Chanel fragrances have been in my life since I was a teen. I am learning to be flexible and open to trying new things in my beauty routine. I review both high end fragrances like Chanel’s new 1957 perfume. Avon is one of the affordable company fragrances. # fragrances #review # over sixty beauty



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JR Pacer says:

Funny I have been wearing perfume when I was 16 …I would wear my moms perfume but I have never worn Channel perfume!

Carrie Moon-Dupree says:

I lived in Manhattan in the 50’s and remember Macy’s on 34th st well. Either Mom or Nana would take us shopping and out to lunch. It always was a wonderful adventure. My Step-Grandfather worked for a company that made perfume. He never knew the name of what he worked on. The granddaughters would get two or three bottles every Christmas. We would go to Macy’s and try to match the scent so we could label the generic bottles. We often got expensive perfumes that we didn’t appreciate until we were older.

Sherry Reis says:

Hi Sandra,. What a blessing to find your channel. I’m 73, a new subscriber, and I used to sell Avon to make ends meet when my children were babies back in the 1960’s. A cute story, when my daughter was 2 she climbed out of her crib after her nap and quietly took those little Avon lipsticks out of my case and carefully drew circles of each lip color around her lips like a clown face. Luckily I snapped a photo to save the moment …but I laughed so hard. You brought back memories of my Mom, she wore Chanel #5 in the 50’s and Emeraude in the 60’s. I used to wear Anais Anais and Happy by Clinique in the 80’s. Also watched you on Romper Room. What a wonderful evening of old memories. You look wonderful and at least 10 years younger than your age. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Blessings … Sherry

denise bissell says:

I remember charisma I loved it

dolly caldwell says:

I too, love all fragrance and aromatherapy!!  I keep an open mind to try new scents via my monthly subscription to SCENTBIRD.  $14.95 /month and you can pick what you want to try.  You get a great purse size sample that lasts at least a month.  I also follow: Jeremy Fragrance on youtube….it is all so much fun!

Anne Koosed says:

Hello Sandra, I share your love of Chanel No. 5 but have also made the same decision — to try some newer perfumes. Recently tried some of the newer Guerlains and they are lovely! And, you are lovely too dear!

Elle Is For Living says:

I stick with it forever….well, maybe not husbands lol! Loved that Sandra 🙂 ♥ Elle

Nathalie TheBeautyDiva says:

Good Morning my beautiful and elegant Sandra, I too have had a long love affair with fragrances, I just recently picked up the Anniversary Chanel No5 in the limited edition red bottle, it is stunning. Although I cannot wear it, I love to smell it as it reminds me of my mother. Love that box of mini-lipsticks, I love the retro look of it. I want to wish you and Arthur a fabulous weekend. Love you! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo

Connie N says:

Good morning Sandra! I started ordering a little Avon again this year. I was going to ask you about ordering through your daughter, and then I just seen where you listed her page. Thank you! I will have to try some of that perfume. Have a good weekend. Hugs! Connie

nana stevens says:

Fun video. Sometimes we just have to shake things up to avoid getting in a rut.

MaryEllen After 60 says:

Good morning, Sandra. This video took me down memory lane, and I love that. Enjoyed hearing about your new, and old favorites. Hope you have a lovely weekend, my friend. Blessings, and love..MaryEllen

WithMetta says:

I have experienced a similar shift. I think scent plays a different role in our lives at different stages. When we are young, we want a signature scent, and we are most concerned about how others react to the scent we want to imprint on them. Maybe once we are mature, we are more interested in having an agreeable experience ourselves, enjoying the scent for our own pleasure. I know this is true for me. And novelty enhances the experience. Thanks for another excellent video!

Mary Ann Taylor says:

Thank you Sandra I am starting to love Avon again i just got the fragrance from Avon rare pearl it’s very nice also !

Palm Springs Cindy says:

I ove a yummy fragrance and I have always loved Chanel. It’s classic. Good idea to check out some Avon scents!!

Bryan Walburn says:

My mother always wore #5, it always makes me think of her..
I wear many of the same colognes I have worn for years… I recently discovered Byredo , Gypsy Water, …it is soo different and beautiful, thanks as always for your content, you are a breath of fresh air! Your Pal Bryan!

Mary Kay says:

Hi Sandra, i have to say that if you are looking for a light weight foundation..Estee Lauder double wear is perfect for that…..I am 63 and love the coverage and light feeling it gives…I promise you will love it…if only you would try it …..

Robin Lynn says:

Yahoo to 1957…my birth year. I love to switch things up when it comes to fragrances. I recently got Trish Mcevoy No. 9 (blackberries and vanilla musk scent) is delicious. 🙂 I went to the Chanel website and les exclusifs de chanel 1957 is $350 for 6.8oz bottle. xoxo

Leticia Vargas says:

Good video… Thank you!

Gita J says:

Exactly. These things happen to persons who keep getting younger and younger by the day (how will this end?). To really illustrate this phenomenon you wore your hair curly and youthful today and it made you look even prettier. You’re indeed on a very exciting track and of course older dogs are able to learn new tricks especially in connection with their excellent nose-jobs.

Karen Kaza says:

You are such a delight!

Cheryl Lambert says:

Scent is so important to me too. I used to wear Windsong as a teenager. I started wearing it again sometimes at bedtime, still love it. I love Avon, that new Velvet scent is lovely, I thought I might get it. I will check out the Rare Gold
Started following you on Instagram, looking forward to the lipstick pics. I’m so glad I’m not too old to learn new tricks. Hope I never am.

Marilyn Sedita says:

As always – a very enjoyable sharing of ideas.
Have to look into Avon products but nothing can top Chanel 🙂

Lisa Brown says:

I am the same way. If I find a fragrance I like, I tend to stick with it, until I can’t buy it anymore. I was not a big makeup wearer but I find the older I get, the more I want to wear it and play with it. I love Avon fragrances.

Sarah Ray says:

Hello beautiful Sandra xoxo

Gayle Ritter says:

1957 was the best!! My year to go to college as well. My fragrance is Pheramone by Marilyn Miglin and I have people stop me and ask what I’m wearing. I think fragrances have to agree your chemistry and can be disastrous if they don’t. I’ve worn that for years. Mentioning Avon, in high school I discovered Nearness which they no longer make but I loved it. It lingered on my clothing for years. Lovely video.

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