Car Air Freshener Challenge

We try and identify different car air freshener scents. GMM #735
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Jay Berry says:….This is the Best Product I’ve Tried as of Air Fresheners
over 40 Scents to Choose

wiktor leino says:

i love wunderbaums

Khris chapman says:

i was laughing so hard when that thing hit link in the forehead

Madelyn hill says:

When ever Link wears his fox shirt, I always see a guy with a mullet. Anyone else?

Tom wallington browne says:

gotta smell em all… hey why do i feel liek gary made this?

Cara Wilson says:

Rhett! All you had to do for that last one was ask what was the name of the school in “Saved By The Bell”. There is no way didn’t watch it at some point.

CandyGamer TV says:

i have airfrehners in my car

Rich Stubbings says:

did he wear his shirt straight out the packet?

Gene's Wifu says:

When Rhett tried to make Link say “Steel” I was screaming :

Kovey Woods says:

My dad uses black ice

Emily Mastalski says:


Vil Elocin says:

oml i was just watching pokemon

coaster maniacs says:

i got a 12 hour drive friday i couldn’t even imagine head banging 12 hours

The Pig Master says:

It will sure be nice when they make this road 4 lanes.

k3vin94 says:

They make so much money :/ i want some

Unicorn Pigs says:

Every time someone for vehicle I say VE-hic-Al

Deadlyzombie 405 says:

my name is lennon not linen lol

Mercedes 97 says:

sure will be nice when they make this road four lanes

Brendan Mcintyre says:

yacht club hahahaha

sky sturgis says:

im not a teenager yet

Joseph Rodriguez says:


Stuart Oneill says:

Today is Tuesday when I’m watching wish it was Thursday:(

crystalfire294 says:

Unless you have adult acne… then the fun never ends.

Nakiah Whitener says:

Link looked so cute and Rhett’s hair was AWESOME

Gundam Universe says:

Link sure is one special snowflake.. “I’m not weak, i’m… Soap”

Caroline Trevis says:

Rhett pretty bad, gave up on the last one

Unicorn Pigs says:



Delay Rowdee says:

The person that made them those masks has had almost as much exposure as Rhett and kink

NoshGames says:

Link:You were bad.
Rhett: I’m not weak I’m…
Link: Soap!

Emily K says:

6:50 – 7:05 literally had me in TEARS

John C says:

#gmmadvice what is the best animal to buy for a child.
my child is 6

for example : A sloth, cat, dog, giraffe, monkey, fish

wait… how about puppy monkey baby???


Valerie Yingling says:

I like how they did the pokemon theme

J B says:

He’s soooo feminine lol

Gustav Ekelund says:

In sweden It is called wunderbaum

MiSti says:

anyone else shocked rhett didn’t use the clue : the high school on saved by the bell? link woulda def got bayside breeze..

Jayden Gore says:

Rhett: ” I don’t have length I have…”
Link: ” Width! Depth! “

Draw You Mad says:

I am a teenager awwwwwwwwwkwwaaaaaaaard

kick rawks says:

gangsta lean s the coolest way to drive.

Elizabeth Shaw says:

one of the pine trees for air freshener is black and it’s called black I’m not sure what it smells like someone said new car scent.

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