Perfume | Book Review

Perfume: Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind. Spoiler free review.

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Rustydogz says:

It sounds mildly disturbing and fascinating. Are you curious to watch the movie adaptation? 

Hannah Tay says:

I’m definatly going to pick this up!

Mora N says:

I can not thank you enough for recommending this book! I read it and it was so good. I did not expect it to be this entertaining and honestly was expecting it to be a more dificult read, because for some reason I think classics are going to be more difficult to understand. I loved reading the descriptions of the scents and how he mixed human smell from different items. And I also snorted a laugh at quite a few times.

Geek Pron Vlogs says:

Own a copy, but have yet to read it. I’ll have to read this soon.

Michelle Caron says:

Great review! I read the book quite a long time ago now but I remember loving it – maybe I should give it another read. It creeped me out and made me laugh in parts as well. Also, the cover on your copy is beautiful. 🙂

Janne says:

Great review! This book has been on my wishlist for a while, and your video reminded me how intriguing I found the synopsis – I’m going to go order it now, thanks! 😀

Tracy Ratelle says:

There is a movie adaptation of this book, you should try and find it

AccordingToWillow says:

i just finished this book like 15 minutes ago and god damn this whole review is so dead on accurate to how i felt about it

BohistaNordica says:

I really enjoyed this book and the movie was pretty good, too. It actually made me quite interested in the subject of perfume and I have a little ‘perfume’ section on my bookshelf.

MagicOfBooks says:

Great review! I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while. I’m a sucker for disturbing reads, haha!

George Rendell says:

This is my favourite book.

Theblizzardking says:

Didn’t Kurt Cobain like this book a lot?

InsideTheLens says:

I think I fancy you.

Black Francis says:

Well, its been many years since you’ve posted this review, but I just finished reading this book. I love your reviews! Hands down one of the coolest girls on the planet.

DreamWizard9 says:

Who writes these kind of things?

Isabel G says:

I know it doesn’t matter, but the cover of this books is beautiful! I can’t find a copy with this version.

nimi noodles says:

It’s been sitting on my shelf for a while now, while I don’t really read horror type books I’m so intrigued! Very informative review, thank you!!

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