DIY: Perfume & Lotion | Sophia Says

Hey there! I’m showing you guys how to whip up some great smelling perfume & lotion at my store Sophia Laurent!

So much love to Jill Cimorelli for being my YouTube Guru 💕


george thune says:

She’s such an adorable kid!

Ella Rose says:

gosh she is so cute!❤️

george thune says:

She’s so great!

Sheila Arriola says:

Sophia you’re adorable

Lori Garza says:

She’s a baby. Let’s show her love not hate…children are innocent.

Karen Hernandez says:


Denise Adame says:

so cute and great idea if you have this in your shop!

Jacks' a says:

I’m sorry but the intro is toooo long

Liz Shanks says:

Why does she talk like a baby.

Jessica Keeney says:

Good Job sweetheart!!!

Bard To Death says:

Why can’t she talk right? Is she special needs?

l lree says:

That’s an ugly kid

Amber Lynn says:

Sophia, please talk like a big girl & not like your mother. We can all take you more seriously & probably watch more of your videos.

betsyforever32 says:

please delete the bad comments I don’t think she should read them . she so cute

Cassiemikalunas says:

farrah your seriously the worst mom there could be

Linda Martial says:

Cute Sophia your Beautiful you coming out of your shell.

Denise Gravenberch says:

She is cute ❤

Mckenzie Hunter says:

So cute!

LaCretia Vargas says:

Snapchat brought me here .

K I N G says:

Well the editing was good…. yeah thats all

Amie Darroch says:

I can’t stand her Mum… But I’ve looked through the comments and have seen some horrendous opinions and name calling, towards an innocent child who can’t defend herself… It’s disgusting seeing as it’s coming from mostly adults who should know better than to pick on a child. you should all be ashamed of yourselves, there’s no excuse for that.
I hope that Sophia doesn’t see most of this negativity on her feed it would be very damaging to her.

MsMedford says:

that little girl looks so unhappy. You can see the pain on her eyes

l lree says:

Looks like an alien

Egon Spengler says:

Guys stop with the mean comments!she has such an angelic voice with a beautiful face.she is so talented!God bless her sweet heart.shes so sweet

CJ's Forever! says:

You need to learn respect .

ShellyBean1321 says:

She looks so depressed all the time.

pinkbows09 says:

Great video 🙂

J Mac says:

oh my goodness she looks and sounds so much like her grandmother. same eyes and way of speaking. more so than her mother, crazy

Nikki Trakz says:


I love that you are BLESSING your daughter with an opportunity to be a child living in the U.S. above the poverty line.

Sophia is a very sweet child, why would you not spoil her?

I also love the freedom for Sophia to be Sophia!

She isn’t wearing a lot of make up (if any) and Sophia has no obvious cosmetic dental work done.

Even if Sophia were wearing make up and had her teeth capped that is no one’s business but you two and perhaps God.

People are so bitter and it omits an odor that reeks of the most vile smelling thing imaginable.

So many haters.

I mean I didn’t care for you much and I think you are a total bitch but you are the most AUTHENTIC person on reality television (in my humble opinion).

I was watching the episode where S.L. was having the ribbon cutting ceremony and Sophia was tired and she was behaving the way children her age act.

You basically told Sophia: not to whine or throw pity parties in your presence.

Then you supported Sophia with unbuckling her seatbelt as she was still not wanting to follow instructions.

I was so irritated and so were you. In the clip I believe you said to Sophia: “Do you know how angry you are making me?”

In that moment Farrah inside my spirit I became your greatest fan!

You are such a bitch Farrah!

Do we wonder why???

The people that constantly ask you for help are they very ones that have made your journey more difficult than it should be HOWEVER you never walk away from those people.

Farrah you are: driven, humble, honest, hard-working, beyond ambitious, fucking cut throat (when necessary) BUT surprisingly sensitive when the person REALLY matters!

You are being criticized and hated on yet people are copying you- they are imitating you literally when you were not even operating at your optimum performance level.

The sad thing is they are failing at copying you as well.

I am just a nobody, well I am a fan of Farrah actually.

You are the proverbial feminist and you just happen to be a fucking Gemini- I should have known!

Gemini’s are taking over the World and even if you were not a Gemini you would still be on top Farrah!

Have a wonderful Birthday in Jamaica and eat tons of yummy food!

Be well.

Fellow Gemini and Farrah Fan!

Kayla Tutorials ! says:

can you make slime

Debbie H says:

To me it looks like she trys to have her mom approval in everything. I think the little girl does that baby talk, because her mom does it. She will be bullied because of all the crazy things she does.

Flora Monteleony says:

She’s beautiful!

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