Korean Beauty & Makeup BONANZA! Bunny Lip Gloss SET! Cute MIni Blushers! Panda Eye stick Perfume!

Korean Beauty & Makeup BONANZA! Bunny Lip Gloss SET! Cute MIni Blushers! Panda Eye stick Perfume!

Hi Guys! In this video we look at some of my favorite and new Korean beauty products! Soo much FUN!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to BubblePOP Kids! We are dedicated to making fun and Creative videos for kids and TEENS! We also review soo many of the cutest and coolest beauty products and lip balms, as well as monthly subscription BOXES! We are always opening surprises and blind bags, tons and tons of everything SHOPKINS, MLP, Disney PRINCESS, Paw Patrol and more! I also love reviewing Makeup for kids and TEENS! Enjoy!

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Pink Pop says:

To her face with reveal! Like if agreed

Tinsli Campbell says:

Where do you go to order the Korean beauty products online?

Guljari Bais says:

bubble pop kids you are the best

Nowości ze świata says:


Destiny Robinson says:

I am getting the petite bunny gloss bars from tonymoly

Danisnotonchairs /Never will be says:

I cringed when she scratched the blushes.

Jasmine Sowman says:

I know what that sponge is for,
when you go to bed you would whet it and wash your face or in the shower you can do it.

정범호 says:

i come from korea!

Serenity the wolf with cat ears says:

I have always wondered why Bubble dose not show her face.. Like if you agree

Tham Dothitham says:


Jungkook Wifeu says:

Where do you buy the make up?

Bernard Chia says:

Fhvhjbbgbhthhr nffnghntcn e fhrfjrs bch dvhgghhggyghgvjhhbyhuhhg a former star and the only person in Gdynia

Farheen Alom says:

how will we know you don’t have acne when we can’t see your face (hint, hint) DO A FACE REVEAL !!!!!!

E Hsi says:

Herbs is pronounced without the “h”

KENZIE Garrison says:

bubble pop kids do a painting video

Khushi Pahwa says:

Pls do a face reveal I am dying to see your face……. Like it if u agree


Maybe you can tell what the date is on the videos or at the top on the discretion box below because I am watching on 5/13/17-2017.

Hayden awsomeness says:

can i have the ros ed one

Katie Carroll says:

will stop driving her friggen nails into the blush

Althea Garcia says:

Where did you bought it

Ben Plybon says:

You have 19 thing’s

Hayden awsomeness says:

can i have the purphume cat

Coco's Creations says:

When could we see your face because every video I watch you still haven’t showed your face

Jessica Flores says:

which one the cerritos one or which one because i really want the lipstick they look cute

Fauziah Saad says:

RIP blush
(she scratched it)

DonutBunnyHop says:

I’d get the blush just to look at and feel the cushion

Luciemari bonilla says:

why does’t she use the pufs

cupcake queen5 says:

no offence but why don’t you show us ur face………and plz i am not being rude but i just want to know how you look cuz your voice is super cute

evanphil51981 says:


sneha biswas says:

is her voice always like that or she dose that silly voice?

star lantern says:


WinterSaylee says:

Where can i buy those at online?

Nowości ze świata says:

The panda is not a lip balm

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