Hygiene 101 | Staying Clean + Smelling Good

Hey loves! So staying clean & smelling good is my #1 tip for us girls, there’s nothing more unattractive than odor! So I hope you enjoyed this video & found it helpful, if you did please give it a THUMBS UP 🙂 & If you like my videos subscribe to my channel for more, xoxo


Products Mentioned:

– St. Ives Body Wash
– Sauve 24 Hour Spray Deodorant
– New Freshness Feminine Deodorant Spray
– Dr. Scholls Odor X Foot Powder

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gwen jackson says:

This is something to consider I keep a small plastic container full of coconut oil in my shower. Heat from the hot water turns the solid into a liquid on top and I lather up after my shower and just blot dry. You can get a large tub of coconut oil and refill its cheap and very affective hardly no scent and helps keep perfumes lotions ect on longer.

marie larsen says:

this is the first video I ever watched of yours and I’ve loved you ever since ❤❤ you’re so perfect and always have been !!!

Woody Wipes says:

Guys use Woody Wipes to clean their balls

Chantay Wadlington says:


Mia Sandoval says:

My Friend. was like you smell like Mia I I all like what does that smell like perfume is that good or bad good

Esther Petit Frere says:

All of these YouTuber’s tell you, shower your vag with water no soap ,and some say use a special soap IDK anymore someone explain?

Ariya James says:

-finishes video-
-Runs to the shower-

nikki keiley says:

i know people who dont even shower and its nasty

Carrie Hilton says:

Good lordy girl! That is a lot of fragrance. My skin would absolutely hate me.

Priscilla Nieto says:

I just use the Dove Original White Beauty bar for my vag area & it works so well! it’s actually a lot more gentle than the specific “vag washes” I have used in the past.

Claudette Page says:

good video some women don’t like to shower so tell them. u looking really clean.

Herp Derp says:

Yeah summers eve made me smell but vagisil ph balance is awesome!

Sianna Garcia says:

I love you and your videos your so inspiring and so pretty.

Katie Ebert says:

does she not brush her teeth or clean her ears

Yoannah Amor says:

best baby wipes are the Up and Up brand at target the fresh scent ones with the light Orange pakage great for makeup removing w coconut oil .. and I have sensitive skin lol. 😉

lulu I says:

Just to let everyone know that repeated yeast infections can be a sign that you have Diabetes and NO cleaning or medicated creams or cleaning will cure the yeast infection.

Keegan Taliman says:

this video seems like a rerun of another youtubers video ” ilikeweylie- hygiene 101″ i swear there are very similar.

Hot Chocolate says:

What? You don’t like the word “Vagina”? That is strange.
I love to say Vagina Vagina Vagina

Brianna Hutchison says:

way to misinform young women on how they should “clean” their vagina. please, warm water and a soft wet cloth or rag. you can even try your fingers to get in between the flaps of skin if necessary. I’m not a gynecologist, but I’ve been doing this for the past year and I’ve noticed a large improvement. ofc, use soap on the rest of your body, even your asshole, but try to avoid soap in your cooch, it’s not very good for it. I’m actually afraid to know the health of your vagina..

random nerd stuff Y says:

imagine all the chemicals you put in ur body

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