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BLEU DE CHANEL (EAU DE PARFUM) – https://youtu.be/GQoIxP_P3vw

Orchid Soleil, Tom Ford — https://youtu.be/GiROBOROtUw

Soleil Blanc, Tom Ford — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaZlO6czpQE


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Steve 0861 says:

I have it. I think it smells powdery

Capital City Music Man says:


HittaHitta says:

its simple but i like that about it. real melo but bold at the same time. A lil inside the box but pleasant

Jack Zweck says:

Is 18 too young to wear this fragrance?

Tonny Tommy says:

I could at her up all night long

Farouq Alzeer says:


namo730 says:

Great video, i have to ask you between this and blue de chanel which one do you prefe?

Vladimir Panic says:

I love this fragrance & agree I get a lot of compliments , but I have never in my life received more complements then when I wear Thierry Mugler AMan … so many girls go crazy over that fragrance , it’s sweet & spicy . My absolute favourite fragrance 🙂

Cj Hooks says:

Hands down the finest woman on YouTube. My God…

marizcona says:

I’m a medical provider and a patient let me smell a sample and I am hooked

kevin mejia says:

she googled everything she just said lol

ashaad khan says:

hey tiffin as usual u looking mesmerising i just want you to make a review on the one by dipce and gabbana

Steve Raiders4life says:

This cologne is quality

Benjamin Tokor says:

it really smells good

smokeybirdman says:

Sexy Cologne
Versatile, impressive, mysterious

Laine Garcia says:

Tiff, whats the best perfume in a tropical country like philippines?

Slim Carter says:

great review once again. probly will purchase soon. cant wait for your next one beautiful.

Evelyn S says:

I’m a girl and I want to bye this perfume for the reason that I’m a huge fan of Johnny depp and I was wondering if I could wear it because it’s for men soooo…Should I buy it?

Davinci Eugene says:

Have You Ever Try Back To Black By Kilian Very Good

Vexed Knight says:

I highly recommend this Cologne! It’s great! This chick knows what she’s talking about!

Sauvage says:

Nice review!Subscribed

Willie Mack Daniels says:

I was about to purchase this but after sampling it reminded me of Mont Blanc Individuel which I already own and like very much.

David Williams says:

Very overrated. I regret buying this crap. It smells like pepper more than anything else. I mean black pepper without the sneeze. I wore this to a bar and the girls next to me made choking sounds and hated it.. it is very strong and easy to over do it. I get lots of compliments on Invictus , so that’s my signature fragrance right now. Ladies love invictus ..

riskdesigns says:

Amazing fragrance very clean I’m happy with it
Thanks for the review and happy face

Branislav Janković says:

I disagree with usage review, it is more then good for the office.

Vibez 123 says:

I am Dior’s fan from nearly 15 years. Using Dior Fahrenheit and Dior Homme Intense. But last week i bought Sauvage and i was shock that smell was like laundry detergent and gave me headache. Very disappointed

Is Az says:

Initially liked it but ended up hating this synthetic bs.
It’s definitely copying some elements of bleu de chanel that’s why I gravitated to it (similarly powdery but not as smooth as BdC). To me its also got a Creed Aventus vibe to it. I can’t explain it exactly but it’s got that straight up your nostrils whiff.

Darius Jackson says:

women love it..

Mustafa Najeeb says:

You are attractive and sexy really sexy ….sauvage dior very good frangrance…

Blaise Shakur says:

You’re sexy asf who birthed you?

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