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InsularesHDxo says:


Purifier Phoenix The Mecca says:

Versace Pour Homme, Period.

Codi Dracco says:

Jeremy is the BEST specialist of FRAGRANCE in YouTube ! Respect.

Christian García says:

212 men

Mhawesh says:

Edt or edp ?

Têi Harris says:

To me there’s only 2 fragrance that you can own and wear year around and it be the only fragrance you own, sauvage or Mercedes Benz le parfum

castor troy says:

SAUVAGE Is The G.O.A.T it means this’s the finale test Jeremy?

Brian Isaacs says:

What is your take on Jimmy Choo Intens?

Sir Grant says:

I hate Sauvage with a passion.

Hamran Lami says:

Buy a cologne and shut up. This video is just overdone

Chris 1 says:

Sauvage is not classy at all, why would you recommend it ?

Jeremy Fragrance says:


aca faca says:

YSL KOUROS 365/year.

N O L A N M I L N E S says:

Jeremy is such a gent!

Dana Shelton says:

No Hot Water???

Gavin Burnes says:

Jeremy is hotttttt

Carl Winslow says:

I know it’s cheap but VERSACE BLUE JEANS ALL THE WAY!

Fortis II says:


Sharath P says:

Fragrance bottles behind him, lol, good one though

Peter Cullen says:

Prada l’homme smells horrible!

rdwoodw says:

You got some rice on your lip.

Rudy Labsilica says:

The one men’s fragrance for me used to be Gucci Rush, but stupid Gucci discontinued it! I missed that one so much.
But now I use Prada Luna Rossa original. It’s close.

Shaf Serious says:

What a massive collection

Edward Hurlburt says:

Have you ever done a video explaining the chemicals in most fragrances that they don’t have to list? Just wondering how healthy is putting this stuff on you everyday. I mean, there’s no ingredients and it is several chemicals in one.

Nothing Is True Everything is permitted says:

The style and fragrance god together in a video. How can you not like this?

JCA Gómez says:

I really like the shoes you show us in the intro . i woud like you to show them on a future vídeo.

Intuition Infinite says:

Please do a review of bath and body works Noir for men. Gem for under $40

brutus301 says:

Never regretted spending the money on aventus. Two sprays last all day. Bleu de Chanel is my no.2. My la nuit, CH men, burberry, 212 and la male are all gathering dust.

alvinraydj3 says:

thats pretty cool everyone getting together

Tuan Pham 1⃣ says:

Is he german? Sounds like a german accent

69kellygreen says:

Bring back the original Halston 1-12. That’s the only fragrance you need.

Michael L says:

If anything I figured Dior Sauvage was a date/black tie high end type fragrance. Why not?

Sajidali Ali says:

but don’t forget after this life enjoyment also got will die one day

Sajidali Ali says:

but don’t forget after this life enjoyment also you will die one day

reg munch says:

IT’S too commonplace!

KRM ESN says:

Great video*_*)))

brandon bentley says:

Dior Sauvage gets great reviews and respect online but anyone from my wife to best bros absolutely hate it. Even the girls at Sephora hate it. In my humble opinion it smells like completely generic cologne from 1975. I really wanted to like it before I tried it due to the hype and again in my humble opinion there has never been popularized fragrance that was not the pure definition of hype for a lousy scent. Jeremy’s other recommendations are spot on. Pure respect for Jeremy but I and no one male or female I know likes Sauvage, at least the original.

fpark114 says:

old spice, aqua velva blue, skin bracer. lasts all day and is affordable…and original. much older than the new stuff…

Ashish Lamichhane says:

Can anyone give review on Oriflame Sweden Eclat Homme Eau de Toilette Cologne Fragrance

gabby zeemal says:

Please Jeremy suggest a woman fragrance as well. The only fragrance for all time.

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