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Hi guys, in this video I share with you some perfume trends of 2018 that stood out to me. Please comment which trend you liked or disliked this year!

Mentioned fragrances:

-BOHA by Jeroboam REVIEW

-WILD PYTHON by Mancera

-Tubereuse Absolue by Perris Monte Carlo

-Tubereuse by DSH Perfumes

– L’Interdit (2018) Givenchy REVIEW

-Eau Cerise by DSH Perfumes

-Eau Sadade by Fiilit REVIEW

-FINEAPPLE by Gallagher Fragrances REVIEW

-Amberama by4160 Tuesdays

-Sundrunk by Imaginary Authors Review

-Colognise by Nishane

-Cologne by SP Parfums

-Rhubarb and Citrus Cologne by 4160 Tuesdays

-Mandarino di Sicilia by Perris Monte Carlo

-O by Cristiana Bellodi

-Vanille Collection by Sylvaine Delacourte

-CreamyVanilla Crumble by 4160 Tuesdays

-Rhubarb & Custard

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***Some of these perfumes were provided for a review. Opinions are my own***


Casually Fragrant says:

Very interesting and informative video. I love vanillas, one of my fav notes.

Mioshka H says:

I’ve been on vacation and off-line, nice to see you again! A very interesting topic and a sound analysis. Thanks! To me, unfortunately, the only trend I can kind of see, is the explotion of niche market. And for the most the newbies are not too interesting. Now that you took it up, tuberose has really dominated in the offerings. Maybe also plum has come/is coming again? So, exotic flowers and fruits is the thing now…maybe.

Liz Seville says:

Great idea to do this – and so much to the point. I found some of the trends distracting and I wasted a bit of money but there is a small trend towards musks just now and I am enjoying heading in that direction. It is like rediscovering something. I thought I could not wear tuberose but I found three I like. Le Galion, Noix des Tubereuses and Poison. Lost Cherry is just like Maraschino cherries with Marzipan. I loved it. Hummingbird also seems like a cherry to me.

edreamsincolor says:

Hi Yana! I like a mix of long and shorter videos. Great video, spot On!

Lara Anderson says:

Oud was king once again this year and for those of us who are oud phobic it was disappointing. And also don’t like tuberose and there was quite a lot of it along with other white florals with an emphasis on jasmine.

M Y says:

P. S.
Some advises..

1-please add TEXT of the perfumes names.. Especially the ones you do t have/show a full bottle

2-i do recommend shorter Vids

Other than that… I LOOOOVED The video 🙂

rox w says:

I love Delina (Perfumes de Marly) and Rhubarb Sherbet (commes de Garcons), both have rhubarb. I tried Panah London’s pineapple which was okay. I tried and loved Tamarindo by Memo with pineapple, it’s on my full bottle list. I don’t have interest in cherry. I have one Tuberose (Nuit de Bakelite) which I love so I tried a few other Tuberose fragrances and didn’t find anything that appealed to me except Love Tuberose (amouage) which I am still testing. I have about 5 or 6 vanilla’s so I have slowed down on buying vanilla, but if Luckyscent stocks Creamy Vanilla Crumble I will buy it blind. I must add that I am so happy the Oud phase is over! Never found one I liked. Love your videos!

Just Add Light says:

A very well done video Yana. I might add the continuing trend of oud! Btw, can you recommend any perfumes that include both the notes of pineapple and cherry?

M Y says:

Girl you got yourself a new subscriber

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