My Favorite ROSE Fragrances | Perfume Collection

Fragrances mentioned:
Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose Parfum –
Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina edt –
Lanvin Rumeur 2 Rose –
Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose –
Nina Ricci L’Extase –
Tauerville Rose Flash –

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Fatima says:

looking gorge girl

Elsa Eme says:

Hello!!! My favs are… Coach EDP, Kate Spade In Full Bloom and I feel a little bit of a nice rose in Deep Euphoria EDT, this was the first note that I felt since I smelled it!

Ellynaurus says:

I bought L’extase AND I LOVE IT!! It makes me hungry when I wear it. Thank you so much for the recommendation!!!

Deblina Chatterjee says:

I don’t like rose fragrance but I surely want to try Lancôme midnight rose

Bryan says:

Great reviews

Sandy Damadzic says:

I always look forward to your videos. I love rose fragrances it reminds me of my childhood. My grandmother used to grow a lot of roses to make rose syrup.
Beautiful selection thank you for sharing!

Pene Swart says:

Clinique beyond rose. Love ❤️

Bianca Apostol says:

I stay away from fragrances that have rose in them. I don’t like that sharp, green rose, I don’t know why but it makes me feel sick (I received Eaudemoiselle by Givenchy as a gift, and I gave it to a friend because I couldn’t bear having it on my skin, I had such a strong negative reaction to it, I just had to scrub it off)… However, there is one rose perfume that I just love, and that’s Very Irresistible, the EDT version, by Givenchy (the old formulation) and it has not one, but five types of roses in it. This one is a powdery rose, warm and cozy, a bit spicy from the anise… just beautiful, it makes me happy when I wear it! ❤️❤️❤️

Pam Jordan says:

My favorite rose… I think the Signorina EDT, and think I would also say Juicy Couture Peace and Love mixed with Rose Rose… those two literally smell like fresh cut expensive wine drenched roses to me. The Lexstase… sounds delicious.

John Wen says:

whats ur fav alluring men rose Frag , the note not necessary to be dominant , could be minor in composition

tks and enjoy

Muddy says:

I love rose fragrances on women. Just bought my wife Gallagher’s Rose All Dae for her birthday, gorgeous scent. As a man, my favorites are Amouage Lyric man, Le Labo Rose 31, Guerlain Habit Rouge EDT & YSL Ultime.

Danyellow says:

I just found one called Club de Nuit – a rose patchouli- very pretty and inexpensive

iamemancipate says:

Serge Lutens Fille de Berlin smells amazing!

xandria20 says:

I really enjoy that so many of the perfumes you share are affordable. Thank you for that!
I enjoy dry herbal roses, some powdery roses and jammy or candied roses. I’m exploring fresh roses but haven’t added a FB yet. It’s on the list for next Spring/Summer.

Joe Cochran says:

As a guy I love the smell of rose, but I find in most men’s fragrances that have rose that I just can’t pull it off. Don’t get me wrong, when a woman passes me by with the scent of rose it will make me turn my head and cause me to pay attention.

Jennifer Dodd says:

If you like rose fragrances you should try Rose rush by Paris Hilton <3 I just started a second bottle. It's amazing <3

Deborah Van Walsum says:

Emmy – Give Avon’s new Velvet a try! It smells much more expensive than it is. Jammy rose, saffron, patchouli and musk. Also, have you tried Lancôme’s Maison Lancome Oud Bouquet? Rose, praline and oud. Really lovely in the cold weather. I didn’t realize how much I like rose fragrances until recently. They make me feel a little like Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice!

Judi珠珠 says:

Omgggg my favorite rose is red roses from jo Malone & si rose from Giorgio armani! For some reason rose scents remind me of lychees jahahaha

LaMesha Hale says:

Great selections!!!! A few of my favorite rose perfumes are:
Narciso For her edp
Narciso Fluer Musc
Diptyque Lombre dans l’eau
Burberry Body edp
Chloe Roses de Chloe

The one you love to hate says:

Great selections! My favorite rose scents are Maison Lancome Oud Bouquet, Maison Lancôme Roses Berberanza (this is my favorite rose scent, it’s a very very sweet candied rose with nutty pistachios mixed in. Weird to mix in pistachios but it works so well, I just LOVE it), Rose Explosion by Viktor and Rolf, Tresor La Nuit, and Giorgio Armani Sky di Gioia.

Nahida Rasheed says:

Most rose fragrances are just too strong. You can’t always wear it every day. Don’t get me wrong there nice some times but some can be sickly.

Emily Schultz says:

Stella (2014) by Stella McCartney is another sweet jammy rose. It’s got an amber-woodsy base, rose, then rose, peony and mandarin orange. There is nothing sugary in it but somehow, the orange-rose-peony over the amber-woods is beautifully sweet!

wmnpwr98 says:

Chloe’s Roses is my absolute favorite. It was my wedding day scent!

Salt And Earth says:

Have you tried Armaf Club de Nuit Intense? A smoky dark night time rose! Divine.

ScentSense says:

the fastest growing channel in the game!!!!! so glad because it couldnt happen to a better person!!! much love!

Just Add Light says:

Wow! Didn’t know about that Lanvin Emmy. Thank you! My 3 favourite roses from my collection are Potion Royal Black by D2Squared, Dior’s Ambre Nuit and Calligraphy Rose by Aramis. Still warming up to D’un Soir Intense by Cartier, but it’s going to be up there for sure. Absolutely agree about Tauer’s Rose Flash. That stuff performs like a beast!

Anna says:

Love L’Extase!! Other Rose fragrances I enjoy are Stella, Givenchy Eau Demoiselle , Clinique Beyond Rose and Bvlgari Rose Essentielle !!

Mojann says:

Ahhh but you never said which perfume you wore on your wedding day! Plz do share

Vala Dina says:

I love by Jammy Rose as well I love Trésor midnight Rose

Laura Marriott says:

If you can get your hands on Goutte De Rose by Cartier it is one of the most heavenly roses out there to me. On the fresher dewier side of rose with a fair amount of sweetness that isn’t quite sweet enough to make it jammy.

Susan Menn says:

My favorite rose perfumes are Viva la Juicy Rose, Paris by Yves St. Laurent, and Chloe.

shinakoyuki81 says:

I tried midnight rose once and I fell in love and I am looking to buy from fragrancenet but I am a bit worried about the authenticity and whether it’s okay to buy their testers (whether they are too old on the shelf). Fragrancenet seems to have a lot of controversies on their reputation. I love your review and I am looking to add the nina ricci one into my collection now! I love candied rose scents so much!! I also own and love Rose Signature that was definitely love at first sniff too!

louise7401 says:

I love rose notes. My favorites are Bond Harrod’s Rose and Valentino Rock n Rose Couture.

Fatima says:

the nina ricci sounds nice,  rose essentiel bvlgari narsico de square bottle the black, find rose perfumes bit to much sometimes,

Tasha Leigh says:

I love rose in all its forms (except the rose/oud combination)! I wish Bvlgari never discontinued Rose Essentielle, same goes for Roses De Chloe, both juicy amazing roses. L’Artisan Safran Troublant is an amazing warm, spicy soft gourmand rose. Diptyque Eau Rose is another great one!!

Venus Domingo says:

please do patchouli fragrances too. love you!

Hikari Jay says:

Hi Emmy! Have you tried Florabotanica by Balenciaga? Whats your opinion on it?

Karen Barsoum says:

My favorite is the fresh rose in roses de chloe

SciGuyFRAGZ says:

Great list emmy! Rose is definitely one of my favorite notes. My favorite rose fragrances are lyric man, nior de nior, and intense cafe. If you haven’t tried intense cafe by montale you need to it is the sexiest most delicious coffee rose fragrances ever it is definitely unisex but more on the the feminine side. I’m certain you will fall in love with it! I have been wanting to try rose flash so bad I have been on a real rose kick lately. What rose fragrances would you recommend specifically for men? Keep up the good work!

Shalamar Mcmorris says:

My favorite rose as of today Maison Lancome oud bouquet, Miu Miu L’eau Rosee and Chloe rose. I am looking to try the Rumeur 2 rose.

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