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iven G says:

Rihanna Rouge Man is very good

Big Daddy says:

Could ya’ll possibly do a quick comparison video between Britney Spears Private Show vs the newest VIP Private Show? I’ve heard great things about the VIP being that it’s supposedly head and shoulders better than the original. If ya’ll like the original, I’d love to see if you’re blown away by VIP

St. Jello says:

Please when you do make your own fragrance, Please no incense. Tobacco and spicy would be great

Scott Wilbur says:

Looking into a bottle of SJP Stash. If it is considered polarizing it will probably be right up my alley!

Nancy Lopez says:

Fav celebrity scent is Harajuku Lovers G (discontinued unfortunately) and Lady Gaga Fame ❤️

Jose Velez says:

Tiff knows she is Gorgeous! CARLOS doing his thing.

ForeverFragrantKid says:

This was fun. 🙂 It was nice to get both of your takes on some of these! I have Truth or Dare. As much as i love Fracas, i can’t wear it. It gives me major headaches. Truth or Dare is a nice substitute. Still a lovely white floral, but with a nice amber/woody drydown. Fantasy is a good one too! Very wearable amongst a lot of celeb frags. Her Midnight Fantasy is good as well. A client of mine was wearing this one, and it smelled amazing on her.

I have the Adam Levine as well. It was a cheap thrill. Got it for like 7 bucks. The note breakdown drew me in. It’s alright. Still on the fence with Stash. It’s really nice, but it reminds me if something in my collection. I have to put my finger on it still. Hahaha.

Always great seeing you and Tiff together! ♡♡

Simply Put Scents says:

Hilarious video Carlos and Tiff…Enjoyed hearing your thoughts on these…My favorite of these is Girl by Pharrell. I was surprised that Carlos didn’t like Stash either…that would be my second favorite of the bunch…awesome video.

Serg S says:

Loved the review, I have not seen anyone else do a review on celebrity frags. You guys are always innovating and love when you guys let loose! The words “Madonna Juice” are HAUNTING ME!! Still, though. Very excited to hear that you might be working on your very own fragrance 🙂

St. Jello says:

Beautiful woman, you are amazing

Mr. Eros says:

My favorite is Rihanna rouge man

Bernie777 says:

You two have too much fun! Loved it! Thanks…

M M says:

I have Gold by Jay Z, has a raspberry and cardamom scent and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Private Edition Legacy which smell good!

Johan Henriksson says:

Hi mate!
Hope u are fine?
I wondering if you can do a list for the best signature scent 🙂 like all year around, still sexy, good longevity, sillage..
/ Johan from Sweden

The Nature Boy says:


jeppjohnboy says:

Love when you guys just let loose & enjoy your passion. I really enjoyed this video

JoeSCENTMe says:

Fun videos guys. Love you both.

Kevin Camacho Ramírez says:

Another great upload by my favorite fragrance reviewer!

Julius tims says:

My fav is girl by CDG

shuvanidev says:

All of these fragrances are great for layering – they actually smell pretty niche when layered correctly. Why not test them right, on skin rather than paper?

Lucille Shissler says:

Fun video!  For celebrity fragrances, I also like Adam Levine fragrances, and I liked Lady Gaga Fame.  I absolutely hate SJP Stash!  It has that fake chemical wood smell in it…but I really loved Covet by her!!  I thought that was her best.

iGotTheMojoBaby says:

Hey Carlos please get your hands on John Varvatos Artisan Pure the longevity code has been cracked Thank God!

Scent Diaries says:

I agree about Nicki Minaj bottle(s), terrible! 🙂 I really enjoyed the video!

Terribly TOUGH says:

I loved this video,,. But what i got most of it was that one day you will have you Own Cologne,,, and i believe you will,,, and once u do,, name it Carlitos Way,, that would b fire

ScentSense says:

Adam Levine is a must in my collection mainly because I rocked it in Vegas during my honeymoon

Tiff Benson says:

Thanks for having me Carlos. Love you!

Lisa Barnett says:

I have SJP Stash. It’s interesting. I like how different it is. Every woman should have a little mystery and surprise. Also have SJP lovely from years ago which Narciso Rodriguez For Her seems to dupe. Those are my only celeb fragrances now. My first was JLo Glow in the silver bottle back in the day… because come on… it was hot!

St. Jello says:

Last 1 what kind of camera are you using. My daughter wants me to buy her one for Christmas so she can take pictures and blog. I don’t have a clue about it and need some help. Thank you for your response.

MrMatt C says:

Some of these aren’t bad for cheapies , that truth or dare is to floral instant headache

Chris says:

Pharrell Girl & Deseo Jennifer Lopez

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