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Love you guys.


Abbas EA says:

srsly.. do you have a sister ??

MDlllPAX says:

Woow..Lucas congrats, ..simply one of the most perfect male faces I’ve ever seen, you look like an actual Pleiadian-man, calling Commander Ashtar Sheran…! (he is an amazing master said to come from The Pleiades, just google a bit… Ashtar has both detractors who say doesn’t exist as well as admirers, in any case the fact is he’s got one of the most amazing looks ever..!!) … haha… dear Lucas keep up the good looks and above all good health, already subscribed.

faylishja says:

teeth brighter than my future.

π arch says:

it has food

weston siemens says:

What razor do you shave with?

Josh March says:

44 seconds before u even mention a tip. wasted my time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Cs. says:

His skin is so ducking beautiful. He is glowing

Abe Lincoln says:

he’s so pretty it hurts

Ali Fakih says:

do a video about hairline plzzz

János Nagy says:


Rare Person says:

when u say shave, do u mean on the face then(?), or chest, or both.

narisa amel says:

God what I would kill to get your skin

ali naif says:

Almost some kind of porcelain skin

Arphen Borres says:

what color of your hair?

ali naif says:

Oh and that voice deep yet humble so easy to listen

GamersLord says:

boi………you could be a top of the line f**** model……. SMH

Darrin dlc says:

he is beautiful

rhythmandacoustics says:

Good facial aesthetics. You wearing make up?

π arch says:

kill soap

LaPieuvre Optimale says:


Banana Boi says:

Always look gay like you haha

Jamie McEachran says:

How does shaving boost your confidence wtf?

plantar70 6fasciitis says:

damn i get it every week lol

Justin Siegfried says:

What products do you use to moisturize? Don’t wash our hair every day but how do we keep it from looking disgusting? You created more questions than you answered! Lol

purple 18 says:

I’m watching this video Just Coz this guy is smoking hot..What Am I to do with grooming tips??..Lord!! Why aren’t my classmates this hot.

ali naif says:

White teeth big eyes and amazing looking skin who is this beautiful piece of art

Strider Littleton says:


Saad Salman says:

You look like a girl..

Nabil Aiman says:

He look like reaction time

Angel Castro says:

DAMN!! Is it me or Are you getting prettier every time I watch a video of yours?!! LOVE U!!

Johan Tirado says:

Lucas can you do this video in spanish please cuz the latino boys we need to know your secrets have an amazing skin

Miz GG says:

is this guy gay ? why he wairing lip gloss

uBenji1234 says:

Hey mate! – U look really sharp… almost close to a girl-cute/handsome. Do you get tons of attention from superhot girls or what are your struggles looking like that?

Charlie Montero says:

OMG ur so attractive and ur voice pass out

Patrick OBrien says:

I hate shaving too, but I do feel better after I do it.

Gil Torres says:

You should call it the high maintenance hacks for guys lol

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