SEXIEST Scents EVER: Top 4 Scents to Get Your Crush to Notice You This Year

This video gives you the top 4 sexiest scents for back to school based on science, relationships, and my own experiences as a relationship therapist. Scent has the power to make or break a relationship and getting your personal scent JUST RIGHT can have a huge impact on how you’re perceived and pursued by the opposite (or same:-) sex!


some one says:

Although they are not perfumes in the sense that you don’t wear them, pansy flowers and privet blossoms do it for me. There’s just something about those scents. And yes, musk scents do turn me on as well.

Shaktiman 08 says:

Over exposed video…

Frozen River says:

I really want to get like a vanilla scent perfume

hello_random_people says:

Idk if anyone agrees with me but I like Japanese cherry blossom and sweet pea by bath and body works.i also like tease

armyfan says:

I love red door..

Martha Ockenfuss says:

I love Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome! It’s a cotton-candy like scent with notes of jasmine and musk. It smells amazing and I get compliments on it all the time.

Lexus Sykes says:


Anselle Patricia Diola says:

you are the cause of my euphoria~

Crazy5 Mad11 says:


Freddie Nose fragrance says:

Awesome video

Macie Ussery says:

Black by Kenneth Cole

Larissa Johnson says:

I wear the scent sweet & flirty by pink and i have gotten lots of compliments

CocoChanelContessa says:

omg I thought hot couture was my secret! i dont know anyone else who wears it!

Nora Fadli says:

Aaaah I can keep my Coco Mademoiselle

Majora SS ghoul says:

Me: *wondering how to get my parents to buy me one of these*
Vid: *gets to #3*
Me: *thinks* my grandma bought me that (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

kayxx says:

I have a perfume which only included white musk is this good ?

Jocelyn Pytel says:

for vanilla scents, Victoria’s Secret “Bare Vanilla” body spray and lotion is incredible. SOOOOOO warm and sweet! I can honestly say that this has helped me get guys. Like it sounds crazy but I started wearing it around Christmas time, using lotion and spritzing the spray on after and I got SOOOOO many compliments and the hot guy across from me in math complimented me on it!!! 2 weeks later, I went on a date w him. Didn’t work out in the end but I’m telling you its amazing! Pro tip:get them both during one of VS sales because they are 18 bucks each otherwise. I got mine during their Christmas sale for 3.99 each!!!

Cecilia Flores says:

My two faves are Fresh Cream from Philosophy and Poison Girl from Dior

francesca sibley says:

do u know anything about the scent of strawberries?

Michelle Macias says:

Paris Hilton for Women Eau De Parfum (very feminine in a pink & black swirled bottle) ***Best part-not too expensive***

henrit sheba says:

YSL Black opium I have both the gender ask. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING!

Karen Fierro says:

Here’s my list of best perfumes I love!

Pumpkin spice late-bath and body works
Ari-ariana grande
Pure seduction-Victoria’s secret
Vera Wang princess-Vera Wang
Cotton candy- body fantasies
Cherry blossom- Bath & Body Works
Country apple -bath and body works
Love and sunshine-bath and body works
Pink vanilla kiss-body fantasies
Paradise fantasies-body fantasies
Majical moon pumpkin lavander-melodie perfumes

Most of these are cheap but not all of them .enjoy!

Kay2be2mr says:

Ugh! Everyone keeps pushing me to buy musk perfumes. I usually prefer sweet perfumes like Flower Bomb by Viktor and Rolf (although the description does say that it has musk). I can’t afford the bottle so I go to Sephora and ask for a sample over and over again, and save it only for the days I know I’ll be seeing the guy I like at work. The first time I wore it I held our hello hug a bit longer so he could smell me and he went… “Mmm yum!, you smell really nice”.

Knowledgeandbeauty says:

For sexy scents I like Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium Nuit Blanche, Wildfox by Wildfox, Nest’s Black Tulip, Midnight Fleur, and Indigo.

anabwinana says:

How about “Wonderstruck” by Taylor Swift? :3

Danuta Taylor says:

Musk smells like piss

稗宍希Kɪnɪchɪ says:

Takes pepper from cabinets

Im gonna smell spicy today jk

Gina Draper says:

Can Can by Paris Hilton, or Can Can burlesque are 2 great fragrances. And because the are a few years old (original can can 2007, can can burlesque 2014) they are VERY affordable.
I am not a Paris Hilton fan, but I love this fragrance. Sweet, fruity, and sexy. It’s not listed in the notes of the fragrance, but I get cotton candy and marshmallow notes, which is very common with many who have tried this.
I am 40 and I still love this fragrance. I originally bought this for my Daughter when she was 14. We both loved it. She is now 19 and we both still love it.

Gaeligh Brown says:

i have never worn perfume before personally, what is a good one to start with that is not too over powering?


Hot contour Yes! I just wish it was the original formula.

Ma kayla Martin says:

My signature scent is Vanilla!!!


Kimberly I have a crush emergency! So on the 18th my school had a dance and I danced with my crush. I’m really confused because he treated super casually. How can I get his attention so I can flirt with? Please help me S.O.S!!!

Karen Fierro says:

Wolf you’re into powdery scent only you NEED not a perfume by Juliet has a gun.I got a sample in a subscription box today and it’s good.but,I smells kinda different on every person so …yeah.

Jane Awesomeness says:

Blue berry

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