Shawn Mendes Signature Perfume REVIEW | with Special guests

What’s going on FragManiacs. Hope everyone is smelling great. Today it’s all about Shawn Mendes’s Signature Perfume…

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts on this one? Comment below.

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Kingdom Athlete says:

Your kids are awesome. Great video and this fragrance is already at my local Ross for $24.

Abdullah Mehtab Baig says:

smart family reviewer unboxing

Gilbert Garcia says:

I was just looking into this one, glad i saw this first! Good looking family sir, thank you for your review.

Wet Shaving Fraghead says:

I have no interest in the fragrance but it was awesome to see you and your beautiful family enjoying a hobby together. Huge thumbs up and you should definitely have them on more.

Kamal Saleh says:

Great review Max and great kids. God bless all

Ryan Berrabah says:

Awesome review!!!

Michael King says:

I happened to try this in Walmart on skin a while back when they had the Shawn Mendes display, and it is interesting but not for me and I do wear a LOT of gourmand and sweet scents so it isn’t me liking sugary scents. It is just the particular scent was too sugary and sweet for me.

Mark Mark says:

Wow that was sooo good real music I love that! That’s so awesome

Hasib says:

Great video. I smelled this back in August 2017 when it can out I believe.
Was in Canada. It is more feminine to me as well.

Mohammad Jabalawi says:

Such a wonderful family ❤️

Mario Aguilar says:

Dulce de leche wow original I would get this based on that scent alone!

Rafael Oxn says:

wow, handsome boy!

Steven Sturgill says:

I’ve seen a Sean Mendes frag in my local discounters. Might check it out! Great vid Max. 😉

James Underwood says:

I saw this in Ross the other day, But I didn’t know anything about it so I passed it up. Thanks for sharing and Best regards James underwood

Matt’s Classic Fragrances says:

I bought a small travel bottle from Walmart because I already purchased all the classic fragrances they had to offer not many shops in the Wisconsin country for perfume , and I wanted something now instead of waiting for the post from online ,yeah it’s a ok scent and I agree it leans more toward feminine , men can pull it off if they are comfortable gender bending, I have both masculine and feminine perfumes so no problem to me , but I tend to like the older stuff that’s more heavy, like Shalimar for example , this to me a 2 sweet for my taste I’m not a gourmand fan , now if you like sweet stuff I would say it would be ok or if you like that guys music , so I think you’re review was accurate very much so ! It’s like a 6.5 for me it’s like I could almost like it a lot but there are better options in my 700 plus bottle collection


Good looking family Max.

Mr. Breadman says:

First! I’ve smelled this. This is a perfect teen girl fragrance.

GluedTechDude says:

So I take it Daver’s recent video is going to spark some “family flexing” in youtube fragcomm, I had a feeling his video would have that effect. He did come off a bit “better than the rest of you because I have kids” in that video.

mike acord says:

Haven’t tried it. Enjoyed the intro music! Talented family!!

Victor Coutinho says:

What a beautiful family, Max !

Alex Chu says:

Nice, seems like you taught your children well regarding fragrances. Lol

Mike Ward says:

Max Forti great review loved the kid’s .

robert reyes says:

Amazing opening to the vid. I’m glad to see your family is interested in this hobby as well.. Great vid Max..

Daniel D925 says:

Max, you are awesome. You have to be the 1st reviewer to make this a family review. It’s amazing to see all three of you reviewing. I think you should do this more often, and the LIGHTING IS PERFECT!!!! Great video, man!

Alistair Thow says:

Your kids do you proud, great review from all of you, cheers.

freddiefragz says:

Great take with the kids.. st as y blessed bro

dojo guamboy says:

awww love the intro great job guys !!!

oldschoolfunkster1 says:

Hiya Max.
FYI…dulce is pronounced “dool-say”. Spanish word meaning “candy” of milk. It is considered a Mexican treat made of sugar and condesened milk that is evaporated until you have a thick paste. Very tasty. So I’m betting the fragrance is really sweet smelling.
Great looking family. And talented too!!

dojo guamboy says:

I wore a body mist from bath and body called ENDLESS WEEKEND . Compared that to the shawn mendes body spray and it was 85% close. Endless had more of a slight fruity fresh note but got the dulce de leech and super gourmand notes mixed in . Ask your daughter if that scent rings a bell.

Jacob Bonilla says:

Awesome video guys! Loved it with the kids!

H Lee says:

Great video and review, Max! You have a beautiful family and great-looking kids. They take after Dad, right? Lol!

adam jacques says:

Max Forti best finger snapper on the fragrance circuit.

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