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stefanie m says:

I love your room

Marisa Karat says:

i don’t have it but my friends are going to buy it for my birthday which is in october (i’m from Europe so it comes out in september or october)

memories says:

feeling so jealous rn ! haah

Hillaryxxn says:

Amazing video as always, good job girly 🙂

savannah moore says:

Love this so much!!!❤ you are so great and this helps me so much!!

Cassidy Brown says:

Hey ilysm I was wondering if u do a q&a I wanted to know if Shawn has ever recognized you from before considering how many times you’ve met him?? Xxx ❤️❤️ LOVE U

Rosa Acosta says:

I’m so glad you like it…❤️❤️❤️

J99goonsquaddj Jara says:

Thank you so much! This video was so helpful 🙂

Kristina Ronneseth says:

I didn’t know about the perfume not being cruelty free, i wanna buy it because of course i wanna support Shawn, but i’m also against any kind of action that harms animals

Charlotte Cameron says:

Your videos are amazing I love watching them!

Jezebel says:

This is a good review about the fragrance. Also great you mentioned the thing of testing on animals…Normally I’m totally into perfumes or lotions who are not  tested  on animals but I dont blame Shawn for it. But I will buy the perfume when its released in Europe bc I support him.

Andrea MB says:

This is so helpful. Thanks

Cielo Garcia says:

Can’t wait to get it ❤️ loved the video as usual

Sara Kanana says:

This is so weird, because I just got mine, then I saw this video, love this video!

Alma Sikiric says:

Thank you for this review xox

Vanessa Renée says:

I got the perfume yesterday in the mail and it smells great!!

Tiavmy 1988 says:

Where do you get the white pearls bracelet?

Hannah English says:

i want the perfume but i don’t have the money for it 🙁

Sophie Louise says:


Cara C says:

I can’t get it until mid September

Karen says:

Yea that was my biggest disappointment on the cruelty-free but I like Shawn so I wanted to support hi like you did

Lisa Mendes says:

Your amazing ! Keep up the lit vids !!❤️

gaminglala says:

Inside the lid it has a number 2 on mine. What does that mean??

ay sm says:

I love you so much

Sophie Finch says:

Hey I would love to b entered into the Shawn giveaway. I love Shawn so much!!! I’m saving up my money to buy Shawn’s perfume for when it’s released in the uk. If I win u can contact me on sc : sophiefinchy123 . Ilysm thanks byeeeeee

Gerald says:

The fact this perfume is tested on animals and that those tests are undertaken in China should raise serious issues with people who care about other sentient beings. First of all China has the worst records for animal cruelty , boiling dogs and cats alive . There are numerous records of healthy animals being disfigured for begging purposes, like the camel that had it`s feet cut off so it`s owner could use it for street begging. Legislation in China for the humane treatment of animals is none existent .Mendes is endorsing animal cruelty and he should KNOW that if his product is being produced in China . He does have a say as it is his name on the product.This is about money and if you are truly concerned about the treatment of animals you would not be buying this product . You can never eradicate all animal cruelty but to buy from somewhere you know is such a disgusting nation when it comes to animal welfare .Every small action will stop some animal cruelty and exploitation .Shame on you.

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