My Top 10 CELEBRITY Fragrances for Women

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Happy Sniffing!! 🙂


C Fizzle says:

Midnight Fantasy is very similar to Dark Kiss from Bath & Body Works which you can purchase online

ish c says:

Daniela Iannuzzi says:

I Loved this shirt! You look so good and glamorous in it. I have Jlo Glow, love it so much, it reminds me the scent of Lush soaps, when you pass by the store! Kisses from Brazil fan 🙂

Lana Mandala says:

Great video and list! My celebrity faves would be:
– Kate Moss Velvet Hour – stocked up on this
– Taylor Swift Incredible Things – had a colleague run after me and bury her face in my top the first time I wore this to work
– Madonna Truth or Dare Naked – so syrupy and delicious – didn’t stock up so I am preserving the last few drops
– Britney Spears Fantasy – there are others I like and wear from her as well. This would be the celeb from whom I own the most perfumes and none of them are duds. I just noticed she has a new one called Sunset Fantasy.
– J Lo Deseo – wish I had stocked up on this! It is wonderful.
– Mariah Carey M – there is something crave worthy about the sea notes/marshmallow combo.

C Lindemann says:

I’m going to have to give Glow another try. I blind bought it because it was so cheap, and I tried to like it, but it just hit my nose all wrong. That was a long time ago, though, and my nose has definitely changed and evolved since then. I love the Fantasy fragrances, but my favorite on this list is definitely Truth or Dare. That is one powerful fragrance. I’ve heard it’s similar to Fracas, but I’ve never smelled Fracas so I couldn’t say. I do love me a good tuberose bomb, though!

Ellie MM says:

You should have seen my face when Fantasy swooped in from stage left….. I backed away. LOL . The sweetest frag I’ll do is Prada Floral.

Aurora Rubinshtein says:

my favs are from Naomi Campbell and Rihanna. i own only rihanna rogue love (really like it), then also lady gaga 007 (which is ok for bad mood days) and pharrel williams girl (dont like it at all)

Lilliam Seas says:

Yes, yes, yes!!! You know what are talking about, boy! I completely agree with you, especially with midnight fantasy! It’s gorgeous! By the way, you look amazing!

Jamie Truesdale says:

I own Adam Levine it’s different wish it lasted longer .I bought fancy nights after watching your video and that one is really cool but it’s a love hate Nice video as always

Chris Polymenakou says:

Happy new year!! I looooooveeeee Jlo Glow, smells great on me, can’t find it thought

Nagy Timea says:

I agree about that Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy is the best celebrity fragrance. 🙂

A Z says:

Hello Thomas!!!!
Happy new year.
My top ten is:
1 Fantasy by B Spears
2 Girlfriend by J Bieber
3 Midnigth Fantasy by B Spears
4 The Key by J Bieber
5 Curious by B Spears
6 Paris Hilton
7 Shakira eau florale by Shakira
8 Radiance by B Spears
9 Kate Moss
10 Tout Noir by Gino Bogani ( fashion designer from my country Argentina)
Bye 🙂

Sharyn Mitch says:

Great vid Thomas!!
I still have about half a bottle left of Kate Moss
Love it !
Its a sentimental fragrance for me.

Fafima El Koua says:

diddeling whaaaaaattttthhhhh

Amy Whish-wilson says:

I used to wear Kate by Kate moss used to love it 🙂

adoracionmenendez says:

Tom you look so good and pristine in that shirt!! Like you are about to be married or…. Or you can act as a minister and marry some couples ❤️, I don’t own any celebrity fragrances… But I’ll try the new one of Kim Kardashian. Big hugs, I like so much your channel

cier says:

Thank you for the video! ♥

melrose795 says:

I have heard the Adam Levine is similar to EL sensuous, which I like..

A Scented Soul says:

As much as I hate to admit it…Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have made some pretty good scents.

Roxanne Conner says:

I love that shirt!

Uli M says:

Such a lovely shirt and such a charming video. Love both. ❤️

Karin Van den Berg says:

I only own 4: SJP Stash, SJP Lovely, SJP NY edp and TS enchanted wonderstruck.

Mozaika2010 says:

Will you review SJParker’s latest fragrance called Stash? It is said to be also a very good one. 🙂

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