Perfume Review: Moonlight by Ariana Grande

My new perfume review! Here is Moonlight by Ariana Grande, her latest fragrance.




Andrea Washington says:

I’m so happy that you’re making videos again I actually take your reviews in consideration when I buy fragrances

Milagros Thompson says:

happy to see you¡¡¡

Justin Criss says:

Yassss I’ve missed your videos! ❤️

beflamboyantreviews says:

I love your videos so much because not only do you pay so much attention to detail and describe the fragrances PERFECTLY, you always have such a good sense of humour and you always crack me up 😛 Your Snooki perfume review is still a highlight 😉 haha

MCuteThings says:

Omg I love it thank u for all the videos

Inga Čuplinskaite says:

yey! So happy you are back! It’s so nice to see people who genuinely love what they do in the videos:) would be great if you’d improve the sound quality – it’s a bit echoy. In previous videos it wasn’t like that. Well either-way thanks for your videos! I’ve bought some perfumes based on your recommendation – and I’m very happy! Best of luck and keep on going!:)

nightcat23 says:

Yay! You’re back!

HollyDolly says:


12burtonboy says:

After your first Ari fragrance review, I started using the word “shmoofah” to describe these fur balls. People look at me and ask what a shmoofah is and I’m like, it’s a fur ball lol. Now I can use the word shmoofah poof. Btw don’t use these on a keychain, they break off easily. I’d suggest keeping it on the perfume for appearances.

Dawn Bowden says:

Hi. Came across your channel because of a recommendation from Jen Luvs Reviews. I am enjoying your content.

Tina Catwitch says:

So nice to see you again! Thanx for another lovely review!:-)) Please, come back soon again!!

Jesseruiz 4577 says:

wait why is everyone getting the 1.7oz bottle

femaleforester says:

Hey, it’s so lovely to have you back. Your soft soothing voice makes me calm inside. 🙂
Can I suggest something? You always used to sniff a paper strip with the fragrance sprayed on, it adds to the sensory experience of watching a fragrance review, even though you can’t smell it through the video. So instead of just talking about it you would try it.

MogamerplaysMohhhlight says:

Why does he look like pewdiepie

nightcat23 says:

I love how your reviews are so thorough… You talk about the advertisement, bottle design and other items before you discuss the actual scent. Awesome!

Jade West says:

I want the set too

Beautyful ASMR says:

You’re so so fun to listen to I could watch your reviews all day ☺️ I’m excited to see what videos you are coming out with next!

Crystal McVay says:

Yay!! So excited to see you back 😀

beflamboyantreviews says:

Oh Greg!!!!! I’m so happy you are back!

ann3tt says:

I’m so happy for this video 🙂 and all the videos to come . love u <3

Monika G. says:

I love your sense of humor! Greetings from Poland!

Amber Joy says:

Welcome back! I am a new viewer and I am excited about the new videos! The filter or lighting through off some of the colors of the packaging. While I don’t personally like the scent I do know that it would make a great gift for a loved one 🙂

Julie Caplain says:

I love you!! Your videos are great!! By the way, are you like a trained perfumologist? lol seriously

Beena Bela says:

Glad you’re back!

Pizza lime says:

its ariana not airiana jeez

JAKE says:

Wow I can’t wait in two years time we might just get another video

Raiza says:

Please, make reviews of Shakira´s fragrances!

hehe says:

Missed you!!

Ethan F. says:

I hope a new Britney review is coming soon! 🙂

emilio says:

Children would love this one.

Angie Marren says:

Yesss!!! I´ve been waiting for your comeback, and I actually want to get this fragrance, what a coincidence that is the one you review today!

Anny Linn says:

Super Like!

Ciaoies says:

I use to (and still) watch your videos for ASMR purposes. I’m glad you’re back!

Gina Williams says:

Lovely to see you back! No one does celebrity fragrance reviews like you! Never leave xx

Kay Cooke says:

Yay you’re back

denisexi90 says:


beflamboyantreviews says:

I’d love to see you do a top 10 list of your fav fragrances. Maybe a separate list for just celeb scents

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