precious and beautiful omg

King Julien says:


XxReggiexX 357 says:

Why is she everywhere now?

miaiskool :D says:

Her EYES!!!

amira dufour says:

i freaking luv her

AMBot Senpai says:

Wow. Her eyes blend in with the wall.

John Mobley says:

Ik following all these accounts now and ahhh I neeed to meet billie!!!!! I find this to be very relatable. Ahhhh thanks for the quotess.

TheOnlyUnicornMSP says:

I feel bad for that fish

Marcus Hölzl says:

She is fucking 15 remeber that when you listen to her

liv eliz says:

“Anyone can pull off anything if you just let yourself.”

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