Teen Top “No More Perfume on You”

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This week we review Teen Top’s “No More Perfume on You” which is the worst video we’ve ever reviewed for Kpop Music Mondays. It’s got such a terrible message with such an awkward marketing campaign that we can say that we can’t stand the video. The song’s nice if you don’t mind the fact that it’s all about cheating on your girlfriend. WTF.

–The Showdown–
Teen Top: No More Perfume on You – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrWTc4lG8lI
SHINee: Hello Hello – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skZxb5sBoiU

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anime2328 says:

@Meggie Do
I just have to reply you since it tickles me with your mistake. Brush up again on your korean. Noona is what boys say to OLDER girls. Besides watch the video again on 6:31. Martina clearly said that they blamed the management teams and not the Teen Top members. Please do your research before you made any criticism.

Elizabeth Garner says:

I didn’t get the end of the video. Chunji got caught cheating yet smiled ?!? I thought there would’ve been a part 2 of the video since it ended like that.
Message aside, this is my favourite Teen Top song.
that whole “Hyangsuppurijima !!!!!! ” 

sega310982 says:

Sorry Eat Your Kimchi, but as much as I love your channel, I think this is one of your weaker videos.  Firstly, while cheating is wrong, cheating is quite a common theme in music:  Nelly-Dillemma, Los Del Rio-Macarena and others have themes of adultery, yet they don’t get ratted on often.  Secondly, the “pedophilia” and “underage” claims are wrong; pedophilia refers to predominant attraction to prepubescent children, and as scary as this may seem, the age of consent in South Korea is 13.  None of them were underage in Korea.  Thirdly, they weren’t all 17:  The youngest one was 15.  I’m not defending the video, but there are still a few things I wanted to point out.

UltimateFashionist says:

I’m guessing Simon or Martina were cheated on since they feel so strong about this topic?..

lynninpain says:

Chunji’s smiles really creeped me out too.

The iron they use on Jin in the fire MV says:


Catherine Peacher says:

:O at the end of the video when they were saying sorry to the teen top fans my name was there and this was before I even started listing to kpop

Hanna SM says:

chunji’s so cute>. <. saranghae chunji

Ratchet Llama says:

Just because other idiots listen to songs with bitchy messages, doesn’t mean you should as well and stop using them as an excuse, and YES i’m directing this to those butthurt Teen Top fans! I love Teen Top (Fav. songs = Supa Luv, Clap Encore, Rocking) but this song/video is their worst.

ninjapato says:


Rebecca Perkins says:

Love Teen Top songs, and the members seem funny and nice, but I agree. This song is atrocious.

Rubys datsall says:

WTF an underaged teen can go to a bar as long as they don’t drink alcool

Marie Gonzales says:

SHINee. SHINee will always be the bst boyfriends ever. Esecially Teamin or Minho (my 2 favs) or Joghnyun. SHINee is my #1 fav kpop band ever. I would die if i ccould date Taemin. Omg. I love Niel andChunji but if i had to choose Taemin or Minho (or both) would win. Taemin is mine 4ever

Mary Kay says:

this is why I like Simon and Martina……………….
they speak the truth and they review K-Pop music monday faithfully………………….
and for all Teen Top fans……………..
don’t get mad………….
what they say true………………..
cheating is very bad and if you don’t care I really want to see you guys got cheated by your own girlfriend/boyfriend………………..

Hannah Eiseman says:

All I could see was on her computer was a pic of Ouran Host Club…….

Sora4Eva101 says:

I completely agree with pretty much everything in this video except that I’m 100% in love with this song, despite the meaning. However, I still think they completely failed on the M/V solely for the fact that absolutely nothing bad happened to the cheater at the end. They could have shown something negative happening to Chunji to show that cheating only leads to problems – teaching a lesson, thus giving the song a much more positive meaning. I also think it was super stupid to make one of the actual members the ‘cheater’ because it just doesn’t make them look good at all. I don’t get how the people who came up with this song believe that fans are going to like Teen Top more for appearing to be remorseless cheaters. I really don’t. Bad boy appeal? No. No one wants to be cheated on. Some random dude should have played the cheater, and then it would have looked less like “Teen Top members cheat on their girlfriends and don’t give a *****” and more like “Teen Top is just singing a song about some jerk who cheats on his girlfriends”. The whole thing was just dumb, but it’s not Teen Top’s fault, they’re just doing what they’re told. Anyway, this video was really funny lol

Jessica Ko says:

“Anyone who believes that the message of the song is cheating is the biggest idiot in the world. You are really stupid if you think it is believable that a bunch of 12 year old looking boys could bag a noona (let alone as hot as that).
The album containing this song is called Roman. So the intention of the song writer is to give a feel of a what the Japanese call “Otoko no roman”. There is a lack of expression in English but it means something in the line of  “a man’s dream (roman)” or “a boy’s idealistic life, alluding passion, drama and adventure”. So basically a young boy’s fantasy world. All young boys dream of being with an older woman. The lyrics should be interpreted as that boy’s fantasy of dating this noona when in reality he is just hanging around her like a puppy, dreaming of her scent. Telling her not to get her perfume on his clothes because in real life he has a girlfriend.
I doubt that the songwriter had intended for the song to be about cheating but I guess they wanted a storyline for the MV and this was the most obvious way to go. It’s a shame that people (e.g EYK) decided to take it to heart and made a big ruckus out of nothing.”
-akiheavenly6 (on teentop music video)

Gabrielle Hicks says:

i watched this review first before i watched the music video and now whenever i try to watch the MV, i have the giant urge to punch a wall

Rekan Gafur says:

just because a guy is cute doesn’t mean he is a good boy. This song is a about a player’s mindset and how sneaky he is. These kind of guys do exists in this world.

TheElectricitychick says:

Sexy HEY…!!!

Jasper says:

Teen Top will be having a concert in Toronto on April 3rd if we reach the goal of 150,000 by the end of February the 28th. If you can, please purchase tickets and come support the group! We hardly ever get any Kpop idols who come to Canada. You can get the tickets on Krowdpop >< Angels fighting!

Danielle Kim says:

Yeah, even though I am a fan of Teen Top, I couldn’t help but wonder why Andy of Shinhwa (the CEO of TOP Media) has marketed them this way. But still, I love the song.

MotenMedia says:

Did any body else take forever to realise that Simon shirt has Leonard conan

Rerezhang says:

the name teen top does not mean “teens on top” top media is their company and so and they were teens. i think they were inferring that they are teens on top of the music charts and really didn’t think about it the other way

Meggie Do says:

These reviews suck 

brokenstarships says:

you are awesome, guys.

NBNgameHER says:


UltimateFashionist says:

Don’t care. I love Teen Top. <3

Morally Filthy says:

The showdown.. e-e

4xCollinx4 says:

This is probably still my favourite review. 

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