Rocawear IX 9 by Rocawear | Fragrance Review

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Burst of citrust w/ sued and musk coming at you. Fruity musk that I don’t really like. Drydown becomes much better.

Spring, Summer
All Ages
6+ hours longevity

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ImperialDonB says:

Rocawear IX9 works great on me. I get a very sexy melon in the opening and women love it. It’s the drydown that I don’t care for. Very dry and boring. Oh yea Evolution has a much better smell but has poor projection.

dominic cormier says:

ok first thing is i never leave a comment before on the internet !

I find your video 3 months ago and WOW ! I like it a lot the info you give for free is amazing. I was in New York last week for my Business and OMG you guys live in fragrance Paradise every time a go there am in Heaven 😉 Anyway thx for your amazing video.

Sorry for my english cause am french Canadian

dracdoc says:

I think its fine.. not for me too

Al pcason says:

What has the plastic or metal body got to do with the content inside?  This is a poor review by you mister.  Like MLK will say, judge by the content not the color in this case the bottle, box, or metal it came with.  My 2 cent.

dracdoc says:

Really? SOLD!

maddmaxx46 says:

Awesome, thanks!

Hermann Goering says:

I bought the 3.4 oz when it first came out and it was in a metal container.

dracdoc says:

I didn’t think so.. but maybe he has a special edition or something

lavizzob says:

I tested out Evolution and it reminded me of Express Reserve (brown juice)

Dustin Menard says:

no idea why but this has been my #1 compliment getter besides Hugo by Hugo Boss and burberry London

george fourtinas says:

Great review Cody !

Jason Carter says:

Maurice Roucel created Nautical Voyage in 2006 not Laurent. Do your home work. But otherwise I like your reviews

Lionel Woods says:

Digging in the crates here brother. You try Evolution? I need to smell that one.

abel worku says:

What would you recommend for a vanilla cinnamon sweet cologne? I have 1 Million and I love it, so any suggestions?

Ryan Yoder says:

This was kind of like Aventus for me… When I wore it I myself thought it was ok but nothing great. But then when I wore it out people have really enjoyed it and complimented me on it.  My girlfriend loves this scent and its 1 of her favorites on me

lakerssuckish says:

@lakerssuckish the gift*

Hod Gavriel says:

i had to wake up to go to the university (i study computer science with math – just as u did 🙂
so i woke up late and didn’t have time to shower. i don’t know what i thought to myself, but i put 7 SPRAYS OF A*MEN instead of going to shower.
that was in 6:20.
so i was going to the train, at 8:20 i was sitting there and 2 meters away from me,
a guy talk to his gf and said “who put so much cologne? what did you put?”
she said ” i swear it’s not me”
he said “smells like vanille”. learned my lesson!

lakerssuckish says:

The 3.4 oz bottle comes in a metal container . I bought it when it first came out . It he gift set was $ 90 at Macy’s

dracdoc says:

Oh wow.. did not know that, going to have to look at one and see how it fares

Lionel Woods says:

Also any experience with Molinard Homme II?

QWERTYOP80 says:

Possibly. I used to call this my “budget Aventus”. Nothing alike, but a similar idea – fruit with a manly undertone. With Aventus is the smoke, with IX 9 it’s the musk. Nice to wear fresh out of the shower for a couple of hours.

dracdoc says:

Not sure about soon, but def going to tackle at least 2 before EOY

curtflirt2 says:

It’s not bad but sold this on ebay like two years ago as part of a cologne package I was doing.

maddmaxx46 says:

Are you planning on reviewing your Xerjoff Oud Stars any time soon? I just wore Zafar today, that thing challenged my nose all day. I gotta give it another wear but I think I liked it overall.

QWERTYOP80 says:

I have the 100ml – it’s NOT metal.

dracdoc says:

Thanks for pointing him out, subbed! As soon as you said fragrance reviewer.. say no more!

dracdoc says:

YUP, its pretty good! Still need some more time with it, but so far I am a fan.

zhenya ritt says:

If you buy the 100 ml of this sent it will come in a metal not a plastic bottle

dracdoc says:

Thanks man! And your english is fine!

Dee Roberson says:

You should give Rocawear X a try…great frag, tons of compliments

Death 2 er-body says:

Top 10 of all times imho.. Settle yet loud enough to get noticed. All my casual encounters said they loved it some even wanted me to spray there bed lol

Lionel Woods says:

Don’t know that is why I was asking you. I heard it is pretty good you can get that sucka for about 15 bucks or so also. Maybe worth a blind buy and Gentleman’s Corner spoke highly of it.

dracdoc says:

Gotcha, ill def check it out then

dracdoc says:

Not yet, is it any good?

rahan uddin says:

Hey, i never seen u do review on HM – hanae mori. Scent that deserves to be up there with the rest. fantastic longevity 8-10hours, great for spring & winter. top notes lemon,blackcurrant, citrus to vanilla & choc dry down.I get many compliments. Hope you will be doing review on HM,i adore this one. watch out there is EDP version aswel. thanks

Ryan Yoder says:

Great scent once you get past the first five minutes ! (So dont judge this scent by the opening) and it only gets better as the fragrance develops on your skin. I only get slightly below average projection but this lasts me 8-12 hrs so its perfect for a day at work as its inoffensive,pleasant and gets noticed but in no way is overpowering

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